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Buy likes at Tik Tok cheaply and safely – online platforms and tips for choosing

Buy live likes in Tik Tok at an inexpensive price – how to do it? This issue with examples will be discussed in more detail in the article.

накрутка тик ток платно и дешево

Where you can buy likes in TikTok inexpensively – Review of sites

It’s nice to know that your activity is approved … Likes on TikTok just perform this function – they show which video is liked more by network users. But it is not advisable to let this issue go by itself, it is better to start providing attractive numbers on the meters yourself, today this can be done easily and inexpensively. All you need is to go to one of the sites below and order likes on TikTok without tasks and registration:

  • https://doctorsmm.com – they are engaged in traffic cheating, they do not work only with Tik Tok. 100 likes here costs 11 rubles, but this is not the only tariff in the price list, you can also get up to 30K hearts with a guarantee for one order.
  • https://prtut.ru – this command can make many likes on the video with good speed, the cost of wrapping a hundred here is 19 rubles. The service offers 4 positions with different characteristics, you can even get likes from foreign netizens. There is also a lot of useful information that will help you get more approvals.
  • https://avi1.ru – here you can also find profitable services to promote TikTok. You can buy 100 likes from 13 rubles, the company indicates under each tariff the rate of receipt, the start time of the launch, the minimum and maximum number of purchased units. All information about the guarantees presented is on the website.
  • Tikstar – this service winds hearts on open accounts, 100 units costs 89 rubles. You can make a purchase here only after you register and provide your contact information. One option is presented without any information about the terms of execution.
  • Bigsmm – here you can order hearts of the same type for 12 rubles. for 100 units. The company promises a high speed of execution, but when paying, a commission of 1.5% is charged.
  • Smmcraft – here you can buy from 10 likes at a price of 44 rubles. The more you buy, the less you pay per unit. So when ordering 10,000 hearts, for one you will give 1.9 rubles.
  • Wow-smm – this service helps to get likes on the TikTok page promptly, the price for 100 pieces is 199 rubles. The guys promise that all actions are performed by real people, there are no bots among the performers.
  • Boostik – on this service you can also order an increase in the heart counter on each video, but all prices here are indicated in dollars: for 100 you will need to pay $ 2.59. You can pay for a cheat here with a card, ApplePay or PayPal.
  • Piarit – on this site you can get 1 like from real users of the TikTok network for 0.8 rubles. The company adds traffic with a margin, as it knows that write-offs by the system are possible.
  • Profit-smm – here you can buy 100 likes from offers for 30 rubles. They will start to fulfill the order within 24 hours, the rate of adding resources is average.
  • Pricesmm.com is a blog that covers the issues of competent promotion in networks. For Tik Tok, the latest development trends are presented here, this information will allow you to keep your finger on the pulse.

The only option that allows you to cheat Tik Tok for a fee and for a cheap price is Smm services. In addition to the low cost, such companies provide a guaranteed receipt of the required number of hearts on the video, which no other promotion method can boast of.

How to increase likes on Tik Tok for free – 8 Lifehacks

получить лайки тик ток бесплатно

For anyone who promotes their profile, it is imperative to know not only about the services where you can inexpensively buy the necessary resources, but also about the methods that allow you to get 1000 likes for free on TikTok yourself. Let’s share some great methods of making hearts grow.


These are basic actions that will help to rivet the eyes of your Tik Tok users. You purposefully put Like all the users you see and expect reciprocity. As you can imagine, manual operation is time-consuming, but the audience at TikTok is responsive and this option works great.


It is not always possible to find useful free software, but some paid programs provide a trial period that you can use. Today, such tools allow you not only to use the same mass-liking in an automatic mode, but can also collect an audience that suits you according to specified criteria. Programs that include Tik Tok parser functions and perform the necessary actions for you:

  • Tokker;
  • SMMTok;
  • Vinste;
  • Devorigin;
  • Luckytok.

The convenience of the programs is that they can collect an active audience that will like your videos. You can specify the desired keywords, competitor accounts and suitable hashtags, and the software will find the right users and like them on behalf of your account. Moreover, some software takes into account existing restrictions and bypasses them. This option would be just the perfect way to promote your profile on Tik-Tok, if it did not require a large investment. The minimum cost of access is from 900 rubles. per month of operation.


These are programs that allow you to increase likes on Tik Tok from your phone for free. The principle of their work is not the same as that of programs. Here you download the application you like, link your account and complete tasks of other users. After that, you receive payment for the actions performed, you can immediately spend it on rewarding the performers. It turns out that the whole process is based on mutual reciprocal actions. It is not always safe to use such tools, since the developers gain access to your personal information and can use your accounts at their own discretion. But in this case, you can go for a little trick – create an additional profile that will help you earn the required amount of coins, and create a task with the necessary link to the video, where to wind the hearts. Here is a list of apps that have received positive user reviews:

  • TikFame;
  • TikBooster;
  • Get Real Fans;
  • TikFamous ;
  • TikPopular;
  • Maestro DevOps.


Essentially these sites are the closest brother of the applications presented above, they allow performing elementary actions to influence their own promotion. Here you will also need to go through the registration process and link your accounts, but, as a rule, you can use not only the Tik Tok pages, it is better to connect other social networks, so the process of recruiting the internal currency will go faster. Be careful when using this method of getting likes, using unverified services can lose your account. Here is a list of exchanges that work with Tiktok:

  • freebooster;
  • tiktok.tflop;
  • alfaliker;
  • vktarget;
  • likesrock.

Mutual PR

This is cooperation with other TikTokers, which is aimed at joint promotion of accounts. You can shoot videos together, post links to each other’s pages and talk about interesting content. You can also jointly run contests that usually attract the attention of a large audience. Agree, it is much easier for a group of people to organize such an event and take care of a worthy prize. Just before agreeing on cooperation with a Tiktoker that suits you, be sure to take a look at the following requirements:

  • one line of business, but not a competitive one;
  • a similar target audience for gender, age and other characteristics;
  • an equal number of subscribers who react vividly to publications.

Only in this case you can count on the success of such a project as mutual PR.

Regular posting

To get a steady stream of likes on your videos, you also need to create content properly. Tiktokers are very successful, posting at least 3 videos per day. You yourself understand that at times it can be difficult to show such a result, a lot of time can be spent on shooting and processing. Therefore, you can prepare all publications in advance in order to have several additional clips in stock, so it will be easier for you to get out of the situation. Do not forget that immediately after placing you can buy likes in TikTok inexpensively and quickly, which will provide a dynamic start in the set of hearts. It is worth paying attention to the time of adding a video, consider the activity of your target audience. For example, users aged 18-20 most often spend hours online from 15 to 18 and from 19 to 23. There are delayed posting services that will help you optimize this process, but they are not free. Here are the most popular representatives:


Links to TikTok page in other social networks

Today, every self-respecting person has profiles in at least 3 social networks, so why not invite all your friends to watch videos on Tik Tok. To do this, you do not need to do anything special, it is enough to indicate an active link to your profile, it is advisable to accompany it with some inspiring text. Surely, most of your friends will not have difficulty putting likes on all videos.


They must be added, this will help to get to the Top and, therefore, get more likes. Today, popular hashtags are: # home life hack, # this is my style, # want_ again_ there. You can find popular tags by clicking on the magnifying glass icon and going to the Interesting section, the most popular phrases are listed here. Also, do not forget about tags like #wanttracks, #mutual_likes, which will help you attract like-minded people from internal search.

Which videos on Tik Tok are getting more likes and why

купить лайки в tik-tok недорого

Tik Tok users have favorite videos that naturally gain a lot of likes. This video is of the following types:

TikTok makes it possible to shoot a joint video with any popular person, thereby attracting part of his audience and getting the desired likes. Choose those users with whom you have a similar audience, so it will be easier to interest people with your content. There is nothing difficult in creating such a video, find a suitable video and enable the desired function.

This is one of the types of duets where users shoot their own reaction to what is happening. Here you need to try to stand out so that your response video is more effective.

One of the most popular formats, it’s great if you can come up with simple movements to popular music. If not, then you can repeat the already trendy dances.

It all started with the fact that some users filmed risky videos and called on a certain person to repeat these actions. But today everything is a little different, if the challenge is on the crest of success, then everyone strives to shoot a similar video.

Simple actions that make life easier – what could be more beautiful. Therefore, this content is in demand in Tik-Tok, very often it collects a lot of likes.

The magic of editing and His Majesty’s perspective are the patrons of these videos. Those who can handle this difficult task will be successful in TikTok.

Funny cats, pranks, parodies – this is all that makes you smile, so many do not skimp on expressing emotions under such videos.

Sometimes, even videos shot in one of the popular formats cannot climb to the pinnacle of success on their own. In this case, you can buy likes on Tik Tok for a cheap (100, 1000, 10000) to revive the counters and give the initial impetus.

How to buy live likes on TikTok guaranteed without bots

As mentioned at the beginning, you can buy fast and real likes on TikTok on SMM promotion services. But, not all companies openly talk about the quality of services, therefore, choosing unverified sites, you can face cheating from bots. To prevent this from happening, try to follow the following instructions:

  • Approach the choice of a promotion service responsibly, it is better to communicate with representatives before ordering;
  • Immediately exclude services that require mandatory registration;
  • Choose the tariffs covered by the guarantee;
  • Make a minimum trial order to understand the quality of execution;
  • Study customer reviews about the work of the selected site;
  • Make sure the security of money transfers and the company’s cooperation with secure payment systems
  • systems.

How to get to the Tik Tok TOP and how many likes you need for this

купить живые лайки в тик токе

There are several ratings in TikTok, in order to get into any one you need to take care not only of the increase in likes, but also of other indicators. Let’s count the number of hearts of videos that occupy leading positions.

  • By clicking on the magnifying glass icon, you go to the Interesting section, where popular hashtags and videos that have the best indicators are immediately shown. Therefore, if you are using mass tags, then be prepared for the fiercest competition. For example, under a hashtag that has been mentioned over 56 million times, the first video is shown with 300K hearts. It turns out that if you bet only on popular hashtags, then you have to get so many likes to overtake everyone;
  • When you want to get to the Top SERPs for a certain request, everything is ambiguous here too. For example, if you search for videos with the key phrase “Everyday makeup”, then the leader has about 1 million likes here. If you are promoting a video with a key in the title “Pictures”, then 17000 hearts are enough to get into the TOP.

When you strive to revive your page, then buying live likes in Tik Tok from real and active accounts. Undoubtedly, this is one of the main indicators that will allow you to take a leading position in the ranking.

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