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What does a business account on Instagram give: we understand all the advantages

Not everyone understands what an Instagram business account gives to its users, and what advantages it has in terms of promotion over a regular profile. Meanwhile, this is not just a marketing ploy, but a really useful tool if this social network is used not only for recreation and entertainment.

Obviously, it is not enough just to know about the benefits of a business account, you must be able to create and configure it. Working with statistics will be no less important. In our article, we will tell you what advantages such a page promises, how to set up and create it correctly, and where you can collect the necessary data to analyze its effectiveness.

What does an Instagram business account give

According to statistics, over the past few years, Instragram has been the most popular social network for doing business. To start a business, you need to open a dedicated account. With its help, the entrepreneur will subsequently communicate with the target audience, organize promotion, sell his goods and services.

It’s easy to create a business account. Even an unprepared person can do this. Special knowledge and skills are not required. If everything is done correctly, the page will quickly recoup the effort spent and start making a profit. After all, business accounts, unlike ordinary ones, have additional functionality that helps to competently conduct business.

Что дает бизнес-аккаунт в Инстаграм
What does an Instagram business account give

Who needs a dedicated page? There are two main groups :

  • Bloggers . A business account will help them in assessing user engagement. Statistics will record the number of visits and views of posts. These numbers can then be used when communicating with advertisers. When traffic is high, a blogger can count on someone wanting to collaborate with him in terms of promotion.

  • Sellers of goods or services . They definitely need to open specialized pages. A business account allows you to upload the entire range of products, collect statistics, provide customers with convenient ways to order and pay for goods.

Instagram is so popular that its audience is constantly growing. This opens up new opportunities for business. After all, an increase in the Instagram audience means an increase in the number of potential consumers. Therefore, all entrepreneurs who want to get an additional sales channel need to create a page on this social network.

What does a business account on Instagram give? With this page you can :

  • keep users interested in the company and its products;

  • increase traffic to the company’s website;

  • attract new customers;

  • increase conversion and, as a result, sales;

  • use new promotion channels.

From the above list, it becomes clear that a business page can be useful to everyone who, in one way or another, seeks to obtain commercial benefits from using Instagram.

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  • I choose the clients I work with myself.

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Benefits of opening a specialized account :

  • You can specify the field of activity. The social network has a fairly wide range of business areas. Choosing a specific area increases the likelihood that the target audience will get to the page. Profile traffic also increases.

  • You can specify contacts. The business account has dedicated buttons. To contact the company (call or write), the user just needs to click one of them. This makes the way of communication easier.

  • Providing statistics. It is necessary for organizing the promotion and implementation of the content plan. The social network provides extensive statistics. For example, not only the profile itself is analyzed, but also individual publications.

  • You can add geodata. Then users can easily find an offline store or company office.

  • Organization of targeted promotion. A well-tuned advertising campaign can increase inbound traffic and sales.

The peculiarity of commercial profiles is their openness. There is no privacy mode in the settings. This can be explained by the fact that business accounts are opened in order to attract as many users as possible. They don’t need hidden mode.

2 options for creating a business profile on Instagram

  • Method number 1

    First of all, I must say that to create a commercial page on Instagram, you need a Facebook profile. If not, then you need to register.

    Then we create a simple Instagram account. After that, go to the settings. To do this, you need to click on the menu button in the upper right corner (three horizontal stripes) – the required item will be in the list that opens.

    In the settings, select “Add a business account”, and then you must follow the instructions provided. During the setup process, the service will tell you about the capabilities of a business page: that you can view statistics, launch a promotion, and create buttons that will make it convenient for customers to contact the company.

    Варианты создания бизнес-профиля в Инстаграме
    Options for creating a business profile on Instagram

    Click “Continue” and select a field of activity. After that, we clarify contacts, especially email. After all, it is this address that will be indicated in the profile and clients will be able to send messages to it.

    The e-mail address can be changed if necessary. To do this, click “Change communication methods”. In the fields of the opened window, you need to enter a new postal address, phone number and company address.

    You can change your contact information at any time after creating a business page.

    Then you need to link your Facebook and Instragram accounts. If you don’t have a Facebook profile yet, the system will offer to create one. Click “Finish”. The process has ended.

    The business account is ready to go. After the first publications, you can view the statistics a few days later. Sometimes it takes a week to form.

  • Method number 2

    The second way to create a commercial page is by using the “Edit Profile” button. First you need to click “Try Instagram Business Tools” and “Continue” several times. After that, the system will offer two options for choosing a category for the account. You must select the one you want. That’s it, the process is complete.

5 business profile rules

  1. Page Icon

    When answering the question of what a business account on Instagram gives, we must not forget that the social network was created for the exchange of photos. Image quality plays a significant role in this.

    Acquaintance of users with a commercial profile often begins with an avatar. It has a round shape and a small size, so it makes no sense to place text on it. It is better to work on the quality of the image, both in terms of semantic load and correspondence to the idea of ​​the business page, and in terms of visual appeal.

  2. Company Information

    An important section, a kind of profile business card. Users will read the information to learn more about the company. It is not necessary to enter information about the company, but it is still desirable for a commercial page. To fill in the required fields, you need to click on the “Edit Profile” button. You can also change your username here.

  3. Placing images and videos

    To place a photo, you must click on the “+”, which is located at the bottom of the screen. A gallery will open with all the previously published images. You can also take an instant photo or video using the appropriate buttons.

    There are a few rules to keep in mind when placing images :

    • You can upload a photo from the gallery to the page, while only two formats are available – landscape or portrait. The image is scaled by moving the photo.

    • One post can include up to 10 pictures . To create a collage, click on the button with two superimposed squares located in the lower right corner.

    • To record a video, press and hold the corresponding button . If you release it, you will be able to select the desired angle or fix the object. Press the button again to continue recording.

    After the images for publication are selected, it will be possible to format them: apply a filter, change the brightness or contrast, etc. As the edits will be made, click “Next”. A window for entering text will appear.

    Content plan for social networks with meaning:

    What can you write in the field that opens? The following information is allowed :

    • Descriptions of the image, hashtags, mentions of other accounts that will receive a notification that they have been tagged . Hashtags are needed for search engine promotion for relevant queries.

    • Tagging people or accounts on posted images . Marked users will also receive a notification.

    • Coordinate of the location, if a specific location is captured in a photo or video . If you set geolocation, then the post will be shown when searching for posts published at the indicated point.

    • Social Shares . The tool allows you to share posts on pages in other social networks linked to your Instagram account.

    When the post is ready, you need to click Share. After that, the article will be published on the page and will be visible to all users.

  4. Maintaining Stories

    Around the world, about 250 million people publish stories every day. This is a relatively new format for posting photos and videos. The publication is visible on the page for 24 hours, and then is automatically deleted. A verified user can place a link to the site in the story so that other people can easily follow it if they are interested in the posted information.

    Stories are not visible in the feed or in the profile gallery. This is a separate section with a button at the top of the page with an avatar.

    Stories are allowed to post photos or videos that were made during the day. You can also use the camera on your phone and post the content you just captured. It is suggested to add stickers, geolocation tags, hashtags and a text description to the image or video.

    What does an Instagram business account give in terms of working with stories? The section allows at least ten work formats :

    • storytelling;

    • demonstration of action with explanation;

    • promoting the post;

    • publish lists of something;

    • event announcement;

    • a story about special offers;

    • publishing interesting statistics;

    • posting interesting reasoning or quotes;

    • publishing reviews;

    • posting ads.

    Each format has its own template. The settings for each of them are intuitive and easy to use.

  5. Posting comments

    In any social network, the popularity of posts is assessed based on how many likes and comments they have. To leave a record under the publication, you need to click on the cloud located under the photo or video. You can also leave your comment under the existing one.

    User feedback is especially important for business accounts. Therefore, if a comment appears under the post, you need to supplement it or reply. This will help users understand that their opinion matters.

    According to statistics, about seventy percent of social media users are ready to buy products from companies whose profiles are in active communication with subscribers. Thirty percent of them will go to competitors if faced with indifference from the store.

    Based on the above, we can conclude that brand loyalty and trust are formed when an entrepreneur is attentive to his followers.

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Working with statistics in the Instagram business profile

If we talk about what an Instagram business account gives, then we must say that the social network provides extensive statistics that help businesses develop and increase sales. This is one of the main advantages of commercial profiles. Statistics are kept both for the page as a whole and for individual publications. She can tell you whether your ad campaign was effective and which post you liked the most.

In more detail, using statistics you can find out :

  • General account information

    To do this, go to the statistics section and examine the tabs. Each of them is dedicated to a specific topic: sources of interaction with the audience, data on posts per week or for the entire time since publication, etc.

    The tab with information about subscribers will tell you from which countries users come, what gender and age they are, how many of them are new, how many people have unsubscribed, what days and hours people are most active.

    Focusing on the peaks of activity, you can choose the best time for new placements.

  • Post Information

    Under each article there is a button “View statistics”. Using it, you can find out which publication was especially popular among the rest, and in the future post this type of content.

    Информация о постах
    Post Information

    Also useful when it is not clear which article should be launched promotion. Statistics will tell you which post has been viewed or forwarded the most times, as well as which post has generated the most subscriptions.

  • Story data

    To view information, you need to go to history and click the “Viewed” button in the lower left corner. Information will open about how many people have watched the publication to the end, moved on to the next story, etc.

    Story statistics are stored for only a week. If this information is important, you can copy it or take a screenshot to save the information.

The article talked about what a business account on Instagram gives. Competent use of all the listed functions of the social network will help to quickly promote a commercial profile, attract an audience and increase sales.

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