Where to find and how to enable Instagram masks

Instagram masks are visual effects that are automatically applied to a person’s face when the camera is hovering. They are used for photos and videos in Instagram Stories. Sometimes for live broadcasts.

The initial set of masks from the Instagram itself is not very large and quickly gets boring. Therefore, many stars and bloggers began to create their own masks. But you won’t see them if you don’t add them.

If you have never used masks on Instagram and do not know how to enable them – now we will tell you. If you are already an avid user of masks and are looking for something new, go to the next item. Here we will tell you how to add cool masks from celebrities and bloggers.

How to enable mask in Instagram stories

Open the camera for stories: click on the camera icon in the upper left corner on the main page or swipe to the right (also from the main page).

To the right of the white button we see the emoticon icon – press. We’ve included masks! At the bottom there will be a line of icons of different masks. Scroll it left and right and choose the mask that you like the most.

Would you like to enable live stream mask? Easily. After switching to the story camera, select “Live” and click on the smiley icon. Select the mask and start the live stream.

P.S. Some of the masks are animated. So do not hesitate to grimace: turn your head, open your mouth. Of course you shouldn’t do it in a crowded place 🙂

How to find and add new masks to Instagram

Custom masks are created by users: celebrities and bloggers. For example, we saw a cool mask in someone’s story – how to add it to yourself?

2 options:
Follow the link (at the top, next to the name of the user who posted the story with the mask, the name of the author will be mentioned) to the page to the creator of the mask.
If the link is not clickable: enter the name of the creator in the search. Go to his account.

The next step is the same for everyone: you need to subscribe to the account of the mask creator. Unsubscribed – the mask will not be added.
By the way, you can see that the user creates his own masks – he will have a separate tab in his profile with all the masks. Liked the mask – subscribe to the creator’s account and it will appear with you! All masks made by the user will also appear.

Adding masks on instagram through the mask directory

In August 2019, a separate catalog appeared with all the masks, divided into categories.

How to find the mask directory:

  • Go to the story camera.
  • Go to the section with our masks.
  • Press 2 times on any mask and click on “preview effects”.

The effects gallery will open. Different thematic sections are displayed at the top of the page.

To add a mask: select the one you like and click on the “save to camera” icon at the bottom right.

Masks do not appear on Instagram. What to do?

  • Some masks are available only to Iphone owners. So if you have Android, this might be the problem.
  • There is not enough memory on the phone. Try to delete files, applications and add the mask again.
  • You have not subscribed to the mask creator. Not signed – masks will not appear.
  • Log into your account from another device.
  • Change your country in your account settings.
  • Use a VPN.

If you want to make masks yourself, I recommend our article: How to make a mask on Instagram yourself

Masks for Instagram are a new trend in Instagram, which is difficult to ignore. Look for cool new masks and shoot many interesting stories!

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