WhatsApp Business is now available in Brazil

Last week, the WhatsApp Business application was released in the United States, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Italy and Mexico and yesterday, Thursday (25), it finally arrived in Brazil in its Android version. The WhatsApp Business application is free and promises to make life and communication easier for micro and small businesses.

In a statement, the WhatsApp team announced that “over 80% of small businesses in India and Brazil say that WhatsApp helps them communicate with customers.” So, according to the product team, they just they added business to pleasure!

How to download WhatsApp Business?

For now, WhatsApp Business can only be downloaded from Google Play for Android devices:

What does WhatsApp Business do differently?

When you first encounter the app, you’ll see that the interface is very similar and even wonder if anything has actually changed (apart from the fact that you can separate the personal app from the company). Check out the main features so far:

  • The app creates a business account on your device (separate from your personal WhatsApp);
  • It is possible to create a profile with your company data, including:
    • Name (not changeable)
    • Site
    • Physical address
    • Business Description
    • Industry
    • Contact Phone
    • Service hours
  • It is possible to register a landline phone instead of a cell phone (as long as it validates after calling WhatsApp);
  • It is possible to register automatic messages (welcome, frequently asked questions, temporary unavailability notice, among others);
  • You can access statistics of interactions with consumers;
  • You can also use it in your web version if you wish:

A new range of possibilities

This new version of the app has several new features. The main one is that you can highlight the account as a business profile, making the WhatsApp conversation much more professional. It is also possible to enter data about the opening hours, address and description of the business.

You can also tag incoming messages with tags and flag them as “New order” “Delivered” and “Done”. Very useful, isn’t it? In addition, you can create default messages, set up quick messages, handle complaints automatically and even answer your customers’ questions.

There is even a basic statistics section where you can see how many messages have been sent, received and read. This allows you to gather statistics and check if your communication strategies are working. WhatsApp has promised that it will soon release even more functions for Business, but these new possibilities within the app will be paid for.

Are you planning on adopting this new app for your business? Do you think it can be a good solution for many problems? A great tip is to create a button on your website’s Home with contact via WhatsApp, making life easier for your customers. Tell us what you think about the new possibilities of this tool! Read more about WhatsApp on our blog:

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