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50 types of content that a real SMM specialist should post at least once in his life

PublBox has brought together different types of content that can be used to increase engagement and organic reach. The admins of the pages are undeservedly forgotten about many options, although such posts, as practice shows, are in demand by subscribers.

Memes and cats alone, mixed with advertising posts, will not go far. Content should be engaging and varied. Both in form and in content.

We have good news for you: there are at least 50 types of content that you can post on your page. You probably haven’t used any kind of content yet. It’s time to schedule them using PublBox. Moreover, if necessary, PublBox will help to create a content strategy with a publication calendar, where cognitive, entertaining, user-generated and interactive content, together with promotions, will organically complement each other.

We deliberately do not give examples in this article so as not to limit your imagination.

Promotional content

You can and should write about yourself. The main condition is that it be interesting, varied and written in a living language. We beg you: no paperwork in social networks. When creating such content, pay less attention to what you personally like, and more often think about the question: “How will the information offered be useful or interesting to my reader?”

1. Product Overview

2. Compare Products

3. Product test

4. Examples of product use

5. “Behind the scenes”

6. Company news

7. Company faces

8. Company history

9. Company facts

10. Cases

11. Events announcements

12. Events reports

13. Posters

14. Screencasts

15. Special promotions for subscribers

16. Product Selections

17. Company / Product Trailer

Promo content on your page should be dosed and the correct tone-of-voice should be selected very carefully. Here are some numbers to ponder: 70% of people want to learn about products and services through content rather than traditional advertising. At the same time, survey data show that 92% of online ads go unnoticed, 64% of users claim that ads look intrusive and annoying. Accordingly, it is now especially important to approach the preparation of commercial publications with great care.

The advertising message should be integrated into the post very competently – no red exclamation marks in each new sentence, no news from which the cry “Buy!” comes out.

The feed scrolls, and the gaze stops not on the longreads, but on the visual component of the post. If the picture is interesting, the post will be read.

Use different visuals:

  • evoking emotion;
  • depicting what the audience might want;
  • bright, beautifully designed pictures with a minimum amount of text;
  • thematic gifs.

Educational content

Cognitive content does not directly sell, but if done with heart, it adds, in addition to likes under the post, plus signs to you in the “expert” scale and “I trust these guys.

18. Collections

19. Reviews

20. Infographics

21. Master classes

22. Life hacks

23. “Need to know”

24. Industry News

25. Trend reports

26. Graphic recommendations

27. Checklists

28. Analytical reviews

29. “Do it yourself”

30. Longreads

31. Interview

32. Statistics

Let’s reveal a little secret. If you are writing an article, try to structure it so that you get a list of tips, life hacks, ideas. The “Top 5 Amazing Things You Can Do With” will be far more popular than “The World’s Best.”

By the way, the magic number for lists is 10. This is not surprising. Lists with 10 items are shared 4 times more often on average, compared to the second number in this ranking – 23. Numbers 16 and 24 are also popular. However, our experience suggests that numbers 5, 7 and 9 also work 🙂

Entertainment content

An entertaining type of content is needed so that the audience does not get bored. He brings a certain warmth to communication, gives it some informality. So we recommend using the entertainment component from time to time, but the main thing is not to overdo it.

33. Humor

34. Lifestyle content

35. Congratulations

36. Games / puzzles

37. Viral video

38. Motivators

39. Memes / demotivators

40. Stories

Try to connect popular memes with your brand’s theme and it will go off with a bang. But do not forget that it is important to keep track of the relevance of the content, because there is nothing sadder in the world than posts with Zhdun at the beginning of 2019.

User Content

It is desirable that your page has at least 5% user-generated content. The same one that is also called UGC – User Generated Content. It is proof of your successful interactions with customers that you really care about their opinion.

41. Reviews

42. User Reviews

43. “Bragging” customers

44. Customer questions and answers

According to a study by and Geometry Global, 90% of users make purchase decisions based on content from social media. 55% of consumers rely on the opinions of other people (family and friends, influencers, stars) when making a purchase decision. Therefore, in 2019, user-generated content is a must!

Interactive Content

Interactive content engages users and “forces” them to interact with your posts. This is the “magic pill” that allows you to emerge victorious in the battle with social media algorithms, sharpened to reduce organic reach for business pages. Yes, if you want to get reach beyond just paying for ads, you just need to create content that will comment, like, or react in some other way!

45. Live broadcasts

46. Contests

47. Consulting promotions

48. Polls

49. Crowdsourced Posts

50. Quizzes / giveaways

Proven by practice

Based on the available analytical data and monitoring of social networks, the PublBox content team, which has prepared more than 4000 ideas for ready-made posts and engaging content that users of the service can use, has compiled its rating of the most popular graphic content formats:

1. Motivational Posts / Quotes

2. Life hacks, tips, infographics

3. Discussions

4. Humor

5. Activations

Let’s Talk About Money

Well, a little about money. How can you do without it?

Budgeting depends on the segment, target audience and financial capabilities, so each has a unique budget, taking into account individual characteristics. However, there are a few basic principles to keep in mind when planning your social media work.

If the entire budget is taken as 100%, then 60% should be directed to creating content and maintaining pages in social networks (this includes preparing a content plan, copywriting, design, posting and working with comments). Send 30% of budget funds to promotion and promotion (advertising on social networks, contests, promo posts of opinion leaders, etc.). Another 5% – for research and analytics, as well as for training and development.

Separately, we advise you to allocate several tens of dollars for the purchase of PublBox, which will help you with a content plan, and with post ideas, and with cross-posting to different networks, and even with analytics. However, we do not insist 🙂

Good luck! More creative and engaging posts that will collect thousands of likes, shares and comments!

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