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5 facts why Tik Tok is gaining such wild popularity

Turn on the application, choose music and hang out)

Today, only the lazy haven’t heard of Tik Tok.

We love numbers, so let’s show you some statistics first:

* January 2020 – TikTok has been installed 105 million times! 46% more than in January 2019.

Facebook is in 2nd place.

And on the 3rd – Instagram.

* Sensor Tower data.

We analyzed the platform and collected in this article the assumptions why this social network is gaining popularity so quickly.

Fact # 1: Is Tik Tok a Generation Z social network?

Those who half a year ago believed that “only youngsters” were sitting in Tik Tok, today they can observe an audience of completely different ages. By the way, they said so about Instagram at one time)

Accounts of stars, Instagram bloggers, brand pages appeared on the social network.

Generation Z – young people who were born after 2000.

By the way, they are already 20 or more years old. This is the first generation to be born in the digital world.

Visuals. They have a high speed of information perception. Reading is not their format. Most people prefer video.

Fact # 2: Video is the king of content. Nativeness is his right hand

Are you sick of licked photoshopped Instagram pictures too?

I want the truth, naturalness, real life. Yes?

TikTok has only one video format – live.

The duration of the video is no more than 1 minute.

This is relevant now. A lot of content – little time.

People want to get the most information in the least amount of time.

Fact # 3: Vertical format

Does everyone know that 80% of the audience is watching social networks from mobile?

This means that the vertical is in trend.

Fact # 4: Content Overload

The competition, the amount of advertising and its cost on Instagram is off the charts.

There is no official advertisement for a mere mortal on Tik Tok in Ukraine yet. But this is for now. Accounts are promoted by placing advertisements on bloggers, mutual PR. In addition, the “dark forces” of cheating likes, subscribers and there are, For example:

  • All-SMM






Fact # 5: AR + VR

The trend of 2020 is virtual reality. We have a separate article on trends. Go read it.

Tik Tok has provided many different features for video shooting: masks, filters, effects, ready-made themes, music, sounds, etc.

And what does all this mean?

Remember Instagram 2012-15. Those who entered this social network at the dawn of its appearance were able to get into the leaders earlier, cheaper and faster.

Someone thinks Tik Tok is sheer nonsense, but someone has already taken his position and makes money on it.

So draw your own conclusions)


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