Social Media Benchmark 2021: Instagram, Twitter & Facebook in an industry comparison

In the cross-industry social media benchmarks, the interactions generated on Instagram are still significantly higher than on Facebook and Twitter. Nevertheless, brands and companies continue to post more content on Facebook.

How do brands and companies differ in posting frequencies and interactions on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter? Which industries publish the most content on Instagram? Are there any industries that generate significantly more interactions on Instagram?

RivalIQ has published its current Social Media Benchmark Report for 2021 and examines exactly these questions. The interesting thing about the study is that the activities are analyzed in an industry comparison and it is not just about social networks.

Social media benchmark posting frequency for 2021 : Facebook pages continue to publish the most content

In order to evaluate exactly why a Facebook page publishes a certain number of posts, one must of course know the strategy. This is not the case in studies, but a channel and industry comparison shows where the priorities of the individual industries lie.

The median posting frequency on Facebook is 5.5 posts per week. On Instagram there are “only” 4 posts per week and thus even less than on Twitter, where the median is 4.4 tweets per week. The RivalIQ social media benchmark is not country-specific. But there are certainly regional differences that should not be ignored in the study.

Nevertheless, in 2021 it will be a surprise that the posting frequency on Facebook will continue to be so high. In the case of media sites, it is obvious, since links in the feed are only possible on Instagram via detours.

Median publish 6.5 posts per week on Instagram (without stories). There are over 50 pieces of content on Facebook and Twitter. You can see in the graphics how the posting frequency is represented in other industries. More detailed insights into the individual industries can be found in the free download of the study from RivalIQ.

All industries with the highest engagement on Instagram

The number The interactions achieved only say something about the success of a social media strategy to a limited extent. The decisive factor is how the interactions arise, what content is behind them, what is derived from the interactions and how the commitment is used to meet the marketing goals.

But here, too, the industry comparison serves as an overview and as a guide for you .

Instagram is and will remain the social network that generates the most engagement. At least for brands and companies. With influencers, it can look different depending on the preferred channel and TikTok or YouTube can also be the channels with the highest engagement.

But if you think about the role interactions still play for many brands, then it works the posting frequency and the resulting commitment clearly differ. As noted, traffic often plays an important role, which speaks against the Instagram feed and for Facebook and Twitter. For many brands, however, traffic is not the top priority and other goals such as awareness come to the fore.

Instead of referring to the pure interactions, the relationship between posting frequency and engagement is more meaningful. In the Social Media Benchmark Report you will also find all medians of the interactions.

Uses the numbers for classification and comparison. The term benchmark is always a bit difficult because it can be an industry, but the products, content, goals and strategies can vary widely. But if you want to get an overview, you will find a lot of material for orientation in the study.

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