Video on Instagram: IGTV vs. feed videos. Or playback time vs. video views

With IGTV , Instagram offers brands and companies completely different possibilities to communicate topics and to present products. Videos play a crucial role on Instagram. Not only with regard to the growth of an account, but also how marketing goals can be achieved with different video formats.

But when should I use IGTV and when should I publish videos in the feed? Which videos get more views and when are longer videos available on Instagram?

Socialinsider has analyzed over 10 million Instagram posts, including the Watched distribution and differences in video views. So how does IGTV compare to regular videos in the Instagram feed. If you want to analyze your videos on Instagram and then optimize them, don’t just look at the video views. These are an indicator, but especially with IGTV the playback time plays an important role. As a rule, the longer a video is, the more intense the need to deal with the content must be. This more intensive examination of your own content is very valuable. Often, however, the views of longer videos are lower than those of shorter videos. Don’t let this number blind you and make you feel insecure.

For example, Instagram Reels will also achieve a higher reach than IGTV. But in 30 seconds you can’t present a product as well and in detail as in a longer video, which would be on Instagram IGTV. So always think about what you want to communicate and which format is best suited for it.

At this point, a reading recommendation that deals precisely with this topic. Which formats can I use to present my products best and what are the differences.

Feed videos with more views than IGTV. But …

If you summarize the results of Socialinsider, then videos in the Instagram feed usually generate more views and more interactions than IGTV.

The exceptions are accounts between 10,000 and 100,000 followers. Here IGTV is in front of videos in the feed.

But the differences are not huge either. So don’t hesitate to experiment with IGTV and especially with series formats for IGTV. The longer people watch a video, the more it is worth to you. There are big differences, but when it comes to the playback time, IGTV is closer to YouTube than videos in the feed.

IGTV is aimed at people who either already own a company’s products and are more specific about them want to inform, or people who are considering buying a product and need a more detailed presentation and explanation for the final decision.

This is also the big difference to video ads, which quickly convince people and attract the attention have to attract. This does not mean that IGTV should not be presented in an eye-catching way. But they usually address people in a different phase.

IGTV is about the playback time and not about interactions

Even the IGTV that generates the fewest interactions on average is only on at first sight a problem. What is IGTV about? The point is that people deal intensively and for a long time with your content.

Compare that with podcasts, for example. Here, too, the point is to concentrate on a piece of content and a sender for several minutes. This is much more valuable than a three second view of a TikTok or Instagram reel.

IGTV has the task of attracting a longer attention on the user side. In other words, it’s not primarily about likes, but about a long playback time. For example, if you have produced an IGTV format and it tells more views and a longer playback time, then try to make a series out of it in order to bind the valuable users, who spend a long time with your videos, even more intensively to you. That’s what IGTV is about and not about likes.

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