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TOP 5 best social media scraping services

More than half of the success of an advertising campaign on a social network is formed by its correct setting. The most important point here is the collection of the base of the target audience, which will be shown the ad. In the latter, parsing will help, which is the collection of all kinds of information about users according to a certain algorithm. In the future, such data can be uploaded to the ad account and used to display your ads. Here are the TOP 5 parsers that have already been evaluated by experts:

1. Segmento Target

Site: segmento-target.ru

Cost: from 699 rubles per month. There is a free trial period,

A feature of the service is the ability to reach three social networks at once (Instagram, Odnoklassniki, VKontakte), which is cheaper than buying separate parsers for each. The big advantage of Segmento Target is its speed and advanced functionality. Key features:

  • creating several tasks for analysis at once;
  • work with exact occurrences, which improves the quality of information;
  • collecting data about moderators and community administrators;
  • search for groups with target audience;
  • defining an active audience;
  • collecting a base in other social networks based on existing geotags.

2. Pepper ninja

Website: pepper.ninja

Cost: from 490 rubles per month. Free period for 3 days

The parser has all the standard and necessary functions:

  • search for an audience by various parameters, including those users who went to the site;
  • forming a database by the audience who attended events organized by your competitor on VK;
  • search for users in specific cities;
  • search for relatives of subscribers, popular bloggers.

3. Cerebro Target

Site: cerebro.rf

Cost: from 1225 rubles / month.

The parser offers users the following features:

  • search for publics where users of your community are members;
  • search for communities where your target audience is located;
  • the ability to segment the database according to certain parameters;
  • exclude users who are in more than one community (called audience overlap).

4. TargetHunter

Website: targethunter.ru (registration bonus with promo code: glgroup )

Cost: from 18 rubles per day with a free limited version.

The service offers users:

  • search for target audience by specific characteristics;
  • collection of information;
  • analysis of the generated user base;
  • accounting of audience activity;
  • base exchange (the ability to buy ready-made or sell your own to generate income).

5. Clever Target

Site: clevertarget.ru

Cost: free period and payment in real time on the site from 0.3 rubles per minute.

One of the features of the parser is the per-minute payment for work on the service, which allows you to save money when such services are periodically necessary. Today, with its help, the user will receive the following features:

  • audience search by various criteria;
  • the ability to track posts and comments without logging into the social network;
  • the ability to work offline (all information is stored in the cloud);
  • create ads.

An additional scraper option will be forecasting the cost of placing an ad using artificial intelligence. It also helps to assess the main competitors (talking about the quality of the audience, its activity and other parameters).

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