State of Digital Marketing: Focus on Personalization, Segmentation & Performance in 2021.

The tasks and goals of digital marketing are becoming more and more diverse for companies and the employees involved. In addition to long-established goals such as increasing brand awareness, other goals and the associated skills keep climbing.

Every year in the State of Digital Marketing Report, Altimeter looks at the current developments and goals set by companies in the coming year. The report is an absolute read recommendation and we summarize some of the most important findings in this article for you.

Acquiring new customers and expanding existing customer business is top priority for digital marketing

Is it about decisive goals of all digital marketing activities, then the acquisition of new customers and the expansion of existing customer relationships are at the top of the agenda.


For 40% and 39% of the respondents, respectively, these two goals are the core of digital marketing. The introduction of new products follows in third place with 34% and is of course related to the first two goals.

But the goal of brand awareness also continues to play an important role with 31%. The same applies to improving or establishing brand awareness, as well as working on your own brand attributes. We will encounter the buzzword purpose marketing very often in 2020 and it will show which companies are seriously pursuing this, or which are only pursuing purpose marketing as a “goal” for image cultivation.

However, it is interesting and at the same time sobering that only 14% have committed themselves to the subject of customer service. In this area in particular, companies are often faced with major challenges and are not really well positioned either on the employee side or on the procedural side. But especially when expanding existing customer relationships, service is often a decisive factor, with which one can also differentiate oneself very well from the competition.

Personalization and segmentation meet performance and new digital channels

Are Defined the digital marketing goals, then the next step is about how these goals are achieved.

According to the Altimeter report, the personalization of content, offers and brand messages is the decisive factor for achieving the Marketing goals. Personalization is divided into customer segments and personas. With 37% of the respondents, the segmentation of target groups and the automation of marketing activities according to defined rules and processes are closely related.


But only 2% would like to restructure their own structures and organizations for this purpose. This means that the areas of personalization and segmentation are viewed as additional tasks if they have not yet been established. One area that benefits most from better personalization and segmentation is performance marketing. Similar to the goals, many of the top factors are intertwined or closely linked.

How this should happen in companies without checking established internal structures at least once can be questioned become. New channels are also a high priority and all factors lead us to the next point of the study. How do you manage all of this?

Personnel and integration of marketing technologies as the greatest challenge

The composition and alignment of different departments and teams is only a major challenge for 17%. The situation is different with the integration of new marketing technologies. For 52% this is the biggest challenge, closely followed by finding the right staff. But that’s exactly what matters. Technologies play an important role, especially when it comes to personalization and automation. These technologies only work if they are set up and controlled by the right people.

Also the scaling of successful ones Processes, solutions and campaigns on a global level is still a major hurdle that has to be overcome.

However, proving the effects of digital marketing on business success is still everyday life for 26%.

This was just a summary of the State of Digital Marketing Report. But as you can see, it contains many exciting figures on current developments and challenges for companies. Perhaps you will recognize yourself at one point or another and face similar challenges.

What are your priorities for 2021 and which challenges do you have to master so that you can meet your goals even better?

The complete study can be downloaded from Prophet von Altimeter.

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