What business is Instagram suitable for?

Instagram Audience

  • The number of active Instagram users in Russia – more than 12 million people;
  • Over 65% of Instagram users are women . Women are more prone to impulse purchases than men and in the family they are responsible for the choice of goods for themselves, children, home, pets, gifts for the holidays, etc .;
  • Instagram has a young audience – about 90% of users are under 35. This is an active audience, open to everything new and ready to experiment;
  • The activity and readiness for dialogue among Instagram users is one of the highest in comparison with other social networks. Users are happy to subscribe to interesting Instagram accounts, they are ready to buy on Instagram, and having received a product or service, they are happy to share information with friends and recommend the seller to their friends;
  • Instagram has a solvent audience . A mobile phone is required to log into Instagram. Not all budget phones support work with Instagram, so an insolvent audience is eliminated already at the entrance to the social network.

What content to put on Instagram

When deciding whether to start promoting a business on Instagram, you need to understand that Instagram is a visual social network. Users first notice an attractive picture, and when they are interested, they read the description for it.

To get the maximum result from promotion on Instagram, you need attractive and high-quality photos and videos of the product or service, photos showing the product in operation, photos showing the benefits of the product.

If you are planning to promote on your own, then it is worth thinking in advance about what topics of interest to potential customers you could additionally cover on your Instagram.

What business is Instagram suitable for

  • Instagram is a platform for offering physical goods such as: Clothes and shoes, sporting goods, toys and goods for children, jewelry, communications and electrical goods, cosmetics and perfumes, gifts and souvenirs, etc. Products that can be shown in the photo, tell about the merits in photos, show the process and benefits from use.
  • Instagram is a platform for the promotion of their services by private craftsmen : Stylists and makeup artists, coaches and nutrition consultants, cosmetologists and nutritionists, psychologists, photographers and artists, teachers, seamstresses, costume designers, etc. Specialists who show the results of their work in the form of photos or videos, offer users thematic articles, participate in dialogues in specialized accounts-groups and give advice to users, confirming their status as a specialist.
  • Instagram is a platform for promoting companies : beauty salons and massage parlors, fitness clubs, dance studios, sports clubs, cafes and restaurants, medical services, event organization services, shops, ateliers, etc. . d.

Summing up the above – Instagram is suitable for those types of business where there is a visual product, or it is possible to show the results of the service in photos and videos.

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