Think about video when you think of Pinterest: Almost 1 billion views per day

Pinterest never wanted to be a classic social network. Nevertheless, Pinterest has adapted various formats and has grown significantly, especially with moving images. Thus, Pinterest is no longer a pure platform for images, but has also developed into a video platform.

The number of video views on Pinterest has increased significantly and the visual idea machine has almost 1 billion video views per day.

Of course, this only works if there are more videos on Pinterest. This is the case. In 2020, the number of published Video Pins increased by 800%. With the introduction of story pins , videos get even more attention. Companies and creators will already be using stories in other social networks, and vertical videos should also be an important part of the published story pins on Pinterest -provider-futurebiz wp-block-embed-futurebiz “>

Feed, story pins and video ADs

You can find videos on Pinterest not only in story pins. Videos are also an important means of attracting users’ attention in the Pinterest feed. Even if videos are growing strongly on Pinterest, they are not yet as present as on Instagram and Facebook, for example. There are still many opportunities for companies here and especially those who are already using story pins can benefit from early use.

One advantage of story pins is that the integrated videos last up to 60 seconds can be long. So if it is about a recipe or DIY instructions, for example, you can display them very well in your story pins.

Pinterest Germany has published a few tips for videos in story pins. Then you can see what a story pin looks like if you haven’t seen it yet.

Pinterest Premiere – Reach target groups with Pinterest videos


This means that video pins are also becoming more and more interesting for advertising companies. Video ADs have been around on Pinterest for some time, but with Pinterest Premiere, Video ADs now have even more options.

Pinterest Premiere allows demographic targeting as well as targeting according to interests. The difference to other video ads on Pinterest lies in the range, or in the position of the video AD. Pinterest Premiere will be available in different packages and the advertised Pinterest videos will be displayed prominently and at the top of the feed. So there is not only a higher range, but also the advantage of the front position.


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Think about video on Pinterest

Pinterest wants and will push videos significantly. Be it with story pins, videos in the feed, or new ad options like Pinterest Premiere. There will also be ads for story pins, increasing the possibilities even further. If you are already active on Pinterest, or are just planning your activity, then definitely take up the topic of Pinterest video.

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