Правильное оформление постов

What is more important on Instagram: a picture or a text?

Those who are going to promote their account often ask the question: what is more important on Instagram – a picture or a text. Over the years of popularity of this social network, there has been a strong opinion that its users are indifferent to the text, and the key to success is high-quality visuals. Undoubtedly, photographs and, in general, the external component are extremely important, without them the account will be greatly lost. However, the text also has a very important function.

It would be ideal to strike a balance between photographs and text, but how do you do it? In our article we will tell you what the role of these two whales of a successful profile is, we will analyze the design rules on Instagram and find a way where text and pictures help each other.

Instagram Photo Tasks

Considering that Instagram is a social network based on the ability to share your photos, it is not very correct to assess the importance of the visual component in this case. Without photos, it will no longer be Instagram. However, the quality of the visual content is of great importance. If a profile on the network was created in order to promote a business project, it is simply impossible not to pay attention to its design and beautiful presentation of the material.

A good picture is what attracts users in the first place, this is the hook on which attention clings. And only then the person reads the information under the photo.

Moreover, not only the quality of the pictures themselves, which, of course, must be excellent, is of great importance, but also the general message that the author of the account communicates to his users through the visual of the page. Idea, thought, mood are important.

According to research, the human brain instantly (in 36 milliseconds) reads 80% of the idea embedded in a photograph. That is, the picture has a huge advantage over the text, it catches the eye, makes the mind work, after which there is a desire to read the signature.

Задачи фотографий в Инстаграм

However, it is worth noting that at the moment it is quite difficult to objectively assess the degree of influence of different types of content on a person, tools for this have not yet been invented.

We can definitely say that today there is a trend on the Internet for naturalness, honesty, and this applies to everything: personal photos and products sold. People are tired of staged photographs processed in graphic editors in such a way that the object ceases to look like itself. Many people want to see real people in a natural setting. At the same time, the “ideal” content cannot disappear completely, but it should be served carefully and dosed.

Let’s list the options for photos that are especially popular with the audience and give the effect of engagement :

  • internal “kitchen” of the business: employees at work or on break, production;

  • announcements of events, events preparing for the release of products;

  • life hacks of various topics;

  • creative photography.

Despite the importance of photo content, Instagram in Russia today is unthinkable without text information. It has become an integral part of almost any post if it is posted in a business account.

The role and importance of text for Instagram posts

Unlike other countries, where the focus is still made exclusively on photos, in Russia few people post exclusively visual content when it comes to business. The question “what is more important on Instagram, a picture or a text” is simply not a question for domestic influencers. They use all the means to grab attention and engage their audience. Today Instagram is not only pictures, it is a network that allows you to both have fun and get information on a variety of issues.

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Despite the fact that the volume of the text is limited by the social network itself to 2200 characters, account owners find ways to convey their thoughts to the audience in greater volume. This can be a link to a landing page, adding a test in comments or in a carousel, in the form of pictures.

Thanks to the text, a person or company can build a dialogue with their audience, demonstrate their position, tell about themselves and their proposal. Subscribers have a sense of a community, which is especially important for business representatives.

A post without text is simply not quoted today, few people are interested in watching pictures without a signature or with a smiley instead. Content creators respond with long publications that can arouse the audience’s interest and engage them in dialogue. It can be a story from life, reflections on a topic, demonstration of your point of view on various issues, a description of your own product or its announcement, etc.

Роль и важность текста для постов в Инстаграме

The post should be created in such a way that the subscribers have a desire to write a comment, repost, etc.

One of the most effective and popular audience engagement techniques is storytelling. I must say that it was invented for a long time and is actively used in marketing, but now everyone has adopted it, not just big business. The essence of the technique is to present information non-trivially, to induce the desire to continue flipping through stories and stay for a long time on each one, to repost or save the publication.

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  • Analyze the demand for your product by searching for keywords with hashtags.

  • Study your audience. It’s good if you already have a current customer base and can do ABCXYZ analysis.

  • Collect a preliminary base in social networks through scraping.

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Basic guidelines for writing texts for Instagram .

  • Create useful content . On the one hand, most of the users do not read the text under the pictures, quickly and thoughtlessly scrolling through their feed, and on the other hand, Instagram increases the rating of posts containing informative text, which the audience, in theory, will want not only to read, but also to save the entire post to favorites.

    It turns out that the combination of “photo and high-quality text” can significantly improve account statistics, attract new subscribers to it. The picture serves as a kind of bait to which the eye catches, and the text retains attention and serves as a means of engaging the audience in communication.

  • Experiment . The volume of the text can be anything, there are no clear rules regarding this. It is important to gradually find the interests of your audience and understand what can activate it. We see that a wide variety of posts collect likes, regardless of the number of characters in the photo caption. The point is for the post to catch on and provoke activity in the account.

  • Use relevant hashtags . Despite the fact that today the popularity of hashtags has slightly decreased, it still makes sense to put them. However, it is important to choose exactly the ones that fit the topic of the account or post, without overusing the number in order to attract new subscribers.

  • Pay attention to literacy of the text. Spelling and punctuation errors create a negative impression of the author from the audience. Although, of course, some style features are sometimes allowed in the text that run counter to the rules of the Russian language, if this is part of the image of a person or company.

  • Increase audience engagement . The meaning of almost any post in a business account is to interest existing subscribers, attract new ones, get people to write comments, make reposts, linger on stories, reply to them, thereby increasing reach. Thanks to this, the page rises in the search results and can get into Interesting.

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Rules for posting on Instagram

It turns out that there is no unambiguous answer to the question “what is more important on Instagram, a picture or a text.” It is important to use both tools correctly!

Before proceeding with the visual design of your own Instagram account, it makes sense to study how the pages of other – interesting to you – users are arranged. What is their feature, why do they attract the attention of the audience, what is the point of photos and texts, what is the manner of communication between the author and subscribers? This does not mean that you need to completely copy someone else’s style, but it is quite useful to adopt someone else’s positive experience.

What to write about in social networks to sell:

Having understood the direction in which to move, you can start designing posts. Sometimes it makes sense to choose a single stylistic solution for all publications, which will create a harmonious image of the entire account. What rules should be followed in this case ?

  • Choose a specific shade when processing a photo (create a special preset or use a specific filter).

  • Try to achieve consistent backgrounds.

  • Focus on certain account-specific details.

Alternatively, you can choose two stylistic solutions and use them in turn, creating a moderate visual variety. Do not be afraid to experiment – they will help you find your own unique style and stick to it in the future.

Pay attention to truly selling posts. How do they do it? What tools were used? Try to apply them on your page. What’s important here :

  • Images and videos must be of high quality, today owners of successful accounts attract professionals, including photographers and videographers, to promote themselves and improve the quality of content. p>

  • Light tones are generally easier on the audience than dark tones.

  • The decoration of the object in the photo is of great importance, the images must be creative.

  • Pictures with captions are often perceived better.

  • In order to showcase the product from all angles, it is important to use multiple photos and videos in the carousel.

At the same time, it is important not to forget that naturalness and some minimalism are in fashion nowadays, and a large number of filters and abundant processing can do a disservice.

To form a uniform style on the page, you can use special applications for creating templates. Crello, Canva, Snappa are especially useful. These are graphic editors that allow you to process images for Instagram.

Правила оформления постов в Инстаграме

Let’s see how they function using the Crello application as an example. The rest act in the same way. To get started, you need to do the following :

  • register in the application;

  • go to the existing collection of Instagram templates;

  • select the base design you like, after which editor options will be activated;

  • select the desired photo on your phone or computer;

  • load it into the application;

  • then the image is enlarged and moved to the set place, photo correction is carried out (when you click on the icon with layers, the photo moves until the original content is presented);

  • work with text (select the desired style, size, color, position);

  • download the image in the desired format.

When it comes to choosing your own style, it is very important to look at it: regularly study other people’s profiles on Instagram, pay attention to the nuances and the main idea. Successful and beautifully designed accounts often have something in common :

  • no blur or defocus effect;

  • attention to detail in images;

  • harmony in the general design style;

  • constant adherence to certain rules for displaying images;

  • the presence of signatures under the photo;

  • periodic and metered publication of posts on abstract topics;

  • easy-to-read, well-written text.

By the way, the skill of correct posting can bring profit – in the context of the development of Instagram trade, you can offer your services to other users, first of all, of course, to the owners of business accounts.

Правильное оформление постов

As for the text content of publications, there are also a number of techniques that will make your posts more readable and interesting to the audience.

  • Text is written on a new line . To do this, you need to go to the browser, open the section with editing, create paragraphs in the necessary places, and then save the text.

  • Articles and posts should be centered using the technique from the previous paragraph . But you don’t need to activate Input. Spaces are added before each line. Before you save the text, you can see how it will look in the application.

  • Using fancy fonts. To get them, you can go to the site where they are created. The required font needs to be activated, and then the text is loaded, which will be displayed in the appropriate form.

Sometimes you can use emojis that set the desired mood for the text, however, this is done selectively and in a very metered manner, especially if an account is made for adults. Emojis are added via mobile app options.

What’s more important on Instagram – picture or text

It is clear that in order to develop an account, you need to rely on both visual and textual content. One will not be useful without the other. The picture catches the eye, and the text reveals the main message, gives information.

Of course, not only they affect the popularity of the profile. The correct segmentation of the audience, the manner of communication with subscribers, the specifics of the business itself, and much more are important. Here it should be understood that for each account its own strategy will be effective: someone bets exclusively on the photo and collects numerous followers’ likes, while the other needs to reinforce the visual with text in order to engage the audience, to reveal the essence of their product.

It’s important to experiment in order to gain experience, be guided by the reaction of followers and move in the right direction as a result.

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