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Chatbots on VKontakte: the benefits and advantages of messenger marketing

They started talking about messenger marketing just a couple of years ago. Marketers are moving from SMM to closer contact with the user: personal correspondence in social networks and instant messengers. And to optimize the process, they use chat bots. Although these automated interlocutors cannot conduct an eloquent conversation, they do an excellent job of routine business tasks.

Today I’ll tell you why you should at least think about creating your own chatbot, and show you some examples of useful chatbots with different tasks and from different areas.

Why do business and customers need chatbots

There are three main benefits to using your own chatbot:

  • close and instant communication with the user in his familiar environment;

  • saving time and effort on routine tasks;

  • new channel for mailings with excellent open rates and CTR.

Let’s take a closer look at each feature.

User and brand convergence

Social networks are an environment where the user is almost continuously. For fun, count how much time it takes you to chat and view your Facebook or VKontakte feed. This is communication, and entertainment, and learning, and even work tasks, in general – life.

The chatbot fits perfectly into the social media environment. It is convenient for the user: to communicate with the company, you just need to open a chat. There is no need to switch to another communication channel, write letters or, like in a nightmare of an introvert, call the hotline.

This proximity is beneficial for business. Now you can communicate more closely: the chatbot will respond at any time of the day, close the user’s needs or keep him until the manager connects. With this approach, it is easier to form a connection with the client, loyalty on his part – you are always there to help.

Automating routine tasks

Automation is happiness. Imagine how many similar questions your users ask: about assortment, booking, delivery, guarantees, frequent problems. Consider how much time support specialists spend on them and how much it costs the company. Now imagine that you have automatic support that answers all these similar questions around the clock and instantly. Maybe even free!

The chatbot will become an assistant in choosing the perfect product, an FAQ section with a convenient search for answers, notification of discounts, a mini-store – anything you want to include in it. Of course, the more complex your bot will be, the more attentively and longer it will take to work on it, but the chatbot will save you immeasurably more time and effort.

New mailing channel with excellent openability

Imagine that your email campaigns have an average Open Rate of 30%. Cool, isn’t it? And in chat bots, the open rate is several times higher – individual cases show a result close to 90%!

You can send anything – news, polls, relevant goods and services, some kind of entertainment mailings. With the help of a chatbot, you can guide a customer through the sales funnel from first acquaintance to repeat purchases.

If you want to create your first bot right now (and that’s great!), try SendPulse’s chat bot builder. Our clients have been working with Facebook bots for almost a year, and this December they got the opportunity to create VK bots.

This is why it is convenient to create VK bots on the SendPulse platform:

  • Work takes place in a convenient and intuitive block editor. You can create both simple and complex layered bots.

  • You can add text, pictures, buttons and even attach files to messages. There is an imitation of the delay between messages, so that the user has time to read several messages in a row and looks more like a real correspondence.

  • You can configure sending auto-replies – send messages after a certain time after the user’s action. Or program the bot to recognize triggers – certain words and phrases that users can write in the chat. The bot will respond to the trigger with a suitable chain of messages. At the same time, SendPulse bots work even with unidentified triggers – in response to an incomprehensible word, they will prompt the user to select the most similar trigger.

  • The bot will “call for help” the manager, if it cannot cope on its own. To open a chat for an employee, you just need to add a call button to the bot message. At the same time, the manager will have all chats with users in one window – very convenient, especially if you have bots on both Facebook and VKontakte.

  • In the same service, you create not only a bot, but also a subscription form for the site. You can add a subscription to bots in the two available social networks to the form.

  • Segment mailings in the bot: in SendPulse, you can use the date of subscription, recent activity and add custom variables.

Where chat bots are used: examples of existing VK bots

Let’s see examples of where VK chatbots are used. But keep in mind that the functionality of bots is not limited to these examples – they can be much more complex.

Video service bot

A bot in the Amediateki community talks about the service, offers to subscribe to the newsletter and read the blog, and also gives gifts.

Welcome message of the bot “Amediateki”

Users who follow the bot chain a little further will be surprised. Please note that you can now ask for promo codes and stickers in buttons.

Those who have a little chat with the bot can ask him for promotional codes or stickers

Bot Loan

In the bot, you can program your main menu. For example, this chatbot simply sends a list of links to loan options with a short description.

A financial chatbot that helps you get a quick loan

Teacher Bot

In order not to get tired of cramming English, a chatbot comes in handy. English Buddy is a seemingly simple but interesting bot. Not only translates words, but also sends random jokes and idioms, and the most unusual thing is that he can find an interlocutor for language practice.

Such a bot can be a great addition to an online educational business. It’s fun and learning at the same time – a good way to build customer loyalty. You can add more useful functions to such a bot: for example, assign a lesson with a teacher or send a link for quick payment.

It is convenient that the control is implemented in parallel with triggers and buttons: you can not write a command, but press the desired button.

A bot that helps you learn English

Guide Bot

Great option for the tourism industry. A bot that, upon request, sends either thematic events or establishments, or gives out all the events for the desired date.

Such a bot can be used, for example, to receive income from advertising events or establishments – advertisers will pay for placing a link in the bot. Or use a similar principle to create a chatbot for a travel agency: let it send suitable tours upon request.

Bot for the tourism industry looking for places and events

More ideas for chatbots in different areas

I’ll show you a few more ideas on how to use chatbots in business. Now let’s see examples on Facebook Messenger.

Restaurants & Food Delivery

Program a bot-assistant for the restaurant: let it tell you where the nearest restaurant is, help order home delivery or contact the administrator.

Chatbot for Wingstop Restaurant


If you have a large catalog, help users find products quickly, just like Lego does. Let the bot ask a series of clarifying questions and give the appropriate options.

Lego Chatbot


In a news bot, the principle is the same as in retail: give the user the most relevant information on request. For example, a bot from CNN offers to view or subscribe to the latest news, materials on specific topics, keywords and sections, according to the user’s geographic location.

CNN News Bot

And the final tip: don’t wait, make your first bot right now. Keep it simple, but you will already take a step in the promising direction of messenger marketing and leave the competition behind. Register with SendPulse and create a bot of any complexity on Facebook or VKontakte for free.

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