The most popular TikTok functions and effects: Green Screen, Voiceover & Co.

Top TikTok Funktionen 2020

TikTok provides its user: inside and of course also on TikTok Companies have a wealth of functions and effects available.

The acceptance and results achieved depend on various factors. For example, how popular they are within the TikTok community, how well they can be used for their own content and whether they have an impact on the performance of the published TikToks.

As part of the annual review for 2020, TikTok not only has the most popular videos and creators presented, but also an interesting list of the most used TikTok functions and effects.

With TikTok effects and features to more attention in the Für You feed

The main advantage of these features is that they attract extra attention in the TikTok feeds. For example, if there is a new effect or a currently popular function, you will usually find more and more videos in the For You feed. All of the features and effects aim to make content more creative and to attract the attention of other users inside.

In the most popular and most used TikTok features you will find a mixture of effects, features for video editing and stickers , with which content can be upgraded and made more interactive.

The top 10 TikTok features from 2020

Here are the ten most used TikTok features from 2020.

1. TikTok Green Screen

Green screen effects are now available in several social networks. The main advantage is that the protagonists can position themselves in other locations and settings. It is not about a perfect representation, but rather the creative selection and implementation of the green screen effect.


2. TikTok video responses to comments

A very helpful feature to intensify contact with your own community and also for content inspiration. Social media is always “listening” and if the response to important comments is made by video, this has another effect.


3. TikTok Green Screen Videos

The Green Screen Video Effect combines the above functionality with your own videos. You can switch between static backgrounds and your own video elements. Here, too, there are numerous creative options.

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4. TikTok Duet

The classic among the TikTok functions. Signs of fatigue are not in sight with the Duet function and it will also be one of the most popular functions in 2020. So-called reaction videos are an integral part of YouTube. The duet function on TikTok integrates reaction videos directly into the app and, like the video responses to comments, is a simple way of producing further TikToks. As a company, however, you have to proceed with a bit of caution and use duets within the framework of influencer cooperations.

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5. Voiceover for TikToks

The voiceover feature is especially interesting for companies who want to add additional information and explanations to their own video content. Instead of the sound of the video or a song, a voiceover is placed over the video and thus provides more context to the video.

6. Disco effect

The first classic effect that made it into the top 10. With the disco effect you put different colors alternately over your TikTok. Due to the change in colors, the videos in the feed are very noticeable.

7. Voice effect

There are different variants for the TikTok voice effect. All options, of course, go in the entertaining and fun direction. But since the sound on TikTok plays a decisive role, voice effects are also a good means of making your own TikToks even more creative.

8. TikTok Stitch

Stitch is the further development of the duet function on TikTok. With Stich, excerpts from videos that have already been published can be used for new TikToks. This works once for your own videos, but of course also for videos of other users: Inside. Stitch is also a good means of easily producing additional content that builds on existing content.


9. Color adjustments for Tiktoks

The color adjustments, or as the effect is officially called, the Color Customizer does exactly what the name suggests. TikToks can be customized with different color changes and elements. Similar to the disco effect, this increases awareness of the videos in the Für Dich feed.

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10. TikTiok donation sticker

Like Instagram, TikTok also has its own donation sticker and it was one of the most used features in 2020.

What applies to TikTok also applies to other social networks . Check out which functions and effects are currently popular. It’s similar to songs, trending topics, and hashtags. In some cases, functions that arose from a trend are becoming the core of social networks. As with trendy topics, functions can also disappear again and lose their importance.

If you discover a new feature or a new effect in the Für Dich feed, then take a closer look at it. How is it used? Is it used often? How can it be used for your content? The multitude of functions alone makes TikTok a very good source of inspiration for content ideas, so keep your eyes open.

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