What is and how to use Instagram Shopping?

Want to sell more on Instagram? You need to get to know Instagram Shopping, a store integrated into the platform that has the option to make purchases within the social network itself.

Completely free, the tool allows brands to use their creativity to assemble their shop windows. It is possible to use visual resources to display products in an attractive way and explore the other functionalities to facilitate the purchase. One of the great highlights of Instagram Shopping is that retailers can also configure a buy button to facilitate the transaction.

If you already use Instagram Business for your company’s marketing strategy and want to explore Instagram Shopping, this article is for you.

After all, why create an Instagram Shopping? How to create a showcase that enchants and converts? If you want to know more about it, keep reading and find out what it is and how to use Instagram Shopping to boost your sales and increase your brand’s visibility.

What is Instagram Shopping?

Also called InstaShop, Instagram Shopping is a feature made for users of the Instagram shopping profile. The tool allows retailers to create a kind of virtual store within the social network.

In the store, you can add links, tag products, display values ​​and add a buy button to the publication. You can also use the feed and stories feature to display products and direct the user directly to the store’s website, without having to open multiple tabs at the same time.

In summary: Instagram Shopping is a powerful tool to boost your sales and make the shopping process more dynamic, as your next customer can be literally a click away.

How does Instagram Shopping work?

Instagram Shopping works as an online store with multiple functions. It is a platform that allows the visualization of products in different formats and angles. If the user wants to visit the store without going directly to the feed, just access the icon that is on the top tab of the app in a “purse” format.

The idea of ​​Instagram Shopping is that the visitor has a unique experience by clicking on the icon. Your customers can enter there and feel free to “take a look” at the products in a different way, as it is You can perform the following actions:

  • Enlarge product photos;
  • See values ​​in the photo itself;
  • See the product description;
  • Visit the site and go straight to the shopping cart without clicking the bio link.

With this, the main objective of Instagram Shopping is to provide a good browsing experience for customers and shorten the shopping path.

Stop and think as a consumer: do you like to click a thousand links, have to ask for product prices and run the risk of your computer or cell phone screen crashing with multiple windows open?

If you have shaken your head, be aware that this may be your customer’s view. And among experts in digital marketing there is a consensus: offering a good user experience is essential for them to make the decision to move forward (or give up) a purchase in their browsing journey.

In the next topics of this article, we will show you in practice the range of possibilities that this powerful tool offers and that you can use to make your virtual shop window more efficient.

Keep reading so we can discover together how Instagram Shopping works!

1. Show Instagram Shopping products in the feed

In addition to setting up your store on Instagram, you can post photos of your products on the Instagram feed, with price tag and product name. You have complete freedom to even choose the location of the tags.

By clicking on the tag, the user is already directed to the shopping cart. Everything is very simple and practical. Take a look at the example below:

The cool thing about this function is that, in addition to marking values ​​and product description, the customer can also click on “see products” and explore all the options registered on Instagram Shopping for your brand. See the photo below:

Important: to tag products in the feed,  you need to integrate your brand’s commercial Instagram into your Facebook page and upload your product catalog to the Ads Manager.

We’ll talk later about the requirements for using Instagram Shopping and how to create a product catalog in Ads Manager. Rest assured.

2. Sell ​​in Stories

Have you ever been impacted by an ad in Stories? With Instagram Shopping, you can use this tool to show your customers what’s best in your store.

Like in Feed, you can tag people, use product tags, and connect tags to a landing page or website.

To activate the tags, just look for the “products” sticker. Instagram will automatically open the catalog of registered products for you to choose what to show to followers.

3. Get found by the ‘explore’ tab

Remember the shopping bag icon? All Instagram users can explore the stores registered on the social network from this section located near the magnifying glass. In other words, the more attractive and configured your store on Instagram Shopping, the greater the chances that you will be found there.

The great advantage of this tool is that people can discover your store without necessarily following the brand’s commercial account. That is: anyone can do a search and get to your products. Therefore, it is worth investing in this possibility.

4. Use augmented reality filters to interact with the customer

Who says you can’t try the product when making an online purchase? The technology is more and more advanced. Proof of this is the augmented reality feature that has already arrived on Instagram Shopping. To use it you need to create filters and integrate them with the tool.

Let’s say you have a store that specializes in hats and the tone of voice of the brand is more fun and playful. Why not interact with the audience through a filter where people can “use” the product and get an idea of ​​what they would look like in real life? Creating an augmented reality filter requires careful planning and production, of course.

Instagram filters can be created in Facebook Spark . After creating the effect, Facebook will approve the material, which can be made available on the integrated networks. Then just upload videos with the filter applied using the sales tag.

Without a doubt, this is a feature that will generate a lot of fun, engagement and can influence increased sales.

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What are the advantages of using Instagram Shopping?

If you’ve come this far, you’ve probably noticed that Instagram Shopping is a true showcase not only for products, but also for options to show them in a creative, fast and impactful way.

In fact, Instagram is one of the social networks with the greatest sales potential today. In addition to being a network in constant growth – according to the company, there are already more than 1 billion registered users, Instagram is a space that inspires people to buy.

According to the survey “How Instagram is bringing people and brands together like never before” , published on the platform’s own blog, 84% of customers research this channel before making a purchase.

Are you waiting for what to sell more through Instagram Shopping? We’ve set aside some advantages to help you evaluate this strategy for your business.

More simplicity when selling

Among the advantages of using Instagram Shopping, the facility to sell simply and quickly is one of the biggest highlights. The user attraction and conversion logic is simple:

  1. Your future client is browsing the Instagram feed;
  2. Suddenly, he is impacted by an overproduced photo in the feed or in the stories;
  3. To find out more about the product, he touches the label and has more information;
  4. If the description was attractive, the user clicks on the CTA and completes the purchase on the site.

Lots of visuals to display the product

Be it in the physical or virtual store, the window is one of the most important places when the objective is to hook the customer. A well-decorated and organized store is capable of attracting people’s eyes in a different way.

Since this is essentially a visual social network, the showcase needs to be  “unstampable, that is, Instagram Shopping needs to be beautiful, creative and leave a taste of wanting more.

With the resources of tags, stories, augmented reality filters and carousel and video feed formats, you can draw your audience’s attention. We’ll soon talk about practical tips to rock the organization of your Instagram Shopping.

Offering a better shopping experience

What do people expect when shopping online? Agility, convenience and security enter the list of essential features for a good shopping experience.

Instagram Shopping is promising in this scenario, after all, everything the customer wants is displayed in a single channel in a differentiated way.

No wonder the platform defines stores as “an immersive full-screen showcase that allows companies to build their brand’s history and drive product discovery — all in a native shopping experience.”


Direct CTA integration for e-commerce

The Call To Action, or call to action in Portuguese, is a strategy that aims to generate a response from the user.

If you’ve ever created internet ads or been impacted by a campaign from a mental trigger like “buy now”, “send a message on WhatsApp” “contact us”, you’ve already had contact with a CTA.

On Instagram Shop, the most common CTA is the one that directs people to e-commerce. See the example:

Instagram Shopping is a powerful tool to boost sales

The virtual storefront on Instagram is a powerful tool to boost your sales and strengthen your digital marketing strategies. Discover the advantages:

  • The Instagram Shopping store is complete and is within the social network;
  • By configuring the CTAs, there are more chances to increase your website traffic;
  • You can use stories to improve the reach of products listed in the catalog;
  • Instagram Shopping is one more channel to promote your promotional actions;
  • It is possible to display the products in photos, videos and make a detailed description including the tags with values;
  • People can send direct from their posts, save them as favorites and share them with friends, thus increasing their reach;
  • Instagram Shopping can be found even by those who do not follow your brand’s commercial profile.

More visibility for your brand

Using the “explore” tab, Instagram highlights all the content and stores that match people’s interests. It’s a way to make in-app purchases easier and bring more visibility to your brand.

Instagram’s algorithm displays products according to searches performed by followers. If a person follows a lot of food brands, for example, the stores that will appear in their feed will likely be related to the segment, and so on.

How about perfecting your strategies to make your Instagram store stand out? We have some tips for you:

  • Use strategic hashtags;
  • Explore the geolocation feature;
  • Invest in topics relevant to your followers;
  • Produce powerful, authoritative visual content;
  • Make good strategic planning to strengthen your brand.

How to create a store on Instagram Shopping

After knowing the features of Instagram Shopping, did you want to have a store to call your own? Your time has come, but before you start using this tool, it’s important to know what the requirements are for using Instagram Shopping.

What are the requirements to use Instagram Shopping?

  • Framing into a store that sells products and not services;
  • Comply with Instagram commercial policies;
  • Have a business profile on Instagram linked to the corporate page on Facebook;
  • Make sure the fanpage and store website are connected to the given domain;
  • The store must be in one of the 67 countries enabled by the company – Brazil is one of them;
  • Demonstrate reliability, that is, move the page frequently and show that your profile is authentic.

How to set up Instagram Shopping in 4 steps

Do you think you fit all the requirements? Now let’s go to the step-by-step how to create and configure Instagram Shopping in practice.

1. Connect your Instagram business profile to Facebook

After creating a business profile on Instagram, you need to connect it to Facebook Business Manager.

Log in to your Facebook page and click on “settings”. After that, select the Instagram option from the menu displayed on the left side of the screen. You will see the following image:

Click Connect Account. Next, just login to your Instagram account from the desktop.

Ready. Your Instagram business profile is now connected to Facebook. Time for the next steps!

2. Connect your Instagram business account to Facebook’s product catalog

Open Business Manager and go to your brand’s Facebook page. Click on the “store” menu and then fill in the commercial information of your business: address, billing currency, e-mail linked to the fanpage and location information.

If for some reason this data doesn’t appear at first for you, it is very likely that your Facebook page is not configured in the shopping model.

To change this, you need to go to the page settings and click on “templates and tabs”. Next, you will be directed to a menu where you need to choose the shopping model and configure the store.

3. Create a product catalog on Facebook

There is no way to create a store on Instagram Shopping without having a product catalog registered on Facebook.

Have questions about how to do this? You need to read our complete walkthrough on how to create a product catalog on Facebook. Basically, you need to have a business account on Facebook and Instagram and use the business manager.

You can create a product catalog in three ways: by importing a data sheet, manually, or by connecting to a website and/or application.

4. Connect the catalog to Instagram

After configuring the product catalog, it’s time to connect it with your Facebook account.

You can do this in two ways. The first is to use Facebook’s Catalog Manager to create the catalog your way or connect your account to an existing catalog.

The second way is to configure the catalog with the support of a Facebook partner platform. You can currently connect Facebook and Instagram stores to the platforms below:

  • Shopify;
  • BigCommerce;
  • OpenCart;
  • WooCommerce;
  • Magento.

5. Request your account review

To activate your Instagram Shopping account and start registering products, you must submit your account for the team to review. It is normal for the result to take a few days.

The process can be done within the application itself. Just select the three bars located on the right side of the screen and select the “settings” section.

After that, you need to click on the “company” tab and select the “purchases” tab. There, you can register and access whenever necessary.

It is important to stress that domain verification is an important process for some cases. If you receive a notification that you need to prove domain ownership, just follow the steps for domain verification and submit the data for review.

Instagram Shopping approved? Time to showcase your products!

Has your registration been approved? Congratulations! Finally you will be able to register your products and mark the tags.

Choose a photo of your product and post it normally with an interesting caption. The difference from a traditional post is that you can click on “mark products” and you can tap on the photo (you can choose the exact place) and search for the product you want to highlight. When selecting the product, the tags are automatically pulled. You just need to save and share the post.

In the feed, your post should look like the example below:

In the stories, you need to look for the product stickers on the stickers.

Next, you need to select a product registered in your catalog and customize the post. You can choose the size and position of the sticker, and change the color of the text that goes on this icon.

Killing Tips to Pump Up Your Instagram Shopping Sales Strategy

Instagram Shopping is a universe of possibilities to promote and sell your product. To make the most of what this function can offer you, we’ve prepared some killer tips for you to rock the maintenance of your Instagram store and reach more customers.

1. Bet on real product photos

Don’t be the person who posts an amazing, highly photoshopped photo of the product when, in fact, the delivery isn’t 100% equal to what’s being displayed.

That doesn’t mean you don’t need to invest in quality photos, with good composition, framing and post-production. You can and should do this, no doubt about it. Just don’t overdo the editing, ok?

The more real the product photo, the happier and less frustrated the consumer will be. When taking your photos, take the following precautions:

  • Study your company’s niche market and look for the best references;
  • If possible, hire a photographer who specializes in the field. Photographing food is quite different than doing a fashion shoot;
  • Humanize the photos. Let’s say you have a clothing store, for example. Is there a more attractive way to show pieces without models? We believe not!

2. Build a harmonized feed

When building your feed, invest in a harmonic visual line. Don’t run away from your brand’s visual identity, study the most appropriate color palettes for what you are looking to convey to your audience.

Diverse content formats. The more harmonious and pleasant the tone of voice of the brand, know that it will be fixed more easily in the consumer’s head.

3. Plan posts and review tags and links

Don’t post randomly. Make an editorial calendar to design a more efficient strategy and have time to think about each post and measure the results.

The main goal of Instagram Shopping is to drive conversion, so it’s important to keep track of what works and what doesn’t.

In addition to planning valuable content for your followers, always review the tags, tags and links linked to posts to avoid errors in the purchase process.

Extra Tip: Study the possibility of partnerships with digital influencers and content creators. Today, people like to hear about experiences from those who have already purchased and used a product.

By having influencers aligned with the brand and an engaged audience that is potentially interesting for your business, the chances of expanding the reach and visibility of your business profile on Instagram are greatly increased.

According to a survey released by the Qualibest Institute, 76% of Brazilians who use social networks have already consumed something because of the indication of an influencer. A strategy proven to generate good results.

Start using your Instagram Shopping now

We’ve reached the end of the content, but we hope this is just the beginning for your next actions with Instagram Shopping.

Now that you know what Instagram Shopping is, how to use it, what features the tool offers, the requirements to activate yours and how to connect it to Instagram and Facebook business profiles, why not plan the creation from your store on the fastest growing social network?

In times when people find their passions, desires, content and interests on Instagram and internet sales are essential for businesses to survive, it is worth creating your online store. We hope this content makes a difference to your business!

Like the tips and/or need help to use Instagram Shopping assertively in your business? Talk to Nerdweb Experts Now!

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