Stories & Co .: Why not every social network needs all formats

Twitter fleets are being discontinued. This means that Twitter’s story format is history again after just a few months. Stories failed on Twitter and fleets are an example that not every social network needs the same social formats, or that they do not work in every social network.

Stories & Co. Warum nicht jedes soziale Netzwerk alle Formate benötigt
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The story format just didn’t work on Twitter – fleets are being discontinued

Admittedly, they were Fleets introduced by Twitter very late. Fleets were available at the end of 2020 and, according to a test, it significantly intensified the dialogue between users. Perhaps in the test, but not in relation to the whole of Twitter.

Twitter admits that and says that the exchange and the dialogue are going through Fleets have not increased. I can only confirm that and compared to Instagram, significantly fewer and also clearly uncreative stories were published on Twitter. As long as it took Twitter for the introduction, the faster the format will be switched off again. From August 3, 2021, there will be no more fleets and almost no one will miss them.

Twitter discontinues its story format Fleets

Was Twitter late? Is the Stories format per se no longer so popular? Or maybe it doesn’t fit every social network?

It is certainly a combination of all three points. Stories work very well on Instagram. Not only are they used by users, they have also become a lucrative ad format for Instagram.

If you look at other adaptations, it quickly becomes clear that the success of Instagram Stories has never been repeated. Not even in the beginning. WhatsApp status may be an exception, but usage is different here than it is on Instagram.

Facebook Stories live from Instagram Stories. The user numbers for Facebook Stories arise from content from Instagram. Without Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories would not work.

Now, not every social network is in the situation of Facebook. LinkedIn is doing very well, but the world hasn’t been waiting for LinkedIn Stories. The format is being withdrawn more and more in the app and you can wait until it is no longer available. Or LinkedIn tries again and gives the stories a new look. But it will probably not save the format.

Uniformity – formats and features are copied

However, it is not just the Stories format, but the development of social networks itself. Snapchat is taking off with stories and the competitors are adapting the format. The clubhouse hype came and social networks are adapting audio chats. I don’t know about you guys, but I almost never see Twitter Spaces on Twitter. Almost fleets are used more often.

What Snapchat was back then and Clubhouse in 2021 is TikTok in the current social media landscape. Instagram is copying another competitor, YouTube is doing it, even Snapchat is copying and I think we can only wait for us to see our own vertical video feeds in many other apps and social networks.

But that won’t work either. Not every social network needs the same formats. If the battle for creators continues (and it will), we will not only have the same formats, yes, we may also have the same content. Maybe not by the same people, but with a similar structure.

We are already seeing this on Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts. Videos are published, whether with or without the TikTok logo, which one has already seen on TikTok before. That is also understandable. Anyone who has built a community on TikTok will not ignore it just because there are now reels. The content is used again.

Clubhouse was a hype, but finally a different approach

So I’m almost certain that a vertical video feed on Twitter won’t work becomes. Of course, social networks have to evolve and / or adapt to developments. But I would like to see people go their own way and develop not just copying existing formats that are sometimes better and sometimes worse integrated into the existing apps. Yes, Clubhouse was a hype, but they went their own way.

On Twitter we can now see that Stories didn’t work and for Instagram it will show whether the “we’re not just a photo app more “offensive is paying off. They did it with Stories. The only question now is whether stories and IGTV are being sacrificed to make Reels the success Instagram is hoping for.

What do you think about copying formats? Do we need stories everywhere? Audio chats and vertical video feeds?

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