TikTok Jump: Small applications for more interactivity in the for you feed

With TikTok Jump, TikTok provides companies and developers with new technical possibilities to generate more visibility for their own external content in the Just for You feed. TikTok Jump are called mini-applications and are essentially a connection between TikTok videos and external apps and websites.

TikTok Jump – the better links (and more) on TikTok

TikTok Jump Mini-Anwendungen

How does TikTok Jump work and why is it attractive for companies?

TikTok Jump is intended on the one hand to offer TikTok users a more interactive experience in the feeds and on the other to strengthen the link between TikTok and external content.

Whoever uses TikTok Jump, integrates TikTok directly in his mobile app and can, for example, share direct links to a recipe in TikToks. You may have already seen the Wikipedia link in TikTok videos.

The big advantage is that the link to your own app is linked to a link, your own logo and an individual call-to-action. The videos not only spread the content, but also guide users: Inside, specifically to the communicated content. If a recipe is presented in the video, further information on this recipe can be accessed directly via the integration.

On TikTok, the link takes place within the publisher. At the same point where you can activate the duet function, for example, there will be a new option for. Users: Inside select the appropriate app and establish the connection between the produced video and the TikTok Jump Mini application.

Link content and technical possibilities with one another

I’m always a fan of social networks when, in addition to your own content, you also deal with the technical possibilities of the respective platform. Admittedly, these options have been pretty limited on TikTok until now. With TikTok Jump, the platform has now been strengthened again.

In addition to the TikTok Login Kit, which enables social login via your own TikTok account, TikTok Jump is another connection to external content, especially mobile apps Available.

The mini-applications are based on HTML5 and can easily be integrated into your own mobile app.

More visibility thanks to TikTok Jump

The effects that through are exciting and differ from the Instagram approach. With the exception of the option to create Instagram stories from mobile apps, as known from Netflix.

TikTok is hoping for even more content and in return provides the companies involved with visibility and thus greater use of their own mobile App. There are certainly parallels to the mini programs from WeChat and Snapchat Minis. WeChat, in particular, is way ahead when it comes to integrating small applications. But we know the power of TikTok and also the speed at which new functions are implemented and further developed.

One can therefore assume that the feature will quickly win many new partners and that the technical possibilities will also be further developed . According to TikTok, the possibilities should be almost “limitless”.

How can you use TikTok Jump?

First partners are Whisk, Breathwrk, Wikipedia, Quizlet, StatMuse, Tabelog BuzzFeed, Jumprope, IRL, and Watcha. So there are various topics and interests at the start that are already covered.

In addition, the TikTok Jump integrations are only available to selected creators at the start. So there is still a lot of testing going on here and the full effect will be achieved when all users: Inside can access the shortcuts.

If you are interested in TikTok Jump now, you cannot start right away, but have to go to register a form. This is quite common with such integrations, in order to guarantee a high quality of the mini-applications at the beginning.

I am always happy when something happens on the technical side of social networks. It is a function that could strengthen the link between social media and your own content. Due to the impressive development, the interest in such a link is likely to be relatively high. I strongly assume that we will see a lot of integrations in the near future. Whether TikTok Jump will be a success depends on the implementation and the resulting acceptance on the user side.

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