Spark AR Gallery: Discover Creator & AR Effects for Instagram

Spark AR and the associated AR effects are high on Facebook’s agenda. With the Spark AR Gallery , creators of AR effects can now present themselves better. For brands and companies, the Spark AR Gallery serves as an option for contacting creators. But it is also a helpful source of inspiration at the same time.

Spark AR gallery with the best AR effects for Instagram and Facebook

Spark AR Gallerie Instagram

The AR gallery is part of the Spark AR Hub. Anyone who develops augmented reality effects for Instagram and Facebook will also be in the Spark AR Hub more often. In the new gallery, creators can now present their developed effects more prominently and create their own portfolio.

On the start page you will find creators specially presented by Spark AR with their portfolios. But there are other categories in which you can find AR effects on special topics.

There is an extra area for creators who are particularly successful with their effects in Instagram reels.

Creator Portfolio in the Spark AR gallery

Spark AR Gallerie - Creator Portfolie

Spark AR Portfolio from SwayHO

If you open a creator profile, you can see all public effects displayed. There is also a short introduction to the creators and a link to Instagram. All effects receive a video preview and are linked.

In many Creator Portfolios, a direct contact option is communicated. Otherwise, the link to Instagram is the way to establish contact and exchange ideas about possible collaboration options.

According to Facebook, Spark AR is the largest community and platform for augmented reality effects. Over 400,000 creators from 190 countries have already published their own effects. Of course, not all of the 400K creators have a profile in the Spark AR gallery. But anyone who regularly publishes new effects and is active as an AR creator should also create a portfolio.

The gallery is also a great source of inspiration for brands and companies. Firstly for which creators publish what kind of effects and secondly to get an impression of how advanced the AR effects are on Instagram.

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