“We currently sell the most via Instagram by far.” How Jack’s Beauty Line got off to a flying start on Instagram despite the Corona crisis


Growth in the Corona crisis? Growth through Instagram Shopping and Instagram Live? The corona pandemic has presented companies and especially SMEs with new challenges. Miriam Jacks from Jacks Beauty Line shows how to master these challenges. Instagram and Facebook in particular were critical to growth. But what makes Jack’s Beauty Line so successful and what makes Miriam and her team so good that most products are now sold on Instagram?

We talked to Miriam about developments over the past twelve months and she shows you what her success factors are. Miriam goes into the great potential of Instagram Live, which is an important part of Instagram communication. In general, videos play a decisive role on Instagram in a wide variety of forms, because only here can the products be shown correctly in use.

The combination of the company account and Miriam’s personal profile is also interesting.

In addition to the interview, you will also find a video by Miriam in the article, in which she also names a few figures that underpin the positive development despite (or just through) Corona.

“We never did so many Instagram Lives before the crisis”

Despite the corona pandemic, you were able to increase your sales significantly. How have your marketing activities changed, especially on Instagram, as a result of the corona pandemic?

Miriam Jacks: We never did so many Instagram Lives before the crisis and we didn’t go live to make-up workshops with other influencers to make our products better known. That actually all came with the crisis, when we had time to focus on it.

Instagram Live is a guarantee of success for Jack’s Beauty Line and is combined with IGTV and Instagram Shopping

Is your focus now on sales via Instagram shopping due to the Corona crisis?

Miriam Jacks: We currently sell by far the most on Instagram. But also because we have built a very stable and loyal community through our content over the past year. We are the afterwork party for women on Friday evening.

What makes Instagram shopping so successful for you? Is it enough just to tag products, or is it the content that is crucial for success?

“An ad doesn’t bring you as much as an hour of live shopping”


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Miriam Jacks: It is definitely the content that determines a customer’s buying behavior. An ad is nowhere near as effective as an hour of live shopping, where I bring our products closer to my followers. In addition, a product has to be convincing in terms of use and style before a customer spends a lot of money on it, and that can definitely be shown better in a dialogue with another person who inspires confidence who does not belong to the company.

Is there a format that works particularly well with Instagram shopping on the one hand and is really popular with your community on the other?

Miriam Jacks: Definitely the live make-up workshops with me! Here I show various women different, wearable make-up looks that women can easily imitate at home.

“Reels have by far the best range, but are too short to explain.”

What role do videos on Instagram generally play for you? You already mentioned Instagram Live. What about videos in the feed and stories, IGTV, or reels?

Miriam Jacks: convey videos significantly better what our product can do. Our brushes look beautiful as a photo, but the result of how the brush makes the make-up look on the skin is simply more convincing in the video. Reels have by far the best range, but are too short to explain. We like to use them as a supplement for Lives or IGTVs. We save most of the ready-made make-up tutorials as IGTV and can clearly see that they will be watched more at a later point in time.

You like to create a lot of videos and you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Do you have any tips for people who are not as comfortable in front of the camera as you are? And maybe a special tip for Instagram?

Miriam Jacks: You just have to do it, preferably every day and get used to the sight. Haha. I couldn’t see or hear myself well at the beginning either, but it’s just a matter of habit. I have a lot of fun going live, I would almost call it a hobby. But if it doesn’t suit you or brings you joy, it is also difficult to learn.

What are the next steps on Instagram for you? Perhaps you will soon become an “influencer” yourself, or are you planning your own collaborations for your products soon?

Miriam Jacks: We are currently developing new formats, after a year of non-stop make-up workshops, I feel like doing something different. We want to create theme nights, do bathroom checks with celebrities and influencers, develop further styling formats with our customers and and and. My dream is to found the Self Love Academy, because I know from my job as a make-up artist that an incredible number of people don’t like each other and are constantly nagging themselves even though they have no reason to. We would like to set up a kind of coaching program around the topic. Let’s see. We’ll see each other again in six months. 😉

Thanks for the interview and your time Miriam!

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