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Advertising with bloggers on Instagram: 4 quick cases

To take or not to take? This is the question of interaction between a business and a blogger. Influencer advertising on Instagram is one of the most popular promotion methods. But in order for it to bring the expected result, even before the start of cooperation, the specialist needs to create a clear structure of work. Know how to choose an effective blogger, what result you want to get, how to measure it and correctly explain to the “contractor” all the nuances of advertising.

Andrey Kalashnik , lecturer of the “Influencer Marketing” course, CMO of the trendHERO search, analysis and verification service for bloggers, told how to interact with bloggers and influencers to make your strategy work.

Case 1. How to buy subscribers

The essence of the work is that a blogger needs to launch an advertisement that will bring subscribers to you.

Most bloggers have a separate account called cooperation or PR. It is in it that you can agree on the terms of cooperation, find out the price and details of posting stories or posts. If you checked a blogger before, then you can quickly agree on cooperation, especially if this blogger has an audience of 100,000 or 200,000 people. The simpler your integration, the sooner it can be done.

Collaboration with a blogger may also depend on his reaction speed or his assistants. I have had experience with a blogger who hasn’t responded to posts for over 2 weeks. I can assume that he was not very interested in advertising.

Пример переписки с блогером

Example of correspondence with a blogger

How to check a blogger?

To check bloggers, I use the trendHERO service. In systematized reports, you can find the necessary indicators and analysis of the page of the influencer you are interested in.

Пример проверки страницы

Example of page validation

For example, you can check a blogger by audience type and by type of like audience. This is a very good graph for two reasons, because you can:

  • find out the percentage of real followers in your account;
  • compare the number of subscribers with the number of people who like people – visually these graphs should be similar and roughly coincide, otherwise it will indicate a cheat.

Анализ страницы хорошего блогера, который не накручивает подписчиков

Analysis of the page of a good blogger who does not wind up subscribers

А так выглядит анализ профиля блогера, который накрутил себе читателей

And this is how the analysis of the profile of a blogger looks like, who has clocked his readers

If everything suits you after checking, you order an advertisement. He conducts it, and then you analyze the result.

У блогера после проверки заказали две сторис

I ordered two stories from the blogger after checking

The knowledge gained from advertising campaigns was put into a new function by trendHERO service – tracking. This feature helps you see how the blogger has grown in subscribers. Also, using this indicator, you can see the growth from advertising in quantitative terms.

График показывает, как росли подписчики по количеству и дням

The graph shows how subscribers grew by number and days

As a result, I spent UAH 1,800 on advertising, from which the blogger received 7,323 clicks, and I – 2,090 subscribers.

В результате я потратил 1 800 грн на рекламу, из нее блогер получил 7 323 кликов, а я – 2 090 подписчиков

Be sure to calculate the conversion after the end of cooperation. In the future, when advertising with a blogger, you should understand how many of those who came to follow you, how interesting you are to people.

This case is the simplest way of cooperation. You can collect subscribers and monetize your product by selling merchandise.

Another way to monetize a brand is to sell products. Or, for example, a monetization option can be considered the work of a person who is learning to be a blogger or has already become one in order to sell advertising. Each type of product will serve a different purpose. For example, it is interesting for bloggers and publics to gain subscribers. For business – collect orders.

Are specific numbers important?

In cases, it is not specific numbers that are always important, but how to calculate them and how to compare them. Relatively speaking, for someone, when calculating the results, the price per subscriber is important. Because this person looks at the price per subscriber from the Facebook target and sees that he is cheaper there, and then the blogger’s advertising is not relevant to him.

It is important to remember that blogger advertising is carried out on the basis of a campaign. You allocate a certain amount for a month or quarter. And then you count not only each individual campaign, ROI for each individual blogger, but also all together. In this version of interaction, there can also be failures and successes. You should continue to cooperate only with those who have brought you a successful result.

Case 2. Advertising for reach

Reach ads work with the goal of alerting as many people as possible about what you have to offer. Online brands will fail if they only collect followers. Their main task is to sell products offline. Therefore, reach advertising works for large brands, offline stores, but taking into account the location and geography of the business.

For me, JYSK is a good example to illustrate this case. On November 26, during Black Friday, they purchased a lot of integrations, further on the graph you can see a surge in mentions of the company these days.

Внизу на графиках сервиса также можно увидеть количество упоминаний страницы

At the bottom of the service graphs you can also see the number of page mentions

Кликнув на них, можно увидеть страницу пользователя, который разместил упоминание.

By clicking on them, you can see the page of the user who posted the mention.

For example, JYSK on Black Friday was also advertised by small bloggers such as Anya Bolshak, well-known opinion leaders, such as Tanya Bobrikova. There is also a story from Tanya Samburskaya, a blogger with a million-plus population.

In October 2020, we collected data on how much advertising costs from bloggers. We analyzed numbers, pricing policies, coverage, and more.

Прайс на публикацию сторис у популярного блогера

Price for publishing stories from a popular blogger

Before ordering an advertisement from a blogger, we checked it in the trendHERO service. You can see a graph of the growth of subscribers, ER, likes and comments for free. The rest of the metrics are available in the paid version.

Пример проверки страницы0

The graph shows a sharp rise and fall in the number of subscribers

Sharp jumps in the number of subscribers usually depend on the conduct of giveaway contests. Perhaps the number of blog readers will grow before the start of the competition and fall after. It is likely that the moment a blogger is doing a giveaway, your ad will have higher numbers because more people will come to see them. But it’s hard to say how good the quality of this audience is, because people came to the action.

In addition to the ER indicator, analyze and compare the number of likes and video views. For example, if the number of likes and the number of views of a video are the same, then it is likely that some of this is winding up, most likely – likes.

The video, even without sound, starts immediately in the Instagram feed. Watching a video is a pretty good indicator that posts are being watched.

Stories are viewed 2 to 10 times less than posts. For example, if the reach of a blogger’s post is 200-300 thousand, then stories, on average, should gain from 30 to 60 thousand impressions.

Пример проверки страницы1

Bloggers often independently publish screenshots of profile visits and interaction with its content on their pages: distribution, clicks on a sticker, replies.

Important! The blogger will always show the maximum in his advertising materials. He’s not lying, but he shows the maximum peak visits. This could be from a contest or an advertisement. Whether these impressions have turned into real customers is a different story.

What is important to consider if you ordered 10 stories from a blogger with a million people? First, calculate your total impressions and total reach. If you ordered 10 stories in a row, and the first one is watched by 50 people, and the second – 40, then the total coverage is not 90, but 55 people (arithmetic mean – author’s note).

Secondly, you need to calculate the CPM in order to compare with other sources. Try not to overestimate your expectations and not really trust bloggers in these expectations. Better to bet on the minimum and navigate the approximate prices. If your Subscriber Price or CPM is lower, you might get frustrated.

Пример проверки страницы2

An example of calculating advertising results from a blogger

Case 3. Giveaway – subscription to “friends”

The essence of giveaway is that the user must subscribe to all the blogger’s friends from subscriptions and become a participant in the drawing of a valuable prize or prizes.

Пример проверки страницы3

An example of a blogger’s giveaway

Further on the screenshot you can see a graph of subscribers for bloggers. All these teeth, these jumps on the orange graph are a giveaway, and on the blue graph – the increase in blogger subscriptions.

Пример проверки страницы4

Graph of growth of readers and “friends” of the blogger

This usually happens in the organizer’s chats, where the conditions and cost of participation are published, a guarantee from the organizer in the form of a certain number of subscribers.

Пример проверки страницы5

An example of a giveaway

But in practice, giveaway is very difficult. For example, in order to become a participant in the giveaway, the user must subscribe to all 110 sponsors that are in this giveaway. If there is any audience that is ready to follow 110 people, they are probably very motivated for freebies. After examining 110 profiles, you can draw your own conclusions. For example, this Ukrainian blogger has sponsored Russian brands that do not work in Ukraine. (It is important to note here that the blogger’s statistics still show that most of her audience is from Russia.)

Пример проверки страницы6

Screenshot of bloggers that the user should follow

Here is a screenshot from trendHERO tracking with a clear increase in subscribers, and everything seems to be fine.

Пример проверки страницы7

But then you can analyze different time periods: a year and even more. The graph shows that in February 2020, the brand was also a participant in the competition.

Пример проверки страницы8

Let’s compare the numbers: February 4 – 344 thousand subscribers, February 12 – 536 thousand, and four months later, June 4 – 402 thousand subscribers remained. It turns out that the people recruited from the giveaway unsubscribed. Users can unsubscribe very quickly or gradually. In fact, you can lose 500-600 subscribers per day, which is very bad.

Instagram’s “Smart Feed” thinks that if someone unsubscribes from a profile, then it is not interesting. Accordingly, impressions of posts in the feed are falling, and posts are shown less. If such an account is also new and it does not have a loyal audience that specifically comes in, likes and reads publications, then you can say goodbye to the account. In my practice, there have been profiles with an increased million subscribers who constantly lost people and content coverage to the minimum.

Пример проверки страницы9

Graph of the fall in the number of subscribers

Case 4. Promotion on Instagram

Most often, such a case can be found among business profiles. This is not just an advertisement for a company, brand or service, but a specific product. By advertising this product, the blogger encourages his subscribers to go to the profile page, where the promotion takes place.

Анализ страницы хорошего блогера, который не накручивает подписчиков0

Example of a promotion on Instagram

In the example above, the store was giving away two sets of bedding. The promotion was limited specifically for the blogger.

Анализ страницы хорошего блогера, который не накручивает подписчиков1

The total amount of orders per day exceeded 100,000 rubles (about 37,000 hryvnia)

Measure order price and lead price. In the bed advertisement, we paid 86 rubles for a lead and 146 rubles for an order.

Анализ страницы хорошего блогера, который не накручивает подписчиков2

The ROI of the stock (income minus costs divided by costs) was 25 cents per dollar invested

You can drive traffic and receive orders from Instagram from bloggers in two ways. The first is to drive them through traffic from stories and through tags or swipes. The second is when a blogger calls for subscribing and gives a promotional code. This way you can track which of the users comes from this blogger.

In my experience, people who see your ads on Instagram are more inclined to buy directly from this app. Then you can recommend a store, brand or company to close sales on Instagram through Direct, increasing the conversion rate.

Анализ страницы хорошего блогера, который не накручивает подписчиков3

An example of a blogger check

Анализ страницы хорошего блогера, который не накручивает подписчиков4

The number of suspicious subscribers of a good blogger should be less than 20%

Before ordering advertising from an effective blogger, you will have to shovel a lot of profiles. But there is a service that can help you do it faster. For example, trendHERO has a “TOP 500 Similar Bloggers or Similar Accounts” feature. The user enters a blogger account and automatically receives links to similar influencers – by topic, subscriber, and so on. This makes it very easy to interact with the people you need.

Анализ страницы хорошего блогера, который не накручивает подписчиков5

Conclusions and bonuses

Another useful graph you can find from trendHERO is the distribution of posts and the percentage of likes from subscribers. It is important that the blogger has his own loyal audience. Its normal rate is from 80 to 90% of likes from subscribers without promotions, contests and targets.

Анализ страницы хорошего блогера, который не накручивает подписчиков6Анализ страницы хорошего блогера, который не накручивает подписчиков7

Study also the comments of readers and blogger. If a blogger communicates with his followers, this is also a very good sign.

You can also check who the blogger has already advertised.

Анализ страницы хорошего блогера, который не накручивает подписчиков8

Remember, if you are driving traffic from a blogger, you should always prepare a landing page for the user and recommendations for the blogger. A subscriber, coming from advertising, should not fall into your usual routine. For example, if a store advertises “Black Friday” and a blogger also advertises it, then, accordingly, a person comes to the store on “Black Friday” and buys something.

Check bloggers, enable tracking for the most interesting influencers, follow the development of their pages, and also analyze how your posts, ads, and so on, affect readers. This will help you work effectively with people and accurately measure the results of your ads.

Анализ страницы хорошего блогера, который не накручивает подписчиков9
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