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Cheat views in TikTok – online services, programs and ready-made solutions

Cheat TikTok views is cheap – analysis of prices and services. Programs and free instructions are presented below on this page.

накрутка просмотров в тик ток бесплатно

Websites for boosting views in Tik Tok are cheap – TOP 9

Look for a way that will instantly help you with promotion is a paid promotion of TikTok views. It can be organized cheaply on competent services, for example on:

  • https://doctorsmm.com – this company will help to promote TikTok account by adding the necessary traffic. Here 1000 eyes can be purchased from 7 rubles, the company offers several categories of services: with and without protection against write-offs. There are no problems, you can place an order quickly and easily.
  • https://prtut.ru – they also offer inexpensive views here, because without this, full-fledged promotion of TikTok is impossible. Here, for one order, you can increase the counter with views by 10,000, in this case the unit cost is about 1 kopeck. Here you will find other profitable services for promotion, the company cooperates with large money transfer systems.
  • https://avi1.ru – for one order you can get 100K views on a video. The company gives a guarantee for all tariffs in the price list, here there are two of them. Placing an order should not raise any questions, everything is logical and simple, but at any time the consultant is ready to answer all your questions.
  • tiktokoff – the presented organization works only with TikTok, offers inexpensive tariffs and adding traffic in just 20 minutes. Here, 100 views can be purchased for 50 rubles, that is, for one you give 50 kopecks.
  • tikstar – a site for boosting views in Tik Tok online undertakes to make anyone who is willing to pay decently for it a star. So, buying 100 views will require 89 rubles, which is much more expensive than on other sites presented. You also need to register here to place an order.
  • zakazweb – guys who can add +100 eyes for 40 ₽ work here. According to the information presented on the site, it will not be possible to understand what quality of services you are purchasing and after what time your order will be fully completed.
  • softsmm – here 10000 views can be bought for 550 rubles, category one, for wholesale purchases the cost per unit does not decrease. Payment takes place under the watchful control of Robokassa.
  • smmcraft – the minimum number of views that you can order on this site is 250, they will cost 296 rubles. With such an expensive cost, the site representatives did not even post any description of the service.
  • socbox – here they ask 0.03 rubles for 1 viewing, the minimum amount available for ordering is 1000 units. This site has an automatic launch of an order, which can cause some difficulties.
  • pricesmm.com – please behold this service with your eyes, here you can find adequate tips and describe the principles of promotion in TikTok.

The analyzed services organize cheating Tik Tok views quickly and inexpensively, but even on these sites the price tags for services differ, so look for the best prices and quality.

Cheating Tik Tok views is free – popular methods

накрутить просмотры tik tok быстро

There are several methods of how to wind up views on TikTok for free and on your own, let’s dwell on them in more detail. Let’s look at them by dividing them into gray and white. The former imply an artificial influence on indicators to obtain benefits, while the latter are aimed at focusing the attention of other users on their activities.



Surely you have heard this concept, especially if you are an active Telegram user. These are useful helpers that can bring your TikTok page to life:

  • @tiktokontop_bot;
  • @TunTok_bot;
  • @piartok_bot;
  • @TikTokerRobot;
  • @TiktokerBot;
  • @Tik_tok_er_bot.

But they do not offer to improve your performance for free, you will have to fulfill the specified conditions for the promotion to begin. For example, @piartok_bot, asks to subscribe to sponsors and, after verification, performs the action you need.

Mutual PR

This method is considered to be effective if you have there is already a small but active and responsive audience. You can find a Tiktoker with a profile similar to yours and agree on cooperation. You can search in:

  • VK Communities (vk.com/tiktok2019, vk.com/musically_tiktok );
  • Activity chats (taplink.cc/tiktokon_top);
  • Advertising exchanges (tiktokfun, advizer, tiktok-birzha);
  • Within Tiktok itself.


Participation in Trends

This is a regular occurrence in Tik Tok, they appear one after another, smoothly, like waves, replacing each other. Of course, you should not participate in every one, select those that will be interesting to your target audience. The fact is that the most successful TikTokers can be found in the interesting section of each trend. Therefore, this method will help you effortlessly take you to the pinnacle of success.

  • In order not to miss the right moment, follow the news and trends on the main page;
  • Try to complement the challenge with bright strokes, without breaking the big picture. This will help you stand out from the rest;
  • Don’t forget to include relevant hashtags, you can also add a few related ones to make it easier for people interested in the topic to find. To date, you can find the following hashtag trends: # perfect pair, # wild angel, # strength of knowledge.

Transferring traffic from other social networks. networks

Surely you, like other people, have several accounts on popular social networks. Use them as additional advertising space, post a link to your TikTok. Sometimes this may not be enough, then you can use automatic messaging services, for Instagram for example socialhammer or iDirect. They will send a link to your Tik Tok profile to every new signer on Insta. This way you can promote yourself as a whole across the entire media space.


Here it is important to highlight several principles in order for your videos to be liked by users:

  • Make a content plan;
  • Take care of high-quality picture and sound;
  • Write scripts or think through each video;
  • Keep in stock several videos to ensure regular posts are added.

Reasons for missing views on Tik Tok and their solution

накрутить просмотры в тик ток дёшево

Reasons why the view counter is not added, there may be several:


In any social association there are system restrictions, which are designed to prevent interference in real promotion. The Tik Tok administration naturally knows that many want to become famous and resort to cheating. Therefore, algorithms here carefully monitor user activity and if something seems dubious to them, they can always block the offender.

What to do to fix it:

  • Follow the number of actions taken, especially if you use mass following or similar promotion methods;
  • Shoot videos only with permitted content, any hostile byaka can complain about inconsistencies;
  • Keep track of the natural rate of resource inflow, choose the promotion of live views on TikTok and real subscribers;
  • Strive for naturalness, and only 1 counter with an eye can increase, other indicators must also increase.

Poor optimization

If you do not include a key phrase in the title of your video and do not add hashtags, then, naturally, it will be problematic to find your video on the Internet. Therefore, views, like other metrics, will not increase.

What to do to fix it:

  • Choose suitable phrases that reflect the essence of your video;
  • Use services for the selection of keywords;
  • Track the videos-leaders of your industry and analyze what allowed them to achieve this;
  • Specify a different hashtag for each video, but no more than 8- 10.

Inappropriate topic

Before choosing a direction of activity, experts recommend analyzing the existing leaders of the TikTok network. If the competition is high, it will be more difficult for you to succeed.

What to do to fix it:

  • Look at your business from a different angle, try to find related topics that interest you many people;
  • Increase views, likes and subscribers to overtake competitors.

No real subscribers

For successful promotion, you can even wind up views on TikTok without tasks and programs, but still there will be only a temporary effect. If after these actions you do not manage to attract the attention of a lively and active audience, then you will have to regularly tighten the necessary indicators for money.

What to do to fix this:

  • Develop unique offers that will interest TikTok users;
  • Apply for advertising to popular bloggers;
  • Search for the right audience offline.

Programs and applications for boosting views in Tik Tok

Despite the similarity of programs and applications for boosting Tik tok views, they have different functionality.


Programs, as a rule, can offer more tools that help not only increase indicators, but also select a real audience that is interested in the area you represent. Their functions include:

  • Search for suitable users by hashtags, competitors and other characteristics;
  • Automated actions from your profile;
  • Control of non-reciprocal subscriptions and unsubscribing from them;
  • Auto-posting of your videos at a specified time.

Programs could become indispensable helpers of every tiktoker, if they did not require payment for their use. If you are interested in a similar development method, then here is a list of worthy paid programs:

  • Vinste;
  • Devorigin;
  • Luckytok;
  • Tokker;
  • SMMTok.


Applications allow you to wind up views on videos from your mobile phone. You can download such software to any modern device. There are 2 ways to use apps: free and paid. If you do not want to invest money, you can replace it with your own time. And when you want to get the desired result quickly, you can buy local currency for money so that users of these applications can complete your tasks. If you think this option is optimal for gaining TikTok views, then pay attention to:

  • Get Real Fans;
  • TikFamous;
  • TikPopular;
  • Maestro DevOps;
  • TikFame;
  • TikBooster.

What to film in TikTok to get a lot of views

накрутка живых просмотров tik tok

Tik Tok is a network of short videos. What is so interesting to shoot to become an audience favorite in 60 seconds?

  • Dances. Every second trend is associated with this direction, so you can just follow the bloggers, or you can try to come up with your own movements to popular music, maybe you will be lucky and you will become a Mega star;
  • Life hacks. Useful ways to get things done quickly and easily that every user can test. Look for inspiration on other Internet sites, maybe you will find tricks that no one has shown on Tiktok yet;
  • Duets and reactions. Pick the right video and shoot your own with them. This will help to take over some of the traffic from an already popular video. Many people find it very interesting to watch the reaction, especially if the user approached this issue with humor;
  • Challenge. Participate in universal competitions, join the trends. But it is advisable to “cook” each video in its own way, add unique spices, you can even pepper;
  • Magic and its exposure. The videos that are made by professionals look spectacular, editing and foreshortening play a significant role. But even more successful are those tiktokers who show all the ins and outs of beautiful and unusual filming;
  • Humor. A huge place in the Tik-Tok universe is occupied by sketches, pranks, parodies. Such content is viewed and loved by the majority of users, so the view counters for such authors spin faster than anywhere else.

Popularizing activities on TikTok is similar to collecting a puzzle. Here, it is important to take into account the detail that affects the overall picture. Boosting views on TikTok (free without registration or paid) can become a growth point for your page. The bottom line is that the dynamic progress of all indicators immediately after the placement of videos opens the way to Recommendations. And having already become a leader, you will become an object of universal recognition and will be able to gain views natively.

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