Tips & tricks for more visibility in the Instagram Reels tab


If Instagram introduces its own feed for a format, then this shows how big the ambitions of Instagram are. The Reels Tab with its own feed is not only coming to the fore on Instagram, but also on brands, companies and creators.

Instagram has now published tips on Instagram Reels to increase the chance of appear in the Reels tab. The Reels tab has different goals. First, users should: Consume more content here and spend more time on Instagram, or instead of consuming content in the TikTok feed, rather do this in the Reels tab.

For companies and creators, Reels is first about distributing the vertical videos produced. In the first step, your own channels come into play for distribution. Reels are shared in the feed and in stories in order to reach existing followers.

Then there is the visibility of reels in Instagram Explore. Reels are currently presented very prominently here. So Explore is a good way to make new people aware of your reels.

The third pillar is the Reels tab and it will probably also be the area that has the greatest importance for Reels in the long term.

But how does Instagram select the content and which points should be taken into account when creating reels?

Important, this is about improving the chances and no guarantee.

No recycled content from TikTok and other apps


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If you look at reels on Instagram, you will have come across recycled content several times. TikToks in particular are often found and of course that is not in the sense of Instagram. So if you want to increase your chances of higher visibility, you should no longer publish TikToks on Instagram as a reel. Especially if the TikTok logo can be seen in the video.

Instagram doesn’t specifically talk about TikTok, but mentions logos and watermarks from other apps. But it is clear which app is meant here. Exactly this watermark was one of the growth drivers for TikTok. TikToks were shared (not only on Instagram) and the TikTok logo was recognizable in every share. Now Instagram is officially announcing for the first time that logos from other apps have negative effects.

What should of course continue to work is to use content produced for TikTok, only you have to remove the logo from Reels.

The Reels tab is for vertical videos

Another recommendation is clear. No one needs fuzzy videos and Instagram will not feature them in the Reels tab.

Further exclusion criteria are reels that contain too much text without Instagram specifying what too much text means. If text elements overlap a large part of the video, they are not recommended by Instagram.

The same applies to reels that contain a frame. Instagram specifically mentions square videos here. That is quite interesting. Of course, TikTok also recommends vertical videos, but square videos are definitely not uncommon on TikTok and can also generate a lot of views and interactions. Instagram does not want this and is encouraging creators and companies to produce reels exclusively as vertical videos. In the form in which the format was originally intended.

The tips & tricks on what to avoid with your reels are almost more helpful than the tips on how to create your reels.

Inspirational and informative content should always be there, and these requirements do not just apply to reels.

Increase visibility in the Reels tab with functions and effects

A helpful point in the recommendations is the use of effects. Those who integrate effects into their reels increase the chance of being featured in the Reels tab. The same applies to the use of music from the Instagram library.

Since brands and companies do not have access to the music library, you should use your own sounds in the form of original sounds or speech. Language and sound are important factors on TikTok and the same rules apply to Instagram reels.

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