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10 reasons to use Instagram for Business

With more than 1 billion users in 2018 and 15 million commercial accounts, Instagram is becoming an indispensable platform for digital communication for companies of all sizes.

To prove that Instagram is worth investing in for business, the Nerdweb team has collected 10 impressive data on how the social network has become the darling of Brazilians. Check it out!

1. Instagram has more engagement than other social networks 

By prioritizing the most popular recent content and the accounts that the user interacted with the most, the Instagram feed involves more than that of other networks, according to data from the Social Bakers tool. This way, if your follower already interacts frequently with your brand, they will continue to view the posts, which makes it a good organic interaction tool.

On Facebook, on the other hand, posts from friends and family are prioritized over page posts — now, to prioritize posts from brands, the user needs to choose and follow the page to see them with priority.

2. Instagram shows all posts, yes!

Contrary to recent myths that the platform only delivers content to 7% of followers, Instagram does show all posts to users. What happens is that some posts are favored according to the algorithm, but if you keep swiping, you’ll find all posts from the last days of the accounts you follow.

So if the issue is low interaction on your brand profile, it may be time to review your Instagram content strategy.

3. Instagram is visual. Our brain too!

The human brain is capable of processing visual information 60,000 times faster than in text format. That’s why Instagram holds our attention so much with its videos and images.

Hint: avoid using long texts in the images, in addition to having less visual impact, the platform reduces the quality at the time of upload, which ends up interfering with the readability of text blocks. Not to mention that the algorithm prioritizes photos over pieces with text.

4. Brazil has the 2nd largest Instagram user base in the world

According to data from Instagram itself, in an article published by Folha de S. Paulo, there are more than 50 million people using Instagram in Brazil, which is second only to the US. Also according to the news, 27% of the Brazilian population is on the social network, of which 59% are women.

The behavior of the Brazilian instagrammer is peculiar: we are considered early adopters of the features provided by the application, as is the case with Stories. The news has greater adherence here in Brazil, which motivates brands to explore new formats and use creativity to attract the attention of their consumers.

5. Time spent on Instagram has increased

In a 2017 report for Bloomberg USA, Marne Levine, Instagram’s chief operating officer, brought data showing that users under 25 spend more than half an hour a day connected to the app. With more interest-targeted content and the launch of IGTV in 2018, the numbers are likely to grow even more.

6. Stories are here to stay

Released in July 2016, Story is an ephemeral and simple format with content that vanishes in 24 hours – an idea clearly inspired by competitor Snapchat and which quickly became popular that year. Today, there are more than 400 million daily users of the tool, according to data from Instagram Business.

Stories have been used more than posts precisely for their brevity and the games they make available, such as GIFs, polls, tags and filters. And for brands, Instagram Stories can be a great tool to generate interaction and explore all creativity!

Tip: On Instagram, only Stories can generate traffic to a website or online store organically. To get this option free of charge, all you need to do is reach a minimum of 10,000 followers.

7. Algorithm optimized according to interests

Although many uncertainties hover when it comes to the functioning of the Instagram algorithm, the fact is that the first internal public statement by the product manager of the platform came only in June this year, confirming that the interests of the user, time of publication and interaction with other profiles are the main factors that determine what you’ll see on your Instagram first, generating a more assertive and relevant post feed.

8. Product tagging

In March 2018, another key feature for brands was launched, with the ability to enter prices into posts’ products. Here at Nerdweb, we explained how to register your virtual store on Instagram Shopping.

This way, you can integrate the products registered in your Fanpage Store and take them to your e-commerce.

9. Organic boost

2018 was really a year of news for Instagram — after many requests, the boost of posts in the tool was changed. Before July of this year, posts sponsored on the platform only appeared in “dark post” format, that is, outside the brands’ feed.

With the recent addition, it is now possible to boost regular posts, without having to duplicate them in the Ads Manager. For now, only posts with single images work: videos and carousels still need to be republished before putting in the budget.

Also, scheduled posts cannot yet consolidate likes and comments in the same post, which leads to a dark post. However, it should be a matter of time before Facebook changes this mechanic.

10. Segmentation to the maximum

The way the content is organized also favors the discovery of new posts on Instagram. Using the Explore tab, indicated by the magnifying glass icon next to the main feed, posts recommended to the user are presented and separated according to individual interests.

Fashion, sports, decor are topics that can pop up and hold even more consumer attention – that’s why it’s interesting to use hashtags and define content in well-targeted editorials to find your niche.


How about finding out more about Instagram’s possibilities for your business? Come chat here at Nerdweb and increase your brand’s potential on social media. 😉

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