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A little about the profession itself – what is SMM and what is its secret?

If you have accounts on social networks, where you periodically (and maybe stably) post pictures with texts and (or) shoot stories – you are not an SMM manager. Hashtags and geotags don’t make you a specialist either. SMM without water and cats is a trinity:

  1. Content strategy.

  2. Promotion.

  3. Moderation.

Now let’s talk about everything in order.

Content strategy in SMM

This is a long-term vision of how the account will develop. It includes visual, textual, interactive components. It is the content strategy that forms the meanings that the account should broadcast. This is where the ability to write, see and create style comes in handy. And I’m not just talking about the text. I’m talking about the mood of the account.

Strategy is implemented by tactical actions. A monthly content plan is a tool that a smsmaker uses to bring his big idea to life. At the end of the month, analyze the following indicators for each post: engagement, reach and impressions, retention. By looking at them, you will understand what is “gone” and what is not very good. And you can adjust the content for the next period, taking into account the wishes of the audience. In literally one month, you can completely package your profile and prepare it for advertising with the help of cool, creative content.

A profile prepared for advertising is an informative, bright cover, accurate information about you, contacts, links. And also a few posts that give an idea of ​​who you are, what you offer, why you need to subscribe to this page, in what tone you communicate with subscribers, how quickly you respond, whether healthy humor is alien to you, how interesting the content is. It would be nice to have reviews.

In practice, a content strategy is a document with a detailed analysis of current account errors, with ways of solving them, vision, numbers and formulas.

And this is how a content plan might look like:

* In the course of work, each specialist chooses a convenient way of content planning. Mobile applications often come to the rescue – they are convenient for building visuals. And the text can be written in notes or a separate document.


If you are not engaged in the promotion and promotion of your account, but only create text or pictures, you are not an SMM specialist. You are a content manager or visual assistant. Yes, such specialties also have a place to be in the modern world. And if you are only engaged in promoting a business on the Internet, you are a targetologist or contextologist. But we are about the trinity, remember?

A good SMS man does great mutual PR, does not approve of “gray” methods of promotion (all kinds of masslooking, likes), knows how to communicate with bloggers and negotiate advertising on the most favorable terms. And, of course, she understands the difference between targeted advertising and the “Promote” button under a post.

And if suddenly he does not know how to do something himself, he knows who to turn to 🙂

Well, let’s not forget that a great SMM manager is a full-cycle specialist. He takes responsibility for each stage of work, assesses the risks sensibly and understands what budget is needed and for what. A kind of many-armed Shiva.


We simulate the situation: you packed your account, highlighted the USP, made a cool visit with the blogger, also launched the target – and you were showered with questions / orders in Direct and comments.

By the way, here’s an important point. At the stage of negotiations with the employer, find out if you should respond to messages in the DM. Or is it the area of ​​responsibility of the sales department / business owner. Because SMM is not about sales !!! This is about packaging, about the formation of an image, recognition, about increasing loyalty and trust in the brand (expert). Sales are handled by a sales manager or marketer.

Let’s go back to the comments. Don’t expect total praise. In any niche, there are those who will write something nasty, unpleasant, provocative. This is exactly the kind of response that requires quick attention and reaction. It is up to you to work with the negative or remove it, but you definitely need to DO SOMETHING WITH IT. Because it can lead to a chain of ambiguous events.

Qualities of an SMM specialist

Let’s remember that any work is done by people who only then become professionals, experts and gurus in their field. Soft skills in this area are very important, and here are the main ones:

  1. Always keep abreast of events – updates and updates come out almost every day. And if you’re missing something somewhere, it’s not ok. We also remember about such a concept as trends and situational marketing, which require a presence “here and now.”

  2. Multitasking (especially when managing multiple accounts). It is important to prioritize and be able to optimize work processes.

  3. The ability to hear the customer and the ability to convey to him your point of view.

  4. And, no matter how trite it sounds, readiness for stressful situations. And they can arise all the time: the audience does not like the content, there is no interactive interaction, the blogger made the wrong feed, or the budget “merged into a minus.” It all depends on individual perception, but you get the meaning, I hope.

  5. Critical thinking in the arsenal clearly doesn’t hurt.

Main tasks, or what should a SMM specialist be able to do?

Do you still remember about the triad “content – promotion – moderation”? This is where the answer about the professional responsibilities of the CMM manager lies:

  1. Development and implementation of a brand promotion strategy in social networks (profile analysis, analysis and study of competitors / target audience, formation of a unique selling proposition, etc.).

  2. Full visual packaging of the profile (sometimes this option can be passed to the designer, but the SMM-manager draws up the technical assignment based on the strategy).

  3. Prepare content plans for feeds and stories.

  4. Development of advertising layouts for the target.

  5. Search and communication with bloggers (influencers) for advertising and mutual PR.

  6. Setting up, launching and further analytics of advertising campaigns.

It would seem that there are only 6 points, but there is enough work here. And it should be done efficiently. Fortunately, there are many applications that make your work easier. Don’t be afraid to automate some of the processes. The freed up time is better spent on training.

Where to study?

There are a lot of courses on the market. The average training period is 4-8 weeks, the price is from 5,000 to 15,000 UAH. When choosing a course, pay attention to:

  • its content (number and content of classes);

  • lecturers (it is best if they are also practicing specialists);

  • the presence of practical lessons, because the theory, not supported by practice … you understand.

Personally, I like to receive knowledge from different sources and in different formats. I bought author’s online courses both from top bloggers and at various educational sites, attended conferences / lectures / seminars, intensives like SMM Day from WebPromoExperts and took personal consultations from practitioners.

The course “SMM: Promotion of Projects in Social Networks” was created for those who promote their brand in social networks. You will learn how to schedule publications, launch advertising campaigns, analyze performance and conversion rates.

And be prepared for the fact that you will have to study not only marketing, but also related courses: shooting and processing photos and videos on your phone, working with various editors, design basics, copywriting and features of working with text for social networks, targeting. And the list goes on.

And for those who like a non-standard approach to learning, catch a life hack: we study all the information available on the network, and then we go with a list of questions for a personal consultation with a real and practicing SMS. And if someone entrusts their account in your diligent novice hands, it’s a fortune.

List of useful resources

  1. Chotam is a convenient resource for moderating comments on Instagram, Facebook, VK. All notifications come to any convenient messenger or email. It’s hard to miss a comment with this resource.

  2. SMMPlanner – doesn’t really need a presentation, but the program allows deferred posting. But with the advent of the official software Creator Studio from FB, it has slightly lost its popularity.

  3. Pepper Ninja is an excellent parser for analyzing and collecting data about the target audience. A cloud service that works with all social networks, making it the most versatile soldier in the war for Central Asia.

  4. Popsters – very convenient at the stage of compiling a content strategy, since it completely tells everything about your audience, monitors competitors and generates statistical reports on your page.

  5. Tooligram – in case you do decide to start mass following. Only respect the limits, please.

  6. Inshot, Snapseed, LightRoom, FaceTune – mobile applications for photo and video editing. Enough for beginners.

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