накрутка живых подписчиков в TikTok
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Cheat subscribers in TikTok without registration and tasks according to the scheme below

How to win TikTok subscribers for free – Alive without bots? Detailed instructions on how to cheaply cheat Tik Tok subscribers for money are in the article.

накрутка подписчиков тик ток бесплатно

Cheating Tik Tok subscribers is paid and inexpensive – Sites

Cheating is a salvation for many, because thanks to her, you can dial the necessary numbers on the counters instantly. There are several options that can be used to artificially inflate the performance. SMM services proved to be the most effective way. Consider a few representatives of this industry:

  • https://doctorsmm.com – here they will be able to cheat TikTok subscribers quickly and inexpensively. There are several tariffs from which you can choose the most suitable one. The cost of 100 random people is only 15 rubles, the company promises to add resources of average quality. If you want to get subscribers with a 60-day guarantee, then it is better to choose the “Live” category.
  • https://prtut.ru – they also wind up traffic for Tik-Tok, 100 subscribers can be bought from 27 rubles … There are 3 categories on the site: standard, fast from all over the world, Russian live. You don’t have to spend a lot of time on ordering, just 3 clicks of the mouse, no registration is needed.
  • https://avi1.ru is an excellent company where you can profitably buy Tik Tok resources. The lowest price is 17 rubles. for 100 units, but there is no guarantee for this rate. Already for 33 rubles. You can get the same quantity, but with a guarantee of up to 10 days. This service also allows you to prioritize live subscribers with high speed and protection against unsubscriptions and write-offs for 60 days.
  • Smmtouch – this company offers 100 subscribers for 45 rubles. You can pay for your order only with Yandex.Money.
  • Stream-promotion – here you will find 3 categories of users in the price list for TikTok: no guarantee for 0.29 rubles. for one, with a 30-day guarantee for 0.40 rubles, with an eternal guarantee for 0.99 rubles.
  • Tikstar – here they wind up 100 subscribers for 89 rubles. But in order to make a purchase, you must register.
  • Zakazweb – here you can make a paid cheat for TikTok subscribers – for 45 rubles. You will be added 100 new people, if you want to increase the speed of promotion, you will have to pay at least 40 rubles. to the order for every hundred.
  • Progressium – the company offers to add standard subscribers or only Russians. In the first case, for 100 units you will need to pay 139 rubles, in the second 249 rubles. From the information presented on the site, it is impossible to understand how long the order will be fully completed.
  • Smmlucky – the site implies mandatory registration, without it it is impossible to even know the cost of services. For 100 subscribers of standard quality, you will have to pay 85 rubles, a total of 3 positions are presented, for each possible write-offs are indicated.
  • Smmrus – there are two tariffs for Tik Tok subscribers: standard and best quality. The minimum order for the first category is 1000 units, the price is 1100 rubles. Quality subscribers can be purchased from 300, the cost is 330 rubles.
  • Pricesmm.com – we can say that this site is exceptional in this list. And all because here you will not be able to order subscribers for money. But its value is much higher, because it contains useful information that allows you to successfully promote your activities in TikTok.

Some special services offer very meager prices for adding subscribers, you can not spend large sums on profile development. At the initial stages, the support of the cheap TikTok promotion is especially noticeable – for the money you become the owner of solid indicators, with which it is no longer a shame to “drum up” a new audience on your own. We’ll tell you more about how to do this later.

How to win TikTok subscribers for free in 1 minute

быстрая накрутка тик ток платно

Cheating Tik Tok subscribers for free, online, and even at lightning speed, sounds fabulous, right? The way it is, there is no such way that without investments would help to gain a large audience in a couple of minutes. For money, SMM promotion services will help you with this, they can add 1000 subscribers in a few hours.

An exception to the rule is viral videos, which diverge on Tik Tok with a geometric progression. Every tiktoker dreams of such fame, but only a few succeed, so you shouldn’t rely too much on such promotion of your videos. In addition, it will be difficult even for applicants for viral videos without support. Let’s take a look at the actions that can bring you closer to popularity.

Free promotion sites

As a rule, you can get the necessary resources using mutual exchange. Working on such services is simple and straightforward, you register and perform tasks of other users, yours is also performed. Here is a list of services where you can turn to cheat subscribers in this way:

  • freebooster;
  • tiktok.tflop;
  • likesrock.


These are mobile assistants that also allow you to gain subscribers and any other resources, showing mutual attention. They are not very different from exchanges, the only thing that distinguishes them is ease of use, because you can perform simple actions for your own promotion anywhere and at a convenient time. There are several applications, before using them, read the reviews and think if this is really what you need. You will have to link your accounts from social networks and no one guarantees you protection against hacking. Here are the apps with more than four ratings:

  • TikBooster;
  • TikFame;
  • TikFamous;
  • TikPopular;
  • Get Real Fans.

Mass Following

It is quite common in all social networks. Using it, you can cheat TikTok subscribers for free without tasks and registration, but this does not mean that you will have to sit idly by. This method consists in the fact that you massively follow unfamiliar users, waiting for a response. Masfoloving can be used manually, or you can find suitable software, but as a rule it is paid. Programs are being improved every day, new tools are added to select the target audience and attract its attention. As a rule, the software allows you to collect an audience of competitors or by hashtag, perform specified actions in automatic mode, for example, subscribe to the necessary users without your participation. Here is a list of popular programs:

Mutual PR

In this case, you need to find a companion who will also be interested in promoting. You can talk about each other’s videos, urge to subscribe. But here, too, you need to think about the interests of the audience, because if they are not intrigued by the direction of your ally and yours, then the effectiveness of mutual PR is questionable. Therefore, you should choose TikToker from a similar area of ​​activity, so there is a high probability of winding up subscribers to TikTok from scratch without money.

Pages on other social networks

Why I would not ask your friends and acquaintances, with whom you probably communicate through social networks, to support your activity in Tiktok. To do this, it is enough to indicate a link, leave a message that you will be glad to see your friends among the subscribers of the channel in TikTok. So you can quite naturally get an influx of additional traffic from other social networks.


Be sure to include these marks on each video, try to choose high-frequency ones, but add a few rare ones. In total, 100 characters are allocated to a text block, but usually indicate up to 8 hashtags so that they do not distract from watching the video.

Duets with bloggers

накрутка живых фанатов в Tik Tok

Today this is a very popular format of videos in Tik-Tok, you can repeat after the blogger or shoot your own reaction, which is also very interesting. It is better to use this format not regularly, but gradually add videos with similar content, do not forget that this way you can attract part of the audience of the popular blogger with whom you are shooting. If you choose your own reaction for shooting, then there should be something original and fun to grab the attention of users.

Live broadcasts

On Tik Tok you can you can connect to any broadcast, you can find popular ones by clicking on the “Inbox” category at the bottom of the working screen, then at the top you will see the “Top Broadcasts” item and a large watch button. By clicking on it, you can see the users who are now on the air, very often there you can find like-minded people interested in promoting. You can write in the comments that you are ready for a mutual subscription. Or you can independently conduct such broadcasts, urge viewers to subscribe to each other and, of course, to you.

Calls to action

They definitely work, so they don’t forget to ask your viewers to subscribe and like. Sometimes not all users remember the need to express their emotions to a particular video, and if you remind them of this in a video, then the likelihood of getting new subscribers increases.


Follow those videos that are now popular and shoot your own version. There are several categories, you can distinguish dance, with dressing up, before / after. Surely we witnessed the challenge with pillows, tossing a shoe, dressing a man in women’s clothing and vice versa. This format also cannot become the main source of inspiration for videos, but in order to join the general Trend and attract the attention of viewers to their activities, it is quite an effective option.


They fell in love with TikTok users, so you can see the result of many months of work in a short time. When you are learning something new, be sure to remove the result of your work at the initial level and compare it with the final one. For example, here you can show in the video how your artistic talent developed, or how you got your ideal figure thanks to proper nutrition and intense training.

Contests and promotions

In Tik Tok, you can use the following option for holding such events: announce that with every 100 subscribers you will remove a joint duet or indicate the address of the accounts of the lucky ones. You can run a more global competition that will attract not only new subscribers, but also increase the number of views. To make a series of videos in which hints for a keyword are hidden, only in this case you will need to think about a decent reward.


Today, especially popular are used by bloggers who answer questions from their audience, communicate and respond to comments. Your openness will help to cheat TikTok fans and real subscribers.


As a rule, such videos are very effective, but first decide for yourself whether you are ready for such sacrifices in order to attract the attention of the audience. You can experiment with your appearance, such as shaving your eyebrows or hair. But if you decide to use such content in your activities, always think about your own safety and those around you.

How to clean the list of live subscribers from bots in Tik Tok

Using the presented methods, you can cheat live TikTok subscribers and bots. As you know, the second category will not bring much benefit to your profile, so experts advise you to regularly remove low-quality users from their subscribers. You also need to remove non-reciprocal ones, this is especially true when using mass following. As a rule, you can use the manual method and the programmatic one to clear your account. First, let’s take a closer look at the independent work of removing inappropriate subscribers:

  • You need to go to your page by clicking on the “Me” button at the bottom of the screen;
  • After that, study the list of your subscribers and go to the page of the user you want to delete. Here, 2 options are also possible:
  • the first is to click on 3 dots in the upper right corner, then in the window that opens, select the item “Delete this subscriber”;
  • if for some reason If you do not see such an icon, then you need to select “Send message”, then again the familiar dots, then “Block”.

дешевая накрутка тик ток за деньги

If you think that the content posted by the user does not correspond to the rules of the network, you can even complain about it, but you will need to indicate the reason and attach screenshots to prove it.

Many programs provide the ability to automatically unsubscribe from non-reciprocal users. For example, the TikTok Tool does a great job. First you need to download and install this program, but it is paid, access for a month is provided for 1410 rubles. Here you will need to add the account that you are going to clear and perform simple steps. The program can work in 2 modes: unsubscribe from non-reciprocal users or from those you have subscribed to for a long time.

When you want to free your profile from the invasion of bots, you need to know how to recognize them in the general mass. As a rule, such accounts are created to perform programmed actions, they will not watch your videos and put likes. They can be recognized by:

  • the absence of an avatar;
  • a large number of subscriptions;
  • the minimum number of followers and likes.

Also, it will not be superfluous to periodically clean your account from unnecessary data. To do this, you need to go to your page, click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner and select the “Cache and mobile data” area, then free up space. These actions do not in any way affect the operation of the application and your downloaded videos, therefore, in order to keep the phone in optimal condition, sometimes carry out this procedure.

Where can you really find a cheap cheat Tik Tok paid

Not you can always get by with free options to successfully promote your profile. There are commercial methods that offer cheating subscribers to Tik Tok for a fee and inexpensively. We will tell you in detail about each.

Online promotion services

Representatives of this area were described in detail at the beginning of the article, companies engaged in marketing in social networks can add any number of subscribers to you. The main thing is that the promotion takes place without personal participation, conspiracy is respected, so you do not risk your profile. In addition, this is the most budgetary option for promotion, other existing methods will require larger investments. Using SMM services, you can:

  • get the required number of subscribers;
  • choose a tariff suitable for quality;
  • ensure the natural rate of resource flow;
  • get a guarantee for the service performed;
  • comprehensively promote your profile, because you can simultaneously order likes and views.

Advertising from bloggers

Popular people are authoritative, their opinion is listened to, so they can recommend their subscribers to go to your profile and subscribe. Such promotion also costs money, but it is difficult to specify a specific amount, it all depends on the size of the audience of the selected blogger and financial appetites. You can find suitable advertising platforms on advertising exchanges and in communities of other social networks, for example, at:

  • tiktok-birzha;
  • advizer;
  • tiktopers ;
  • vk.com/tik_tok1.

накрутка русских подписчиков в тик ток

In the image you can see that the cost of an advertising video with a mark and a call from a blogger with an audience more than 80,000 costs 2,000 rubles, the price also depends on the field of activity in which you work. Therefore, before cooperation, you must:

  • Subscribe to the blogger yourself in order to understand how often he makes advertising publications. How attentively the audience will react to his recommendations depends on this. If every day a blogger advertises different accounts, then users can deprive you of the attention;
  • Study the channel statistics, it will help you calculate the markup. If in a short period of time a blogger was able to recruit a large audience with primitive videos, this is a reason to think;
  • Review the list of subscribers, think about whether your content will be interesting to this audience, the success of an advertising campaign directly depends on this.

Official Advertising

To launch an advertising campaign on the TikTok network, you need to register with TikTok Ads. After that, you should receive a letter with an activation link on the specified mail. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right away, this process can take up to 48 hours.

  • After activation, you need to go to the “Company” tab at the top of the page, and then click “Create”. You will also need to select the purpose of advertising, there are only 5. To attract the attention of users, you can select coverage, in this case, ads will be shown to the maximum number of people, only impressions will be paid. You can also choose video views as a goal, then you will only pay for those that lasted more than 6 seconds. You should not choose other goals for promoting your account on Tik-Tok;
  • The next step is to set the budget for the advertising campaign. You can choose one of the appropriate categories, indicating the amount that will be spent daily, or for the entire promotion period. Regardless of the option chosen, the minimum investment in promotion is 5000 rubles;
  • Next, you will be prompted to choose places for advertising. The system also offers other sites, but it is better to choose only Tik Tok, since many of the presented applications are not common in our country. You probably need a boost of Russian subscribers to TikTok, 100 and 10,000 active users who will track your activity, so you should only choose the first position;
  • You should also specify the details so that the system determines the circle of users who should show ads;
  • The most important step is setting up targeting, which allows you to set the characteristics of your target audience: geographic location, interests, etc. You can also add a list of specific users who are interested in the topic, they will be targeted with advertising. To do this, you need to know their ID;
  • Then you can independently choose the time when your ad will be shown. You can also set the rate at which the specified budget will be spent. After that you will need to select an optimization goal for which the system will monitor the success of the campaign.

After specifying all these data, you proceed to creating an ad. You can use a ready-made video file or create one. Be sure to include the text that will motivate viewers to do this or that action, its size is up to 100 characters.


About programs and applications for cheating subscribers in We talked about Tik Tok and mass following a little earlier. But, there is software that includes the functions of a parser, helps to collect the right audience. We managed to find a program with a minimum monthly payment of 910 rubles – luckytok. Along with the fact that the software provides activity on your behalf, it also carries some risks. To use it, you need to specify the data from access to your account, which may cause loss of control. Such programs do not provide any guarantees and do not provide protection for your profile, personal data may get to third parties who will use them for their own purposes.

The presented analysis of promotion methods shows that you can make a quick cheat on Tik Tok for a fee and cheap on SMM services, other methods can also draw attention to your activities, but much more significant investments will be required.

How to make money on Tik Tok with 1000, 10000 real subscribers

накрутка живых подписчиков в TikTok

Today it is much easier to make money online than in real life and many people want to take advantage of it. That is why it is worth developing your profile, cheating Tik Tok subscribers for free and for a fee, doing everything to further generate income. Of course, subscribers are the main measure of popularity, so large numbers allow you to earn much more. Consider all the existing schemes for making money on this network:

  • Promotion of your own services.

This way of making money has proven itself well in other social networks, for example, Instagram and VKontakte. Tik-Tok can also be a good help in this matter, you will show your work and attract new clients. This format is suitable if you are a hairdresser, photographer, florist, finisher, cook – in general, any representative of the service sector who can show the result of his activity in 60 seconds. In this case, all your subscribers are potential customers, you need to shoot videos and gain authority in their eyes.

  • Advertising other people’s accounts in TikTok.

To do this, you need to shoot interesting videos and gain an audience, then you can register on advertising exchanges and earn money by placing links to novice Tiktokers. The article has already carried out sites on which you can find users interested in such promotion. It turns out that they can be used when you are just making progress and then when your goals are achieved in order to earn money.

  • Assistance in the preparation of quality content.

Not all beginner tiktokers know how to present themselves, write a competent script and process videos. You can offer your own services, so a popular profile will be a confirmation of your successful work. You will be asked for help as a specialist and will be paid for the work. You can also shoot videos and sell them, because this format of earnings has long been used on popular photo stocks, just do not forget about protecting your videos – add watermarks or other tags.

  • Selling popular profiles.

If you managed to succeed and promote one account, then you can try your luck on the second. If successful, you can sell profiles. This site garantmarket.net will help you find clients.

  • Promotion of third-party projects.

In Tik-Tok you can add a link to other pages on social networks, You can help promote other people’s goods and services for money. Many popular people were lucky enough to become ambassadors of popular brands and they represent their products on all social networks, in this case the fees are very significant.

  • Gifts from fans.

If you are lucky enough to gain a grateful audience, then you can count on gifts and donations. As a rule, subscribers can send you emoticons that have a certain value. Sent gifts remain in your personal account in the form of diamonds, which you can withdraw through PayPal, but only when you have accumulated at least $ 100. Also, your viewers can transfer Donates to you during live broadcasts, in the form of the internal currency Tik Tok Coins. In this case, the network keeps 20% of the earned money for itself, and the rest can be withdrawn to the card.

Possible income directly depends on the number of active audience and the direction of activity. Therefore, in order to count on an account in TikTok as an additional income, you will first need to promote your profile.

Who and why needs cheating live subscribers on TikTok

Every author on TikTok wants to have a lot of subscribers, regardless of the topic, this confirms the success. In a natural way, you can type them once in the Top. Due to the existing competition, it is very difficult to break out into the leaders, because the top positions of the ratings are occupied only by the profiles of the stars, so the novice TikTokers have to gain an audience in every way. We can say that everyone dreams of cheating 1000 subscribers on TikTok in 1 minute without cheating and as cheaply as possible. The article presents many different options that will help you achieve the desired results. Here are the main goals that users who apply for a cheat are pursuing:

  • receive income from their account;
  • become popular in a certain area;
  • promote your own business or services.

For some, it may be enough to have their own activity and other free tools to win the attention of users. But, as you know, promotion for money is characterized by a faster rate of recruiting subscribers. Therefore, you need to proceed from a specific situation and draw up a strategy that will allow you to develop safely and successfully in TikTok.

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