The end of the 20% text rule for Facebook ads

The 20% text rule for Facebook advertisements has encouraged companies and agencies to concentrate on the essentials on Facebook campaigns and not unnecessarily disruptive and meaningless creatives To provide text elements.

In principle the right thing, but sometimes the 20% text rule also got in the way of good creatives. As a result, Facebook restricted the reach of the ads.

20 % Textregel Facebook Anzeigen

Now we’re writing the end of September 2020 and Facebook is no longer setting on the text rule. Facebook ads that use more text in the creative no longer receive an automatic reduction in the reach or the display of the ads.

The 20% text rule is no longer used for Facebook ads, but it should be continue to take into account

Facebook, however, sticks to the recommendation to use less than 20% text.

“We have found that images with a text share of less than 20% are more successful. That is why we recommend keeping texts short and understandable in order to get your message across effectively. “

Such statements are of course always very general and there have been and are advertisements that also achieve good performance with more text.

Anyone who uses more than 20% text in their ads will no longer have any restrictions in terms of reach and no disadvantages in terms of the ad auction. At least not on the basis of a rule.

The change has been communicated since September 7th.

But just because the 20% text rule no longer exists, ads should not contain text are pasted up.

Especially small text elements are completely unnecessary, as we all know that they are difficult to read in the Facebook (and Instagram) mobile app.

Tips for using Text in Facebook ads

A picture is worth a thousand words. 99% of the time, this also applies to Facebook ads. At least if it’s pure image ads. Always use text elements to reinforce and emphasize statements. Do not use them for explanations and to accommodate additional, but not decisive, information.

– Uses few meaningful words and dispenses with filler words

– Text elements must always be legible. Mobile First

– Places the text so that it does not cover the creative

– Avoids unnecessary repetition of texts in the image that already appear in the caption

The most successful ads work with little text. So I recommend that you continue to follow the 20% text rule. Whether it is still used by Facebook or not.

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