YouTube Shorts: vertical short videos for YouTube

YouTube Shorts are vertical short videos that can be created directly in the YouTube mobile app and are a clear reaction to the success of TikTok and the copy of Instagram Reels . After YouTube Shorts were first tested in selected countries, YouTube Shorts are now also available in Germany and worldwide.

YouTube is and will remain the leading platform for moving images. The steadily growing mobile use and the competition that arose from Stories and TikTok is now also getting YouTube in motion.

As with TikTok, or Instagram Reels, YouTube shorts are also about new creative ones Possibilities for the creation of vertical short videos. But it is also about the consumption of these videos and securing the length of stay, but also the activity of YouTube Creatorn.


The first information about YouTube Shorts was published some time ago. YouTube has now officially presented the new format and confirmed the global rollout on July 14th.

YouTube shorts will be holistically integrated into YouTube


Short videos are nothing new on YouTube. Vertical videos have also been around on YouTube for a long time. The difference to a “normal” YouTube upload and shorts are the integrated features. In addition, the vertical videos are linked to YouTube channels and YouTube Music.

If you look at it exactly, YouTube was the first social network on which a curve video was published. It was even the first video on YouTube that was a short video at 18 seconds.

Still, shorts are an extension of YouTube, rather than the core, as is the case with TikTok. So it has to be integrated into the existing YouTube and the mobile app. This is how shorts are integrated into the start page. If you open a short video, a vertical video feed opens, as we know it from Reels on Instagram.

There will also be a new tab in the mobile app, via which the YouTube Shorts feed can be accessed can be.

It is interesting how YouTube links the format with existing content. For example, if users go to a song that is used in shorts, not only can the song be selected for their own short video, there are other links to, for example, the official music video and the artist’s channel.

This shows the strengths and advantages of YouTube, which neither Instagram nor TikTok can implement in this form. In the future, it is conceivable that YouTube Shorts will be more closely linked to existing videos and channels.

The links work in both directions. This means that shorts can also be created directly from music videos published on YouTube. But this also works with other YouTube content. You can create shorts for recipe videos or short videos for DIY tutorials. You could say what the challenges and trending hashtags are on TikTok, the existing content and YouTube trends for shorts.

This integration and connections between existing content and the new format Shorts, could boost usage and it there are other options for consuming and creating shorts.

6.5 billion views for YouTube shorts daily

YouTube has 1.9 billion users and a lot Power when it comes to establishing formats. YouTube shorts videos are already expected to receive 6.5 billion views a day.

YouTube shorts: functions and structure of the vertical video format

The maximum length of YouTube shorts is 60 seconds.

The core of YouTube Shorts is the so-called create mode. The camera function is activated via the Create a Short button and shorts can be created.

Multi-segment camera

With the multi-segment camera feature, several short clips can be combined . A core of TikTok and also of shorts. This function will mean that the videos created will look very similar to TikToks or Reels in principle.

Store music

Music and popular songs are a secret of TikTok’s success. Thanks to YouTube Music, there is also a large selection of songs for shorts, which is regularly updated and expanded.

Different speeds

Also known from TikTok, the combination of different video speeds is specific To achieve effects.

Insert text stickers

Text can be added to certain scenes of a video

Insert audio and video snippets

Both audio samples and short video snippets can be added in the editor by

Automatic subtitles

YouTube has a lot of experience with automatically generated subtitles. This experience is also used for shorts and automatic subtitles are available

Timer and countdown

Timer and countdown are used to create the short videos in hands-free mode. This feature is not a new development either, but a function that has been around for a long time on Instagram Stories or Snapchat. (of course also with TikTok).

Use filters and effects

The new format will also offer different filters. According to YouTube, the selection will be expanded and we will probably see AR effects on YouTube very soon.

Insert your own smartphone clips

Integration of clips from the smartphone gallery

YouTube shorts and the power of YouTube search

As you can see, shorts, like Instagram reels, are a copy of TikTok and have many functions were taken over

YouTube is not only used by over 2 billion people every month, the uploaded videos are also an elementary part of Google and of course YouTube search. This is exactly one of YouTube’s strengths, which no other social network covers in this form.

Furthermore, a prominent integration of the short videos in Google search results and also Google News is conceivable. With that, YouTube would have an ace up its sleeve that has already led to the success of features and formats in many other areas.

But this only works if creators create short videos and in sufficient quantity and in good quality . Because YouTube and Google are also known for testing functions and, if they don’t work, they quietly disappear again.

The power of search is definitely an advantage over TikTok and Instagram.

YouTube Shorts started in India (certainly no coincidence) and were a great success there. The global rollout should now finally establish the format on YouTube. How it is accepted by the users is a different matter. The close connection with other content opens up new opportunities and could make shorts a success. Maybe even faster than it will be the case with Instagram Reels.

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