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Where to order SMM promotion?

Let’s start with what can be included in SMM services:

  1. Strategy and positioning development
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Design and decoration
  4. Reputation Management
  5. Working with opinion leaders, bloggers
  6. Targeted advertising – online advertising on social networks. Customizable for the target audience.

Why SMM business?

The main reason why any company should spend its budget on SMM is the low cost compared to other promotion methods. Also, with the right strategy, you can create your own community, which will constantly generate sales for you.

Where to order SMM?

Let’s look at 4 options:

Which option to choose is up to you. Depends on goals, duration of cooperation and budget. I’ll tell you about the pros and cons of each option.

Закажи SMM
Order SMM from us!

1. Cooperation with freelancers


  • The cheapest option of all
  • Love silly 3am questions


  • Unreliable and not required
  • Difficult to control
  • Only perform simple tasks (complex tasks require a professional team)
  • Don’t always follow the latest trends. Have learned to a minimum and do not waste time on further training
  • We need additional costs for third-party specialists, whose competencies a freelancer cannot take on (for example, a designer, animator, movie maker, photographer, targetologist, marketer, analyst). The better the service you need, the more people you need to allocate for your task
  • Work with small volumes

2. Own salaried employee


  • You can load it however you want during working hours (except SMM, it will help unload the car, clean the office, etc.)
  • Ability to personally control and communicate 8 hours a day
  • May be asked to stay after work


  • A good specialist is hard to find
  • Need to train
  • Need to control
  • Need to motivate
  • You need to formalize and pay salaries
  • Additional costs are needed for third-party specialists whose competencies the employee cannot take on (for example, designer, animator, photographer, marketer, targetologist, analyst)
  • Interesting projects and tasks are needed to keep the employee from getting bored

3. Small and Medium Agencies


  • All the latest trends are on the topic
  • Extensive experience and ongoing training
  • A lot of time is devoted to each client (there is no heavy load, as in large companies)
  • Small team, no staff turnover – everyone works harmoniously and at an energetic pace
  • Warranty – Conclusion of a contract. Minimal risks.
  • Cashless payments
  • Speed ​​and quality of work.


  • Calling at 12 am and asking for a “small” question won’t work – all employees have limited working hours
  • You do not know the performers personally – all communication takes place through the project manager

4. Large digital agencies


  • A team of hundreds of employees – any complexity and scale will be done without a doubt
  • Extensive experience and ongoing training
  • Working with big budgets
  • Minimal risks
  • Conclusion of a contract, work by bank transfer
  • Speed ​​of work


  • High price
  • Due to the large number of clients, there is a risk of not having enough time for a deep dive into your project

I hope this article will help you decide which style of work suits you best.

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