TikTok Login Kit brings TikTok integration for mobile apps & websites

With the TikTok Login Kit, TikTok is following the same path that has already been very successful for Facebook. Instead of always having to create new accounts in apps and on websites and remembering (or saving) passwords, the registration is done via the TikTok Login Kit.

Of course, there are no approaches similar to TikTok with its login kit only on Facebook. There are variants for Instagram, Twitter, Google, Apple and also Snapchat.

TikTok Login Kit grants mobile apps access to profile information

The simple login via TikTok is the advantage from the user’s point of view. In addition, different elements can be used directly in other apps.

For TikTok, it is important that as many mobile apps and websites as possible integrate the TikTok login, because this way TikTok is not only spread more widely and integrated into the Integrated user experience of external apps, valuable data is of course also generated. This data is important for TikTok ads, for example, when it comes to users: reactivating mobile apps inside. However, this is only an example.

The process for the TikTok login is the same as for other social logins. A TikTok login button is integrated into the apps and websites. If the login is used, the requested authorizations and the associated profile information appear in the next step.

In the Swipehouse example, these Profile picture and username requested. This falls under “Read your profile info”. In addition, Swipehouse also wants access to all public TikTok videos in order to integrate this content into their own user experience.

Reading the profile information is a basic requirement and the lowest authorization that apps can query when logging in to TikTok. As with the Facebook login, you can also deactivate further authorization and thus deny access. You should always ask yourself what information do I absolutely need, how do I integrate it into my app and what does it all look like if users do not give the rights inside.

The same options are also available with TikTok Login available on websites.

With the TikTok Login Kit, TikTok could establish itself even further and spread the popular content outside of TikTok and without embeds. The generation of data and the optimization of ads are of course also points that are part of the login kit.

You can find more information in the TikTok developer area.

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