Streaming time on Twitch and Facebook Gaming grows by 80%

Twitch and Facebook Gaming can look back on a very successful development in streaming time over the past twelve months. Both platforms made strong gains. The streaming times on Twitch have increased by 82% and on Facebook Gaming by 79%.

In terms of intensity and duration of use, social networks are winners of the corona pandemic. Streaming platforms such as Twitch and Facebook Gaming have grown particularly strongly, or more and more people are watching longer and longer streams on the two platforms.

Streamelements has analyzed the development of the streaming time together with . In the diagrams you can clearly see how usage has exploded since last February.

Both Facebook Gaming and Twitch peaked in January 2021. The streaming time was the highest here. In a year-on-year comparison, the value for both platforms has increased by around 80%.


Twitch is the top dog, but Facebook Gaming is developing very positively

In terms of absolute streaming time, Twitch is still clearly ahead of Facebook Gaming.

So Twitch has it Streaming time increased from 1 billion hours per month to 1.86 billion hours. Yes, almost 2 billion hours of streams are consumed on Twitch every month. But it’s only for nerds. 😉

Facebook Gaming is still a relatively new product, but the development of the last twelve months shows how much potential there is still for Facebook. Provided that Facebook has the right and high-reach streamers: Inside on board. Twitch’s lead is still great. Still, the growth in streaming time from 193 million hours to 345 million hours is a remarkable achievement.

The statistics for Facebook relate specifically to streams of games in order to ensure comparability with Twitch. The streaming time of 345 million hours is distributed over 700 million Facebook gaming users: Inside. The activity within the target group is therefore very high and an exciting aspect when it comes to a long stay within the Facebook Family of Apps.

The stand-alone Facebook gaming app was presented in April of last year and plays its part on the positive development at.

Queen’s Gambit: How trends affect the Twitch streaming time

Trending topics have always had a high relevance for social networks. But also for streaming platforms? A very good example of this is the development of the streaming time for chess content on Twitch.

Chess has become a hype in 2020 thanks to the Netflix series Queen’s Gambit. How long such a hype can last is shown by the streaming time of over 20 million hours of chess streams in February 2021.


Even if chess on Twitch was relevant before the series start, the number of streams rose sharply again in 2021. Trends are also reflected on streaming platforms. Maybe not all, but the chess trend is ideal for Twitch.

Further results of the analysis, for example with the top streamers on Twitch, can be found at Streamelements.

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