TikTok introduces playlists for creators and business accounts

In order to better structure published content and make it more accessible, TikTok has made a new feature available. With TikTok Playlists, creators and companies with business accounts can assign published videos to thematic playlists.


Playlists are one of the on YouTube main features. Companies and creators can assign videos to series formats, specific topics or product categories. The more content you publish on TikTok, the more helpful it is to have a clear structure of the published content. This structure is created with TikTok playlists.

Due to the uniqueness of the Just for You feed, TikTok playlists are given even greater importance.

TikTok playlists for accounts with a wide range of topics

Different formats and series are nothing new for many TikTok Creator and Business Accounts and are used regularly. Did users: Discover an interesting format in the For-You feed, but it was often difficult to find videos from the same series. Depending on how often a TikTok is published for the format, you had to search longer in the account to find more “episodes”.

TikTok playlists solve this problem and users: Inside can jump directly to other content of the format.

The playlists work like a mini -Feed and you can switch to the next video with a swipe. The playlists should always contain a meaningful title so that users can: Quickly find the right videos inside. There is no description text like on YouTube.

In the profile of Jera Bean you can take a look at the structure and functionality of Tik Tok playlists. It is not yet known when all creator and business accounts will be able to use the feature. Since TikTok features always roll out relatively quickly, it shouldn’t take long. Especially with such a feature, from which a large number of accounts will benefit.

In the feed you can see directly whether the video has been assigned to a playlist. If you tap on the playlist tag, an overview of the other TikToks within the list appears. In the profile there is also an overview of all playlists that have been created.

What has long been standard on YouTube is a significant improvement for TikTok. How exactly the playlists are displayed in the search is not yet entirely clear.

The advantages are obvious and as soon as you have access to the playlists and also produce TikToks on different topics or series, playlists should be created .

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