Virality cannot be planned on TikTok. However, these factors increase your chances in the for you feed

TikTok Viral - Viralität ist nicht planbar
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If there are two buzzwords, which one are trite in the field of social media marketing, then authenticity and virality. Although the sometimes utopian demands for virals on the brand side have decreased, they have risen sharply on the Creator: Inside side.

You don’t go viral according to the instructions, not even on TikTok

articles and there are plenty of instructions like “Hot to go viral on TikTok” (use any social network). On Google, such articles are often flanked by ads for buying followers and likes. Yes, virality is not that easy to achieve, but not 100% with the purchase of likes.

About the sense and nonsense of planning viral content on TikTok it should be in this article but not go. Virality is based on certain factors, but that doesn’t make planning any easier. Just as artists cannot plan a No. 1 hit, brands and companies cannot plan virals.

TikTok has published a very good article in its newsroom, but unfortunately it has the wrong headline for me. “Five tips on how your TikTok videos go viral” is the headline, which was certainly also coined by Papa-Google. 🙂

What the article is about is the strategic approach and which factors are decisive for successful TikTok content. Of course, it can now be said that being successful is not the same as going viral. No it is not. You can be successful on TikTok and in any other social network without having to produce virals on the assembly line.

Viral on TikTok? Which factors and criteria increase your chances for more visibility in the For-You feed

For this you have to ask yourself first of all, what is the use of virality if it did not arise in my target group? On TikTok, virality works a little differently through the for you feed than, for example, on Twitter. While retweets and comments spread content on Twitter, virality on TikTok is created through content recommendations in the Just for You feed. This is where the TikTok algorithm comes into play, which ensures that the virality arises in the right target group. Or the videos are shown in the Just for You feeds of people who are interested in similar content and topics.

For this it is an advantage if the videos meet certain criteria. I deliberately write as an advantage because there is also content on TikTok with tons of views and interactions that do not meet any of the criteria.

But which criteria are we talking about? We have many parallels to how the TikTok for you feed works.

This is how TikTok names the following criteria for successful TikToks, which therefore have a higher probability of being displayed in the for you feed.

– Vertical videos are preferred on TikTok

– Subtitles are an important element to increase the playback time with videos on TikTok

– The optimal duration of a TikTok video should be longer than 5 seconds

– The use of effects makes content in the feed stand out and turns it into a thumb -Stop

– Sounds are a good way to strengthen content and combine it with current trends

– Increase relevant hashtags the visibility in the appropriate target groups

TikTok emphasizes again how important the analysis of all videos and various key figures is. Just because a video has gone through the roof doesn’t mean that every video has to be structured identically. This is why a TikTok Pro account is so important.

In the statistics, you should pay attention to how long the content is viewed and how the playback time develops over a longer period of time. The fastest time to get involved is immediately after it is published. If a video spreads over the long term, then this is an indication of the for you feed and a higher number of recommendations from TikTok. If a TikTok does not work, this can be determined after a short time.

As with YouTube, but also Facebook and Instagram, the playback time is a decisive factor. The playback time is often underestimated because it is not publicly visible. TikTok emphasizes that the playback time is an important signal. Often the playback time is also more decisive than the video views. However, successful TikToks often have a long playback time and, accordingly, a high number of views.

Hashtags such as #ForDyou or #FYP hardly increase the chances of being included in the For-You feed

Few hashtags are used as often on TikTok as # FürDich or #FYP. TikTok now confirms that these hashtags have little effect on more reach in the for you feed. Just ask yourself who clicks on such hashtags? Exactly, other TikTok users: Inside, who also use these hashtags and expect a higher visibility.

The hashtags can increase visibility, but usually in target groups that are not relevant to you at all. Because of this, using thematic hashtags is far more valuable. This applies to TikTok and all other social networks. That should be clear, but hashtags like #ForYou are simply too promising just because many others are using them. Of course, the opposite can also occur, precisely because the hashtags are used so extremely often.

Select hashtags that match your content. Responds to other TikToks and tags Creator and other users: Inside. That brings you more than #FYP.


There are no instructions and no guarantee of virality. There are criteria and factors for this that can be found in many viral TikTok videos. Always keep in mind in which target groups you want to create virality, analyze your content and let yourself be inspired by other content.

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