Twitter Fleets ads come in story format

Twitter has published its version of the story format with Fleets. After the start in April 2021, it didn’t take long and Twitter Fleets ads in story format were announced.

New placement for story ads thanks to Twitter Fleets

Ads for Twitter Fleets are structured in the same way as various other formats for story ads. They play to the strength of a full-screen ad and join the organically published fleets.

As you know from Instagram story ads, ads within fleets also receive a call-to-action button the user: Inside, for example, be taken to websites.

With the new ad format, Twitter is catching up with many other social networks that have long been offering full-screen story ads.

The introduction of the format is therefore no surprise and offers brands and companies another playground for their vertical video ads. A test of the format is definitely recommended. First, of course, to spread campaigns on another channel and to compare the performance of the different story ads.

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Efficient distribution of vertical story ads

Especially with awareness campaigns, it makes sense to play out assets in different social networks. Since Twitter has not yet supported vertical video ads, Twitter was excluded as a placement. That will change now.

So if you produce assets for story ads, you can also use them on Twitter. This will probably also be the approach we’ll see most often.

For Twitter, ads for Fleets are just the beginning and serve Twitter itself as a test. So it is very possible that vertical ads will soon appear in other places on Twitter. The timeline is certainly the most attractive placement here.

Ads for Twitter Fleets receive the known standard metrics such as impressions, profile views, clicks and video views for evaluation. The ads can have a maximum length of 30 seconds, but in most cases this should be far too long for such a format.

Ads for Twitter Fleets start with selected partners and are initially only shown in the USA . As soon as the format is also available in Germany, we will update you here in the blog.

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