Study: Social media usage & interactions with brands and companies in Germany

Why do people use social networks? Why do people follow brands and companies in social networks and how do they then interact with these pages and content?

Global Web Index has published various reports on online usage and of course also looks at social media usage a. The answers to the introductory questions will be provided in Market Snapshot Germany 2021.

Before we go into the results, it can be said that in Germany there is less interaction with the content of brands and companies than the global average of Case is. Are we pickier? Or simply more clarified and assign likes and clicks in a more targeted manner?

Social media use and interactions with brands and companies in social networks

When asked why you follow a brand or a company on a social network, 22% in Germany said that they like the company. Another 15% follow accounts because they are considering buying a product in the future. So we have the emotional connection and the rational connection that ideally creates an emotional connection.

Another study has shown that Instagram is currently the channel on which people prefer to follow brands and companies.

The values ​​are below the global average, determined by the GWI, but they are still very high. To put this into perspective, we need to take a look at why people are active on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Facebook in the first place.

40% in Germany use social networks to bridge the boredom in their free time. Incidentally, this value is 5% higher than the global average. So we are the LangeWeile social media users. 🙂

Other reasons include the activity of friends, exchanging with friends, looking for funny and entertaining content and consuming news. It is interesting here that news is now enjoying the same status as entertaining content. This is exactly where brands and companies should start. The content must entertain the people, but there must also be informative content, which can then be prepared in an entertaining way.

Cross-channel usage time in Germany is 1 hour and 24 minutes per day

Perhaps the less frequent interaction with content from brands and companies is simply due to the fact that we spend less time in social networks in Germany.

The global average of the usage time is 2 hours and 27 minutes. This means that the usage time in Germany is over an hour shorter at 1 hour and 24 minutes.

One hour of social media usage per day more or less is a very big difference. To classify, linear TV is still 2 hours and 17 minutes and podcasts are already used for 26 minutes per day. Here it is of course always important to analyze the different usage behavior of individual target groups.

But let’s not kid ourselves. A large part of the usage time does not go to brands and companies. For this reason, all published content does not have to be seen as filling the editorial plan and content must be advertised indiscriminately. As mentioned above, you need to entertain and inform people. Then 11% also click on extended social media content. Then 14% go to the company profiles via the Instagram feed and then 7% also use a branded hashtag.

The complete market snapshot for Germany can be downloaded from the Global Web Index. There are also many more reports on other countries and markets.

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