Top 50 Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

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Advertising market trends

1. Algorithmic ad placement

What is algorithmic ad placement? This means advertisers are automating media buying in order to reach a more specific audience. This type of automation provides a faster and more efficient auction per ad display. Advertisers have to spend less time and effort planning auctions and buying ads.

How does algorithmic ad placement work?

Step 1 – the user clicks on the web page.
Step 2 – the publisher puts the ad display up for auction.
Step 3 – An auction is being held in the ad marketplace where advertisers bid per impression.
Step 4 – The advertiser with the highest bid wins the right to serve their ads.

2. Marketing Personalization

If we have learned anything in 2020, it is that for marketing to succeed in 2021, you need to personalize your marketing activities, including content, emails and ads. Netflix and Amazon are great examples of personalization with their curated content and product offerings.

Чем более персонализирован контент, тем выше вовлеченность и лояльность клиентов

The more personalized the content, the higher the engagement and customer loyalty

3. Smart Bidding feature in Google Ads

This system allows Google to manage advertiser PPC campaigns using Google’s artificial intelligence system. The system then optimizes the advertiser’s budget to maximize its ROI. Advertisers can choose from many criteria to optimize their bids, including device, physical location, remarketing list, ad characteristics, display language, or browser.

4. Anti-ad blockers

Many sites have ad blockers installed to prevent ads from being shown to users. This wreaks havoc on revenue, which can be as high as 40% of ad blocking losses. Therefore, one of the trends characteristic of 2021 is the popularization of anti-ad blockers.

Anti-adblockers are useful software solutions that bypass ad blockers. Not all solutions work for all ad blockers. You can also use an ad network that serves ads bypassing ad blockers. However, not all ad networks are suitable for all ad blockers.

5. Advertising for the Internet of Things

Реклама для «интернета вещей»

Connectivity goes beyond smartphones, laptops and tablets these days. There is a whole world of connected devices, from smart cars to smart homes. These connected devices are known as the Internet of Things.

Companies have tried to use the Internet of Things for advertising. For example, the inclusion of advertisements in smart car systems or the use of sensors in bottles of alcohol. As more connected devices are developed, there will be more opportunities for advertising on the Internet of Things.

Social media market trends

5. Influencer Marketing

What is an opinion leader? This is the person who, as an authority, can convey the brand’s message to their market. Influencers are not only celebrities, but also Instagram or YouTube users who have their own audience of followers. Their audience can range from a few thousand to millions. Influencer marketing has become more popular lately for the following reasons:

  • It’s organic
  • He is reliable
  • He interacts with the client

Many companies are moving away from traditional advertising in favor of collaborating with influencers who spread information about their products or services. For example, GoodFoods partners with 60 influencers who create content and recipes using GoodFoods products online.

Finding the right influencer for your company is another story. Fortunately, there are AI-powered solutions that allow companies to rank and rank influencers based on niche, follower count, and ROI potential.

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7. Messengers

Messengers are designed not only for communicating with friends. With more than a billion monthly users using Facebook Messenger, companies are looking to engage with their audience through instant messengers.

Facebook Messenger используют более миллиарда
пользователей ежемесячно

Social media posts give businesses the ability to directly send messages to customers, respond to inquiries, and direct sales. It works like a live chat for customers to contact you, then you can provide assistance, remind them of forgotten baskets, send event invitations and more.

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8. Social Media Stories

Instagram and Facebook both offer users the ability to share their stories, and since their inception, they have become very popular with users. Here are some statistics:

  • 500 million people use Instagram Stories every day.
  • More than half of Instagram users became interested in the brand after seeing it on Instagram Story.
  • Half of users say they want to buy a product because they saw it in Stories.

9. From social media to social marketplace

Social media platforms have added ecommerce features in 2020. The goal is to provide users with a seamless journey from brand exposure to purchase. We can expect this trend to intensify in 2021 and brands will use social media platforms as a marketplace. In the next section, we’ll explain which tools they are most likely to use.

10. Social Commerce & Publishing Shopping

As mentioned above, social media platforms are investing in adding e-commerce functionality to social posts. For example, Instagram posts with shopping options:

платформы социальных сетей инвестируют в добавление функций электронной коммерции в социальные посты

How do I do this? You can add tags to products in your stories or posts and the tags will take your customer to a page where they can purchase the product.

11. Perhaps Facebook has reached its peak

Based on the latest update of Facebook’s 2020 metrics, there is reason to believe that the network has stalled.

Есть основания полагать, что
сеть остановилась в развитии

The number of monthly and daily new network users is decreasing. It is not yet clear why the number of users has decreased, but this network will soon turn two decades old, and it will have other competitors.

12. Targeting effective social networks

With so many social media channels available, companies can be overwhelmed trying to keep each one of them relevant. So shrinking social media to focus on what really works for the audience is likely to become a necessity in 2021.

13. User Generated Content Development (UGC)

User generated content will become a central part of the marketing strategy in 2021. Advertisers use artificial intelligence to create ads that will interact with user generated content. Brands like Lush cosmetics are using Instagram hashtags to make user-generated content work for them.

Пользовательский контент станет центральной частью маркетинговой стратегии в 2021 году

Another example of using custom content is demonstrated by Aerie. As a strategy for the development of social networks, they usually use the #regram function – posting from another user account in their own.

Еще один пример использования пользовательского контента демонстрирует компания Aerie

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SEO optimization market trends

14. Content marketing is still at the top

We are used to hearing that content is the most important thing. The reality is that search engines like Google prioritize well-written content and useful links when ranking sites and presenting search results to users.

In recent years, changes to Google’s algorithm have further increased the relevance of content for SEO. This could not but affect marketers:

88% of marketers recognize that creating content that is useful to their audience allows their organization to be perceived as an authoritative source.

What’s more, investing in content marketing can be a cost-effective way to get customers to your site and get them engaged.

“Content marketing has lower upfront costs and greater long-term benefits than paid search,” says @JuliaEMcCoy.

Since search engines prioritize well-written and useful content, it’s safe to say that content marketing is a trend that will continue into 2021.

15. Emphasis on branding

Consumers are unable to cope with the sheer number of options they get every time they search for something on the internet. In this marketing landscape, having a clear, unique and recognizable brand is key to success.

Since most companies went online in the past year, the problem of overcrowding has worsened. In 2021, you will see the majority of companies focusing on branding strategies rather than intrusive ads. One of the reasons branding is now so important to its continued existence is because search engines prioritize ranking of brands over sites. More details in the next section.

16. E-A-T factors

E-A-T is one of the most important criteria used by Google to rank brands and sites. It means:

  • Expertise : Your pages should have quality content written by an expert in the field.
  • Authority : You need to build your brand’s credibility in a given area.
  • Reliability : Your site should be linked to other reputable sources in the field.

These criteria measure the quality of a web page . This works because all websites need to meet these criteria if they want to rank on the search engine. The better they meet these three criteria, the higher the ranking. E-A-T factors determine how a page is meeting user needs. As the Google Terms say:
“Websites and pages should be built to help users”

17. A / B Testing for SEO Optimization

A / B testing is used in all industries, not just marketing. But it’s safe to say that most of today’s marketing is about testing and analytics. Long gone are the days when the success of a campaign was determined by trial and error.

When you apply A / B testing in SEO, you are actually pre-validating the content. You can then determine which version of the site brings more results.

A / B tests are used for testing:

  • meta titles and descriptions
  • URL structures,
  • headers,
  • calls to action
  • sales pages,
  • product descriptions.

18. Interactive content

Interactive content is one of the trends that has developed rapidly in the past year. As our lives move online, consumers seek to replace face-to-face interactions with brands as much as possible. Examples of interactive content include:

  • Quizzes and polls
  • Augmented Reality Technologies
  • Virtual reality in advertising

The main thing is to engage the user and offer him an unforgettable service . For example, online stores allow you to find out the exact size using online calculators.

Beauty brands use augmented reality technology so you can try on hair color with a virtual assistant and check if a particular hair color is right for you. There are many possibilities to make the user experience even more memorable.

19. Role of highlighted descriptions

What is “zero position”? This term refers to the top-most position in the search results. This position is usually taken by a featured snippet .

What is a highlighted description?

Что такое выделенное описание?

This is a useful summary that Google provides first on the page to respond to your query.

Why is this important? In this treasured block, the user can get an answer to his request without having to follow the link. If you managed to take a place in this block, then you have reached an incredible peak. In addition, extended descriptions are used as responses to voice search. Since a third of Internet searches are performed using voice search, you can make your content respond to your query.

20. SEO continues to evolve – it uses structured data

The term “structured data” refers to any data organized in such a way that search engines can view and classify it. Structured data can help you optimize your site’s SEO by making your content more useful and easier to categorize. Structured data can take you to the coveted zero position, in the form of a highlighted description or a Knowledge Graph block. The structured data generates “rich description results” – snippets of images, prices and statistics:

Термин «структурированные данные» относится к любым данным, организованным таким образом, чтобы поисковые системы
могли их просматривать и классифицировать

Advanced Snippets are great for driving traffic and clicks, especially among mobile users.

21. Cumulative Layout Shift

This metric shows how visually stable your page is. Simply put, the CLS score helps you understand how likely your page is to cause an unpleasant visual experience for users. According to Google, a good score for mobile and desktop pages is less than 0.1 . More than 0.25 is no longer normal.

What can cause CLS?

  • Many different fonts on the page.
  • Ads that displace content.

Why is this important? Unsurprisingly, high CLS results in lower conversion rates and higher bounce rates . After all, few of the users will stay and make a purchase on a site that provides low-quality services. This is why we are likely to see more sites that parse their CLS in 2021.

22. Long content

As much as you would like to, in 2021, regular posts of less than 1,000 words will not bring you success. According to experts such as Neil Patel, posts of about 3,000 words are the most traffic-intensive and the most interesting . This volume gives readers the opportunity to explore the topic deeper. A content writer who regularly posts long posts can become an authority in any area.

Research has shown that long content has more SEO benefits as it provides three times more backlinks than short articles. Need more proof? When you type your query on Google, chances are there will be longer articles in the top ten results. Some of the benefits of long content include:

  • Longer time on the site.
  • Decrease in bounce rate.
  • More backlinks and social media mentions.
  • Ranked higher on Google.

23. SEO image and video optimization for visual search

This was a watershed moment. Instead of trying to describe what you want to find, you can upload an image and get more specific results.

Это стало переломным моментом

You just upload an image of what you want and Google suggests similar images:

Реклама для «интернета вещей»0

Visual search is so useful and useful that many companies have embraced this trend. One example is Pinterest Lens, a visual search tool that you can use to take a photo of an item to find similar items, browse message boards about it, or find out where to buy it online.

Реклама для «интернета вещей»1

The success of this tool shows how much visual search engages users. Since its beta release, the Lens app has recognized 2.5 billion home and apparel products, driving Pinterest searches soar. But Pinterest isn’t the only one taking advantage of this. Google and Bing have also launched similar visual search engines.

24. Semantic Keyword Analysis

All content creators have heard of this: write for people, not Google. A 4,000 word article will not produce the desired results if it does not match the user’s intent. When Google analyzes your content to see if it matches a specific query, it looks at more than just individual keywords.

The system conducts semantic analysis to find out what exactly the user wanted to achieve with his question . When you write with user intent in mind, these semantic keywords give Google a better idea of ​​what your content is about and how it can help users.

25. More investment in analytics

As we have already explained, in modern marketing everything depends on metrics. Therefore, more and more companies are investing in better analytics tools that go beyond the fundamentals of Google Analytics. Better analytics provide more accurate insights into your business and help you make decisions.

26. Enhanced security

As more and more people are surfing the Internet, there is a growing need to improve the security of websites. A secure site makes the user feel secure.

Data leaks happen to everyone, both small and large websites and platforms. Therefore, most consumers believe that how you manage their sensitive data can be a decisive factor when using your content, products or services. Improving the security of websites shouldn’t even be in doubt in 2021.

27. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

You have responsive websites that work on both mobile and desktop devices, and you also have mobile apps. The new trend is Progressive Web Apps are essentially websites that act like mobile apps. For web developers, this can be a universal solution, allowing you to have both a website and an application in the same format.

As the number of mobile users grows, more companies will use this type of web application.

Реклама для «интернета вещей»2

28. High degree of confidentiality

Other systems have emerged to provide users with a higher degree of privacy. is one such example. This private search engine provides users with the ability to search without being tracked. The system does not store personal information, does not use cookies or any other means of tracking. The goal is to provide the user with a completely confidential search experience.

Реклама для «интернета вещей»3

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Automation and artificial intelligence

29. Artificial intelligence

Back in 2017, Gartner predicted that by 2020, artificial intelligence will be present in almost every software product. And they were right. The AI ​​market is expected to hit the $ 190 billion mark by 2025.

Реклама для «интернета вещей»4

AI can collect and analyze data from social media and customer interactions to gauge their behavior. AI looks for patterns that allow us to understand the preferences of your audience.

30. Chatbots and Conversational Technologies

In the past year, conversational technologies have made a splash as a contactless way for consumers to interact with companies. According to Gartner’s expert estimates, the trend-setting dialogue platforms include the following:

  • advanced natural language processing
  • support for voice and text input,
  • using personalization for natural communication
  • the ability to exchange multimedia data and documents
  • Providing Dialogue Control
  • combining several chatbots,
  • data storage.

Why do we need chatbots?

  • Service 24 hours a day
  • Provide instant response to customer inquiries
  • Allows you to sort and solve simple problems.

For example, you can order and update your mobile phone SIM using Olive chatbot, an assistant for Australian supermarket chain Woolworths.

Реклама для «интернета вещей»5

Brands like Sephora use chatbots to provide help and product recommendations to potential customers.

31.Big Data and Deep Learning Technologies

According to the report, big data and deep learning technologies will continue to evolve in 2021. Moreover, more and more companies will use big data analytics to improve business performance and drive innovation.

Реклама для «интернета вещей»6

One of the downsides is that as more companies use big data, there is an increasing demand for protecting consumer data management. More and more regulations such as the CCPA and GDPR are coming into force.

32. Augmented reality (AR) and immersive technologies

Companies like Facebook are increasingly using augmented reality to improve their customer experience. Facebook Oculus Facebook Oculus allows users to play without pressing buttons, transforming the gameplay into a virtual reality atmosphere.

Реклама для «интернета вещей»7

Marketers can take advantage of this technology to provide their customers with an immersive experience. Several brands such as IKEA, Tom’s shoes, Patron Spirits and even Marriott International are already providing customers with immersive VR experiences.

Реклама для «интернета вещей»8

  • Augmented reality ads for games and consumer products.
  • 360 degree video – for real estate, tourism.

33. Predictive and Augmented Analytics

Predictive analytics is a combination of data mining, predictive modeling and machine learning to identify patterns and make predictions. More and more digital marketing companies are using predictive analytics tools to predict consumer behavior and identify trends.

In 2017, Gartner defined Augmented Analytics as the future of data analytics .

“Augmented analytics is the use of advanced technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to prepare data, generate and explain inferences to empower people to explore and analyze data in analytics and BI platforms. It also empowers experts and data scientists by automating many aspects of data processing, machine learning and the development, management and application of AI models. ”(Gartner).

Simply put, augmented analytics uses machine learning to gain deeper insights into data and gain even more data.

Other important marketing trends to be aware of

34. Live streams (TikTok for everyone?)

Streaming is becoming more popular every day, and the rapid development of TikTok is proof of this. Since Instagram is adding a Reels feature with the ability to buy items via video, TikTok is going to do the same. In a very short time, live broadcasts on social networks will turn into a market in real time.

35. The reorientation of companies’ activities may continue

2020 changed the digital landscape forever. It is unlikely that we will return to pre-2020 conditions. Consumers are enjoying the benefits of online trading. Therefore, companies that changed their strategy in the past year to adapt may now find that their customers expect them to continue in the same spirit.

36. Targeted Campaigns

In the past year, marketing campaigns have a specific goal: to help customers overcome the pandemic as easily as possible. Targeted campaigns will continue to be relevant in 2021. Such campaigns promote social activist themes, such as campaigns in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. These topics resonate with customers and drive engagement with the relevant audience. These campaigns are effective because consumers identify with the same social issues as the brand is concerned about.

37. Voice search

Smart speakers and virtual assistants with speech recognition are no longer a trending acquisition. According to statistics, by 2022, more than half of American homes will be equipped with smart speakers (Google Home, Alexa, and others). People use voice assistants not only for their daily activities, but also for purchases using voice commands. The speech recognition shopping market is expected to reach $ 40 billion in 2022.

38. Virtual events will not keep you waiting

In 2020, companies and individuals began to host virtual events in response to the pandemic. There is a chance that many events will continue to be virtualized in 2021 due to the benefits it brings to companies. Virtual events can attract a wider audience and generate more traffic. Therefore, we will continue to see more virtual events in 2021.

39. Monetizing Marketing

In 2020, there was an increase in online activity, but at the same time, companies have many opportunities to make money on their digital resources. Display advertising, search monetization, and in-app advertising are some of the monetization trends we may see in 2021.

40. Geofencing development

Geofencing is a marketing approach in which you establish geographic boundaries around a property of interest. If the user’s mobile device enters this zone, the geofence activates an alert and offers appropriate advertising. Here are some of the benefits of geofencing:

  • Geofenced mobile ads have twice the CTR.
  • It is compatible with most smartphones.
  • 53% of consumers visited a retail store after receiving a message with the specified location.

41. Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing is the use of conversational technology for marketing purposes. For example, using chatbots as “sales consultants” or SMS marketing to communicate with customers. Several large companies use this technology: Domino’s, Sephora, 1-800-Flowers.

Реклама для «интернета вещей»9

42. Video Marketing

This is one of the most important marketing trends today. Here are some statistics that demonstrate why you need to integrate video marketing into your strategy:

  • 86% of companies use video as part of their marketing strategy.
  • 93% of these marketers say video is an important part of their marketing strategy, up from 91% in 2019.
  • Marketing videos are most successful (73%), followed by videos on social media (67%).

43. Personalized emails

Email personalization involves the use of subscribers’ personal information to compose personalized emails. This allows you to send highly targeted email marketing campaigns. Why should you use marketing personalization emails?

  • 82% of marketers see an increase in email views thanks to personalization technology.
  • I view personalized mailings 29% more often than non-personalized ones.

44. Push notifications for browsers

With the rapid development of online commerce, the popularity of push notifications has increased and most online stores use some type of push notifications. They are generally more effective than a newsletter. You can send reminders for abandoned grocery baskets, product suggestions, and more. Therefore, in 2021 we are likely to see more companies using personalized push notifications.

45. Omnichannel Marketing

You’ve probably heard of omnichannel marketing in 2020. It is a marketing approach that uses multiple platforms (e.g. social media, blog, email marketing) to connect with potential customers. Its benefits lie in delivering a consistent brand message across all channels. Omnichannel marketing tends to show higher engagement and conversion rates than using a single channel. Simply put, you expand the number of points of contact.

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46. Neuromarketing

Neuromarketing is not a new phenomenon. Back in 1999, Harvard scientists conducted the first MRT study as a marketing tool, pioneering neuromarketing. It’s an area of ​​research that analyzes people’s brain activity using brain scans to determine what type of content they’ll enjoy. The first studies were conducted for retail marketing. One of the results of neuromarketing are visual maps, which measure a viewer’s interest in a website based on where they are looking on the page. Companies use this information to optimize their content and strategies.

47. Blockchain technology

A blockchain is an interconnected sequence of data records. The records are stored in permanent blocks, which are secured and linked together by cryptography on a neutral computer.

According to Investopedia, “the blockchain is copied and distributed across a network of computers without storing any information in a centralized storage database” .

Facebook Messenger используют более миллиарда
пользователей ежемесячно0

Although blockchain is typically associated with finance and supply chain operations, it is starting to take hold in digital marketing. As blockchain removes the middleman, we can see how digital marketing companies use it to track purchases of space and time in advertising, verify online identity, or protect personal data.

48. 5G technology

This trend, the fifth generation of mobile technology, will bring many changes to digital communications. Telecommunications companies are striving to create a fully connected society, providing high-speed data transmission even in the most remote regions. However, this is not all. This trend will eventually give way to more integrated technology.

49. Confidential Marketing

Protecting privacy is more than just a way to protect your data. These days, when data breaches occur every now and then, consumers need to know that they can trust the companies that keep their data safe. Thus, marketing teams must focus on building the trust of their audience. One of the ways is to protect the privacy of users by not storing personal data in the records. This ensures that in the event of a breach, intruders will not have sensitive data to steal.

50. Gamification

Keeping customers engaged is no easy task. Companies like Starbucks use gamification techniques to keep in touch with their customers. The app uses purchase history and location data to personalize the user experience and promote the use of the loyalty program. This application has increased the company’s revenue to over $ 2 billion.

Facebook Messenger используют более миллиарда
пользователей ежемесячно1

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Digital Marketing Landscape

Here are the basic statistics you need to know to understand where digital marketing will take in 2021.

  • Digital Marketing Spend Down in 2020 Facebook Messenger используют более миллиарда
пользователей ежемесячно2
  • Costs are being recovered Facebook Messenger используют более миллиарда
пользователей ежемесячно3

    Source: eMarketer

    Digital spending is recovering and is expected to reach $ 389 billion in 2024, up from $ 332 billion in 2020. The growth is driven by the market recovering and trying to capitalize on the growing online consumer activity. The trend will not stop there, and it is expected to grow to $ 525.17 billion by 2024.

  • LinkedIn ad spend grows 40% in 2019-2020 .
    LinkedIn advertising spending has reached $ 1 billion in the US, making it a trusted advertising channel for B2B marketers (eMarketer).
  • Personalization is developing rapidly Facebook Messenger используют более миллиарда
пользователей ежемесячно4

    Source: eMarketer

Most marketers will focus their personalization efforts at improving the customer experience by providing product and service recommendations.

On the consumer side: 80% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company that offers a personal touch (Instapage).

Digital Marketing Basics

If you want to be successful in digital marketing, there are a few basic principles you need to master: digital presence, branding, and relationships. These three basic concepts will greatly simplify this multifaceted field of activity.

Presence in the digital information space
This is a core element of any type of digital marketing that you can pursue. Digital presence is practically the same as existence these days.

It’s not enough to have a website or social media page. You need a clear strategy that defines how and where you should shape your presence in the digital information space.

Where does your audience spend their time online?
The golden rule of marketing is to know your customer. Therefore, if you want to engage your audience, first find out where they spend their time online. What type of content do they prefer? What social networks do they spend time on? What search terms are used? This will help you determine which channels are most effective for shaping your digital presence.

What goal do you want to achieve with your marketing strategy?
Ask yourself what you want to achieve with your online presence. Do you want to increase brand awareness? In this case, your strategy should not be aimed at intrusive ads. If your goal is to increase conversions, then capture pages can help you do so with clear guidance and calls to action.


Your brand reflects what your company stands for. It includes everything: company name, color scheme, concept, slogan, logo and much more.

To stand out from the multitude of brands, your brand must showcase its uniqueness. Maintaining high brand awareness is one of the most important ways to stand out from the competition. However, it is not enough to stand out in the market; it is necessary to stand out on the web as well. Therefore, develop your online branding strategy so that search engines recognize your brand, not your site. In fact, Google’s algorithm considers having a strong brand as one of the characteristics of a “quality site”.


Your digital marketing strategy should not be limited to trying to appear on the first page of Google. Social media, blogs, forums, social apps, and other similar platforms can help you build relationships with your customers online.

When it comes to marketing, relationships will always be the foundation of good business. Building an online presence will allow you to grab attention, but building relationships with your audience will bring you conversions.

To form effective customer relationships, you need to be attractive and individual. By using social media and good content, you can connect with your audience and communicate your brand message.

5 Digital Marketing Challenges in 2021

  • Less marketing costs
    Marketing budgets have been hit by spending cuts in 2020. While marketing companies are gradually recovering, spending has yet to hit the level expected until 2020. While the e-commerce ratio has grown significantly, companies have yet to catch up with new digital marketing needs.
  • Gaining Attention Through Multiple Channels
    In 2021, interaction with customers in their places of presence will become even more relevant. Building engagement will become more challenging by leveraging mobile messaging channels and leveraging personalized and dynamic content to enhance customer experiences and increase customer loyalty.
  • Mobile Strategy
    More and more people are browsing websites and making purchases from their smartphones. Targeting mobile devices allows your customers to receive your products / services on the go, anytime, from anywhere. Therefore, when creating your marketing strategy for 2021, consider a mobile-first approach.
  • Create Omnichannel Marketing
    Customers are actively using a variety of devices and platforms. Marketers need to combine online and social media strategies. This is to make it easier for your audience to connect with you wherever they are. Omnichannel marketing allows you to focus on the platform where your audience is most active. The main thing is to provide your clients with a smooth transition from one channel to another.
  • Compliance with privacy and data exchange rules

Marketers need to quickly adapt to changes in privacy and data-sharing practices. Since many regulations apply in different countries, marketers need to take this into account. The phasing out of third-party cookies is exacerbating the problem of marketers understanding a customer’s purchase intent.

The Future of Digital Marketing – 3 Key Predictions

Having analyzed the main trends for 2021, we have identified the main forecasts for 2021:

  • From digital marketing to hands-on activities
    When the pandemic broke out, consumers focused on using new technologies and working online. But in 2021, many people will get tired of spending most of their time on the Internet. Keeping customers active will depend on how good the customer experience is. Marketers must assess their digital potential and improve it to reach customers without causing digital fatigue.
  • Customer Experience Combines with Other Features In a report, Gartner predicts that by 2023, a quarter of organizations will merge marketing with sales and customer service into a single function. The goal is for customer-centric features to work together to complement each other.
  • Content curation and moderation will become more important Gartner predicts that by 2024, one third of organizations will prioritize user content moderation. Software and tools will be used to enable companies to monitor, moderate and manage user-generated content to prevent negative impact on their brands.


Hopefully these trends, which we have collected and presented in CodeFuel, will help you define your marketing strategy for 2021.

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