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What products to sell on Instagram: classic and trending products

The answer to the question of what products to sell on Instagram will be of interest not only to novice businessmen, but also to those who already have experience in sales in this social network. Trends are constantly changing, so you need to keep your finger on the pulse in order to adjust the assortment in time.

However, this does not mean that if you implement something unique, you will have to change direction. There is a fairly extensive list of products that do not lose their relevance. In our article, we will tell you what is always popular on Instagram, what is only gaining momentum, as well as what mistakes can kill sales at the root.

First steps to start selling on Instagram

When opening a store on Instagram, you first need to understand what this social network is. For ordinary users, this is a place where you can post photo content, share what is happening in your life with friends, get inspired, get ideas, etc. For influencers, this site has its own specifics.

Instagram is a social network tailored for visual content. When selling your product on this site, you need to bet on its images. They must be professional, high-quality, eye-catching, aesthetic. Often, the client will first see the photos and, based on this, make a decision about whether to go to the seller’s page, whether to study the range of his products and prices.

The design of the store’s profile is also of great importance. It should have a uniform stylistic and color algorithm that makes the page recognizable.

The next thing any businessman needs to know, aiming at selling on Instagram, is what the audience of the social network is. It is believed that people from 15 to 40 years old are sitting in it, and for the most part they are women. At the moment, it is quite difficult to describe the audience of the platform absolutely precisely, because its composition is constantly changing, and men also come to the network. Nevertheless, when opening a business, it makes sense to focus specifically on the beautiful half of humanity, this is a more advantageous position.

Первые шаги для запуска продаж в Инстаграм
First steps to start sales on Instagram

You also need to feel the main trends on Instagram, to which include the desire to be in trend (this applies to clothing, food, leisure, etc.), aesthetic presentation of content, interest in lifestyle.

The main thing on which Instagram is built is women – fashion – style – beauty – life – health. Therefore, business ideas should be drawn from these areas.

Products that always sell successfully on Instagram

Entering a new social network for themselves, entrepreneurs ask themselves what products to sell on Instagram. Let’s list their main categories that are always popular:

    1. Health Products

      This includes a variety of devices that have a positive effect on human health: massagers, special salt lamps, needle applicators for the back, pillows for comfortable sleep, etc. Healthy lifestyle has become a trend for a long time, so people are interested in everything that can somehow facilitate their struggle for a healthy body.

    2. Handmade goods

      Unique hand-made items are also very popular. However, you need to understand that the quality of products must be at a high level, even despite the lack of large-scale production capabilities. In this category, soft toys, document covers, notebooks, clothes, souvenirs, furniture, handmade soap, accessories, sweets, etc. are in demand.

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  1. Products with the prefix “eco”

    Today, products from this group can also be classified as trending, but this trend is quite long-lasting. and it is unlikely that it will be supplanted by something else in the coming years. Eco is not only about benefits, but also about fashion and style, so the movement has a huge number of followers who are ready to overpay for quality and naturalness.

    This category of products includes cosmetics that are not tested on animals, quality food, reusable tableware, products made from natural and recycled materials, etc.

  2. Goods for sports and outdoor activities

    Sports products are also popular with fans of the above product categories. In fact, these are all links in one chain – the desire to live a healthy and environmentally friendly life in every sense. This group of products includes clothing and footwear, exercise equipment, training equipment, bicycles, fitness bracelets, sports accessories, boats, trampolines, etc.

  3. Infoproducts

    Today, the sale of information products of various stripes is a real gold mine. Moreover, their topics are now so diverse that almost every specialist can find his own niche and create something that will be bought by interested parties.

    However, you need to understand that the sale of courses, marathons and checklists on an ongoing basis assumes that the product must have true value and a good information base, otherwise it will not be possible to move beyond the first stream – bad reviews will not allow this business to expand.

  4. Clothes, shoes

    People who want to emphasize their individuality are looking for non-standard solutions, unique and non-mass products of small brands on Instagram. It can be both classic things and something trendy. Of course, here you especially need to focus on women’s wardrobe, because the main audience of Instagram clothing and footwear stores is women.

    Одежда, обувь
    Clothes, shoes
  5. Fashion Accessories

    Bags and backpacks, hats and caps, shawls and scarves, belts – all this is in great demand by modern women of fashion who are looking for something unusual, bright, and up-to-date.

  6. Products for children

    Products for children are a huge assortment and the broadest field for running a successful business. This includes clothes and shoes, toys, mobiles for beds, educational rugs, strollers and car seats, accessories for children’s rooms and much, much more. It must be said that it is generally quite easy to attract young mothers with their goods, competently “packing” the idea and presenting it beautifully, because they strive to make the life of their child the most comfortable and are ready to do everything possible for this.

  7. Jewelry, bijouterie

    This category of products is always popular. Its huge plus is that jewelry does not need to be measured, the buyer cannot make a mistake with the size, so he has less reason to think about it compared to, for example, buying clothes and shoes over the Internet.

  8. Homeware

    Bed linen, candles, home fragrances, towels, decorative pillows and pillowcases for them, dishes, tablecloths, decor, storage containers, lamps and a huge assortment of goods. People today like to decorate their home, make it cozy and attractive.

  9. Cosmetics and perfumery

    Decorative and care cosmetics, hair styling products, manicure, depilation, devices and tools for nail care, perfume. Considering that most women use cosmetics, selling it is a good idea for an Instagram business.

An example of unusual products that can be sold on Instagram

What products to sell on Instagram if the above categories are not interesting for you? You can pay attention to niches that are not so full today, but no less popular. Perhaps studying them will lead you to some interesting idea for your own business.

  1. Soy candles

    Soy candles are a new trend that is popular with consumers. Their feature is naturalness. Candles are made from natural materials such as beeswax or soy wax. This compares favorably with traditional paraffin products, which cannot be classified as environmentally friendly products.

    Soy candles are safe and can be a great decoration. Well, selling such a product through Instagram is very convenient due to its aesthetic component, because stylizing images will not take much time and effort.

  2. Clothes and accessories for dogs

    Animals are like children to their owners, so products for them are also relatively easy to promote. Jackets, boots, harnesses, dishes, toys, delicacies – all this is very popular. Considering the fact that many now have small breed dogs that need warm clothing for walking in the cold season, the production and sale of beautiful and high quality dog ​​jumpsuits is a good business.

  3. Face Serums

    Serums have become an essential part of facial skin care over the past few years, which is why women are very interested in good working products of this type. Rely on quality cosmetics, sustainable formulations and attractive packaging designs. Do not forget about video reviews, useful tips for use, constantly focus on the advantages of your particular product, post reviews of satisfied customers.

    Сыворотки для лица
    Face Serums
  4. Board Games

    Board games are in demand among both children and adults, so the audience for products in this category is quite large. Moreover, it also includes men, which significantly expands business opportunities.

    If imagination allows, you can not only sell games from well-known manufacturers, but also develop your own. This will make your store unique.

Recommendations for successful sales on Instagram

For a business to be successful, you need to not only decide what products to sell on Instagram, but also adhere to a number of rules and follow certain recommendations in your work.

  • Pay close attention to product images, feed layout and overall page style.

  • Create an attractive visual identity. Users should like what they see, there should be an impulse, a need for this product.

  • Pay attention to detail.

  • Try to breathe life and emotion into your images, the presentation should be aesthetic.

  • Demonstrate a desire for a healthy lifestyle. If you are a manufacturer of your own product, you may want to rethink the formulation to be more sustainable. Instagram users will definitely love it.

  • Invest more money in sales, not marketing.

  • Create special offers timed to some events: New Year, March 8, February 23, Valentine’s Day, etc. These can be gift sets consisting of several different items of your product. They are invariably popular on the eve of the holidays and will draw additional attention to your store.

    In addition, the set allows the buyer to get acquainted with the assortment of products and become a regular customer of the store, if he likes the product. This applies not only to cosmetics or food. Such a marketing ploy is also suitable for those who offer their services, for example, designers, hairdressers, stylists.

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9 mistakes killing Instagram sales

  1. Lack of a clear strategy and goal

    Strategy is important in any business. You need to understand where and how you are moving. Then you can adequately assess the results and adjust your actions. It’s important to set realistic deadlines and deadlines, know which tools work effectively in a specific niche, and understand who your target audience is.

  2. Not knowing your target audience

    When an entrepreneur understands who his client is, he builds the entire business in such a way as to attract a specific category of people. It is impossible to be effective by being sprayed on everyone. On Instagram, this is especially important, as entrepreneurs often use targeted ads, which are a waste of money if set up incorrectly.

    How to increase your post reach:

  3. Invalid Tone of voice

    Competent promotion of your account is often associated with the choice of the correct manner of communication with subscribers. Different types of products have their own target audience, which is waiting for a certain Tone of voice.

  4. Lack of USP and understanding of their competitive advantages

    To sell effectively, you need to have a unique selling proposition and understand how you can compete with other entrepreneurs. Everything else builds on this base. Empty promises have not attracted anyone for a long time. It is important to visually show potential customers the benefits of your product.

  5. A large number of selling publications

    Any account, even an obviously commercial one, should contain content of a different nature. You cannot post only what contributes to increased sales, this is an overly aggressive approach to doing business that can turn against its owner. This especially repels new subscribers who are just starting to get to know the brand.

    Try to dilute the feed with some neutral content, such posts will relieve tension, people will not feel that they want to make money from them.

  6. Lack of reputation-enhancing posts and reviews

    Reviews are one of the engines of online commerce. Today users are not ready to shop from companies about which little is known. Try to post customer testimonials, encourage people to leave them by tagging your profile.

    In addition, it is very useful to show the inner life of the enterprise, the work of employees, the storytelling format is especially effective. Such publications are gaining more views, they are interesting to the audience. The reviews themselves should be fixed in highlights so that they are immediately visible to potential buyers.

  7. Lack of uniform stylistics of the account

    Visual content is the backbone of Instagram, so image quality should be the top priority for entrepreneurs. In addition, the uniqueness of the pictures is of great importance today. It is impossible to attract your client with photos from stocks. Create post images based on a pre-selected feed style.

    Визуальный контент
    Visual Content
  8. Boring content

    Boring accounts are not unsubscribed only if the product presented there is unique and has no competitors. However, this almost never occurs today, so you need to take care of the entertainment of your audience.

  9. Boost subscribers and bots

    The presence of such things in your development strategy will not lead to anything good in the end. This can lead to a shadow ban and even a complete blocking of the account. Users will not be able to find it by hashtags, the promotion will slow down significantly.

    Dissonance between follower counts and likes and comments will lead potential customers to think they are being misled. It also has a negative impact on reach.

Today, online sales have become an integral part of our lives. Many people prefer to shop exclusively online. Companies that have been offline for a long time are launching social media pages to expand their business opportunities.

Instagram is one of the main platforms for promoting your own product. Therefore, when you are thinking about which products to sell on Instagram, take a close look at what is already on the market, which niches are hopelessly occupied, and which ones are still quite free. The right choice of product can be the starting point for the development of a successful business project.

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