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ClubHouse – what for the fruit and what is it for?

Already all social media are buzzing one hundred percent of the new elite space – ClubHouse. Here you can only say that rumor, that you have long wanted to get along with Ilon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg – welcome. It is not so easy for Ale to eat at the luxury-mice. How can we steal and escape from ClubHouse – read below.

What is the ClubHouse concept?

Chi mrіyali vi about social media without text? You can tell, radio chi pidkasti. At most, you can set up a text – fields for entering special data, or even a room (per cent – dal). So, all the framing is based on audio files. Here you can hear people like you, for example, Ilona Mask, at a real hour. So, dovchata, now you can not get overwhelmed, as you see in the socialist world. It’s not important at ClubHouse.

The main specialty is that all conversations pass by the real hour. You cannot rewind the chi and pause or record.

How can I go to their place?

Kіmnati – a lot of samo chati at the messengers. I stink:

  • publ_chnі – views for your followers;
  • private – only for members of the club (dal).

Rivne access from the rooms:

  • speakers – open the topic of the room and discuss it її;
  • signatures – signatures of speakers;
  • the listeners are koristuvachi, as they just came to hear the discussion.

The process of closing the room:

  1. Koristuvach open room.
  2. The names are given as before.
  3. The subscribers will immediately receive help.
  4. Speaker – ti, having opened the room, you can get a decal.
  5. If you get a rose, your subscribers will receive a message about the ear.
  6. Apparently, if you go for notifications, then you can hear that the brothers will have the same fate as those agreed upon.

Algorithm for the contentment of simplicity. If you are more listener – you come in, hear the talk, and denote nutrition that is relevant to you. Yaksho love to talk, podiskutuvati – go ahead, here such, yak ty, bazhayuchih in plenty. Also on your beloved by those!

Does Todi mean “klubi”?

Everything is new – forget the old.

Clubs are a group of people who trick one topic. Tse the same, that the group of chi spіlnoti at the іnsh sotsmerezh. Clubs can be established by submitting an application in a special form. Ale not everything is so simple at ClubHouse. Nichto is not a guarantee for the club. It’s overwhelming that it’s provided by three broadcasts in the living rooms.

Accurately, the functionality is more accessible, but it’s more affordable, but it’s more accessible from the list of the given social media, when it’s unavailable. Everyone was caught in an ochіkuvannі with popcorn: how will you dal?

Roku food: yak eat at ClubHouse?

The main thing is vimog, as not everyone will be honored, as it will distribute people in two categories – IOS and Android. As before, there was not such a bright podilu, then here it is already possible to just throw yourself at Vichi. Just like that, hto maє IOS, you can go through the first step in the selection at ClubHouse.

There are two options, how to spend up to the tsієї sotsmerezhі.

The first option. If you є friends, you know, who have already escaped from ClubHouse, the stench can send you a request. Ale number of framed – 2 invites. That in a ten hour will be new.

Another way. Register and check if you are “taken from” ClubHouse. If you get hit, it’s unprecedented, it’s dumb at the hour.

If you є have a special brand, the rajus should be restructuring at the same time, I would like to book a koristuvach in order to do it. Also, there are a number of authorized users in growth, and your moment by the sun with your unique name can be taken care of.

Only a cob. As soon as we check out social media, we will appreciate TikCurrent, show the hour. They have already pored into the audio room, they listen to talk quietly, who are talking about a new “dinosaur” at Facebook. And koristuvachi Android nervously spontaneously to the side. I think that as soon as the social measures are still successful, we will check out the works on Android. Otzhe, vlasniki IOS, but do not do it – virishuvati to you.

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