Use Instagram to grow your email subscriber list

Social media is a valuable tool that offers businesses much more than increasing brand awareness. One of the most popular social networking sites for companies today is Instagram. While the photo and video sharing app has given businesses a great promotional destination, it’s also a great tool to help with other marketing strategies.

Instagram, when used correctly in aligning with your goals, can greatly enhance your business efforts by directing traffic to your website, improving user generation, and improving your access One specific strategy that business owners should consider is to use Instagram to build their email subscriber list.

With a billion monthly active users, your target audience is just waiting to discover your brand and everything it has to offer. Instagram continues to grow in popularity year after year, and with over 25 million business profiles set, you can feel hopeless trying to build your email list with all the competition around you. With enough strategy, though, you’ll be more than capable of doing just that.

Here are some ways you can stimulate your followers using Instagram:

Make a tempting offer

It’s essential to consider how you can use every thing on your profile to satisfy your audience and give them valuable content that they actually want. To do this, you must first make an attractive offer to get their attention. You need to figure out what your audience wants, what interests them, and how to answer the most pressing questions.

There are several ways to find out what your audience needs. You can send a survey or questionnaire asking people what they want most or using social media to see what your target market currently needs. It outlines the ideal customer characters that provide important details about their demographics, buying behaviors, problems, and more.

Once you have this information, you can start creating an irresistible offer that your audience can’t refuse.

This could be an e-book, a mini-course, a list of resources, and so on. Once you’ve created the offer, link it to your profile as well as a few posts to make a big impact, write

Add CTAs in bio

You can’t afford to ignore the Instagram description if you want to expand your business and widen your impact. The best way to guide users to take the actions you want them to take is by entering action requests into the bio. This is the first thing people see when they click on your profile. They want to know about the brands in which they could also invest in what you can offer them. If the tanu description gives them this information, they will close the page immediately.

You need to make sure you optimize this description for the best chance of forming conversions, because if your audience doesn’t think your profile is worth their time, you’ve just lost a potential email subscriber.

Make sure you explain the benefits that users will get by clicking on the link in the bio. Using emojis just before the link to the bid makes the CTA stand out, such as the arrow emoji used to emphasize the link. >

Promote yourself on stories

According to Statista, there are more than 500 million daily Instagram users around the globe, which means they are a valuable tool you can use to to grow your business. With a lot of traffic going to stories, it would be a waste to ignore this aspect of Instagram and not implement it in the strategy of collecting users’ emails.

Instagram has an option that you can add to your stories. Here you insert a direct link in the story, so that when you drag users, they are directed to any web page you have connected to. It is essentially a built-in CTA. Use this feature to connect to your landing page with an option ready to capture email addresses, so you can create your email list, of course, only if you have over 10k followers.

With so many active business accounts on Instagram, it can be intimidating to think about using the platform to grow your business. However, there is more than enough potential to expand your list of subscribers and email customers. Make sure you have a tempting offer that your audience will love, implement CTAs in your profile, and take advantage of Instagram stories to promote your content.

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