The new statistics for Instagram Reels & Instagram Live at a glance

Instagram Reels and Instagram Live Videos receive new statistics, which should provide a deeper insight into the performance. Instagram had to step up, especially with Instagram Reels, as companies and creators previously had few options to get more precise statistics.

All Instagram Reels statistics

The statistics for Instagram Reels are available once Contribution level and once as an overview of all published reels in a certain period of time.


The statistics are divided into two areas: Reels-Insights and Reels-Interactions .

In addition, the Instagram statistics provide an overview of how differentiates the performance of different reels and which reels have achieved the most reach.

Instagram Reels-Insights / Reach

In the Reels-Insights area, you can now see how many Instagram accounts this Instagram has reached Reel. You can also see how many playbacks a reel had. This is similar to the impressions generated and the reach. The reproductions are therefore higher than they could achieve.

That’s about it.

Instagram reel interactions

The statistics on the reel interactions are falling similar to the post interactions.

In addition to the number of likes given, you can see statistics on the comments, how often a reel was shared and how often it was saved.

Instagram Live Statistics on reach and interactions

On the right side of the screenshot you can see the new Instagram live statistics. Analogous to Reels, Instagram shows how many accounts your livestreams have reached. In addition, you can see how many viewers have watched the stream in the peak at the same time.

In the interactions area, you can see how many comments the Instagram live video has received and how often it has been shared.

Still room for improvement

You can see at Instagram Live, the statistics are very manageable. If you compare it with Facebook Live, for example, or Facebook video statistics in general, then Instagram can certainly go a step further.

But even more is possible with the Reels statistics. Let’s think of the TikTok statistics. Of course, TikTok differs from Instagram, but it would be interesting to know where the reels generate their reach. Is it the feed or is it the Reels tab?

The most successful reels and content formats according to reach

As mentioned, Instagram now also offers a comparison of the individual content formats. So you can see which format achieves the most reach. Unfortunately, this sorting is only available according to range, which is okay when analyzing organic content.

The formats are sorted once according to the achieved reach and there is also a breakdown by subscriber: inside and non-subscribers: inside. In the example, reels have the highest reach and also reach the highest number of accounts that are not yet followers. This is how Instagram sees the Reels format.

The new statistics for Reels and Live are a step in the right direction, but can certainly be expanded. Soon new time periods will be available with which the statistics can be selected even more conveniently. That’s nice, but ideally I always want to define the time period and I want to do that on the desktop. 🙂 Mobile statistics are all well and good, but that’s why they’re so compressed. I would like to go deeper into the details and for that you need additional statistics (playback time, average playback time, etc.) and a kind of dashboard on the desktop. But maybe all of that will come.

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Which Instagram Reels statistics are there?

For Instagram Reels there are statistics on reach, accounts reached, plays and interactions such as likes, comments, shares and saves.

Where can I find the Instagram Reels statistics?

Statistics on Instagram reels are available once for individual reels and in the account overview of Instagram statistics.

What statistics are there for Instag ram Live?

For Instagram Live there are statistics on the achieved reach, on the peak of the stream with the most viewers: inside and on interactions such as comments.

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