What to do if Instagram profile is “killed” by givami

Even if you haven’t used givs in your profile development, these methods will help to increase your reach, activity and engagement in your profile.

What happens when you participate in a give?

Within a short period of time, a large number of people are added to your profile voluntarily, but under duress.

Instagram algorithms happily tune in to introduce new audiences to you and start showing your posts to those new subscribers in the first place. And what do they do? In most cases, they are NOT INTERESTED in you or your content.

If you can make it interesting – you can also carefully use givas to build your audience.

So, back to “not interesting”. The content is not interesting, subscribers do not like, do not comment, reach does not grow or even fall.

And then generally most of this new audience starts to unsubscribe from you!

At the same time, those same, your loyal ones, who have liked and commented on you before – they simply do not see your posts in the feed … unless they are so loyal that they follow you and go to your profile in anticipation of your new posts .

Two or three of these giveaways and everything becomes very depressing. And your profile starts to live only by participating in new givs, in like chats, buying comments and likes. But it doesn’t bring sales, because mannequins don’t buy.

What to do if the activity in the profile has dropped after the give

Once in such a situation, it sometimes seems that it is easier to drop everything and start from scratch. And sometimes it really is. However, if you have at least a part of a live loyal audience and you know for sure about this, then you can compete for your own profile.

    • First, stop participating in gives and stop buying likes, comments, views and the like. Exit like chats.

      Better right away, but you can gradually. It will “hurt” morally, since “coverage” and “activities” will collapse even lower at some point, but this is necessary to “cleanse”.

  • Then slowly and carefully, respecting the limits and balance of subscriptions-unsubscriptions, remove non-target subscribers. Remove no more subscribers per day than new ones have subscribed to you. Do not rely on super-services, it is better to go through the list of subscribers with pens and see if a person is alive, active or looks like a bot and massfol.
  • Allocate time (20-40 minutes) daily to communicate with your subscribers in their profiles – leaves meaningful comments, likes to posts, reactions to stories. Not automatically, but preferably thoughtfully.
  • Write a content plan based on the blog topic and your goals. Do not forget in your posts to encourage the audience to talk to you in the comments. It is also good if your posts are useful and I will save them. In general, the more interactions from your target audience, the better. Although at first they may not be at all or may be much less than you want.
  • Do not forget to actively use stories. Not just a “talking head” format, but with activities – polls, questions, games. In posts, urge to see something in your stories. From Stories, send to read posts.
  • Actively attract new target audience. A post on what methods of attracting a new target interested audience can be found on my Instagram: @

You can read about Instagram promotion trends in 2020 right here on the blog

And when by activity you will see that the account began to come to life:

  • likes started to grow,
  • your comments are answered,
  • in stories react to questions

This is where you can start giving simple free or low-cost offers to better understand the demand and interest of your renewed audience in your products.

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