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5 tips for creating creative and effective ads on Instagram Stories

Instagram has become one of the most popular and effective social networks for doing business and the use of Stories has made a big contribution to this.

However, more than having a dissemination strategy, it is necessary to understand the behavior of the public in this scenario. Some features of Instagram Stories are quite peculiar and even good content may not have the desired impact if you are not aware of these particulars.

In this article, we’ve listed five tips for creating creative and effective ads in Instagram Stories that can increase audience retention and drive higher conversion for your posts.

1. Craft the message accurately

Studies carried out in the United States proved that more relevant content held more viewers’ attention. This observation may seem obvious, but many people post “just to meet goals”, thinking about quantity.

More than ever, the quality of Stories must always take precedence over quantity. Create content that is easy to understand and uses language that matches the brand.

2. Think mobile first

There are many users who still adapt content from other platforms to post on Stories. This is not the best way, as it has been proven that the content that brings the most results is the one that was specifically designed for this platform and format for mobile phones.

This includes considering how people consume this type of content. The main message needs to be revealed faster, before users jump to the next Stories. Also, you have to be objective: very long scenes discourage people from going all the way.

3. Short scenes: don’t abuse your audience

Think for a moment about the way you use Instagram Stories. When you’re faced with a scene that takes a long time to unfold or doesn’t seem interesting to you, do you watch it through to the end or skip to the next one? Most users go to the second option.

This means that, reinforcing what we said earlier, shorter scenes work better than very long ones. You’ve already done a great job if you managed to attract your audience’s audience, don’t abuse their goodwill and deliver what they expect to consume right away.

4. Show your product in use

A study carried out by MetrixLab, in the United States, pointed out that Stories that had a product in use had better results compared to those that did not. In other words: the public wants to see the product, and even better if it is in use.

You don’t need to focus only on this situation, after all one of Stories’ characteristics is creativity. However, if in the middle of a post it is possible to show the content in this way, choose without thinking twice.

5. Use stickers, but in moderation

Using platform language is the best way to attract viewers. When talking about Instagram Stories, stickers are an important part of communication in this format and, when possible, should be present. However, use them sparingly.

All information indicated on the screen must communicate something. When what the sticker is communicating doesn’t add anything relevant to the message, chances are it just works as a distraction. In summary: use them, but consider the reason for choosing each one of them.

These are just some of the strategies that, combined with great content production, are more likely to deliver good results for your profile. Nerdweb’s team of digital marketing experts is ready to prepare your media plan and put your company in the spotlight on social media. Contact us and see how we can make a difference.

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