Social media audience engagement mechanics

There is content, but there are no reactions to it! Many aspiring SMM professionals and entrepreneurs face this problem. And today I will tell you how to solve it.

Let’s start with some concepts.

Engagement is:

  • main social media performance indicator;
  • how users interact with your content;
  • the sum of all reactions to a post or over a period.

Engagement is like, comment, repost, save. It is needed to find out how much you fall into the interests, pains of your audience.

The engagement rate is calculated using one of the following formulas:

1) ER = the sum of all reactions / number of subscribers * 100% (I personally like it more)

2) ER = sum of all reactions / coverage * 100%

To keep track of how the level has changed, we need to understand which number we are starting from. If we do not measure intermediate indicators, then we work blindly and do not understand what results we will arrive at.

For example, in Facebook, you can upload the statistics of publications for a certain period (it is shown in Excel) and calculate the engagement, and then apply the formula “engagement rate”.

Статистика Facebook

Facebook statistics

Статистика Facebook

Facebook statistics

We figured out the basic concepts. Now let’s talk about the engaging content mechanics .

1. Run contests

Run contests. This is one way to stir up your audience. They are:

With a standard set of conditions – subscribe to a page, like a publication, repost a publication on your page, tag a friend. This type of competition takes a minimum of time for subscribers and brings good results.

Пример стандартного конкурса

Example of a standard competition

With a more complex algorithm of actions. For example, post a photo of something in the comments to the publication or answer a question.

I will cite several similar contests from our practice.

For example, for a jewelry company we held a photo contest, according to the terms of which it was necessary to subscribe to the page, write the name of a cat or dog in the comments and tag a friend who also has a pet. The declared prize was a jewelry pendant for a dog or a cat.

I want to note that subscribers did not just start posting photos of their pets. They also talked to each other about their favorite pets in the comments below the post.

  • Reach – 31 621, 1200 likes per post and 1300 comments
  • Post clicks – 2347
  • Number of shares – 218

Before the competition there were 3850 subscribers, after – it became 4460. Thanks to this competition, 610 subscribers came!

Пример конкурса

Competition example

For the page of the company , which is selling goods for the holiday , we created a photo contest, according to which subscribers had to post a photo of their child in a Halloween costume in the comments. The prize was a skull mask.

As a result, we got:

  • Reach – 5816, 271 reactions per post and number of comments – 37
  • Post clicks – 668
  • Number of shares – 218

As a result, the masks were sold out before the end of the competition.

Пример фотоконкурса

Sample Photo Contest

Also for this client we used the following mechanic: like the page + finish the sentence “The ideal teacher is …”

The competition lasted 3 days, the winner received a certificate for UAH 250.

As a result, we got:

  • Coverage – 3178
  • Cost per result – $ 0.08

Result by engagement:

  • The number of reactions per publication – 51
  • Number of comments – 20
  • Number of shares – 10
  • Publication clicks – 204

Пример конкурса «Закончить предложение»

Example of the competition “Finish the offer”

2. Ask open-ended questions

Ask open-ended questions in the text and enter the discussion . Just ask in a way that makes it easy for the person to answer.

For example, in the text for a page of a cosmetics store, you should not write: “What product do you use to remove your makeup?” . Instead, ask a simple, specific question: “Do you use tonic for your face tonight?” . Also ask questions that have answer options (one, two, three, four). This will make it easier for subscribers to decide.

Пример публикации с вопросом

Example of a publication with a question

3. Conduct polls

Conduct Questions . For example, you might ask what needs to be improved in the store, which phone model to get a discount on, or which production stage to show you.

4. Conduct polls

Run votes . This is also a kind of choice from two options. Many brands, for example, use the following algorithm: “Like if you chose one thing, or give a heart if you chose another” .

Пример публикации с голосованием

Example of publication with voting

5. Add humor

Add humor . People respond well to funny content. But everything should be dosed, you shouldn’t turn your commercial page into an entertaining one.

For example, we used a funny video with balloons for one of the companies.

This company was selling gel balloons, and this post has amassed the maximum amount of reach and engagement.

Пример публикации с потешным видео

Example of a publication with a funny video

6. Use fun content

Use fun- content (these are various games with subscribers, interactive) to increase interaction / engagement.

For example, suggest guessing a movie by frame or counting how many times an element appears in a short video. The mini-games “choose an image by date of birth”, “choose your vocation by date of birth” work very well.

Such posts are gaining good interaction in organic terms.

Пример публикации с fun-контентом

Example of publishing with fun-content

Статистика Facebook0

Example of publishing with fun-content

7. Puzzle

Puzzles are great moves too. After all, people want not only to have fun, but also to show their mental abilities in social networks. By using puzzles for your brand, you make your followers feel smart.

Статистика Facebook1

Example of publication with puzzles

Статистика Facebook2

Example of publication with puzzles

Статистика Facebook3

Example of publication with puzzles

8. Ask to react

Ask in posts to react to the publication. Yes, we are extorting like, we are extorting reactions. But sometimes, if we don’t ask people to respond, they will read the text and forget.

But don’t put too much emphasis on likes. All reactions are important. People who are really interested in your product or service are more likely to immediately write a comment or ask a question in private.

9. User generated content with testimonials

reviewable content increases engagement . People, seeing real stories, live photographs, want to touch this holiday, the event. Therefore, they begin to react very emotionally in the comments with emoticons and emoji, write their own reviews, add personal photos, which can also be used later for publications.

Статистика Facebook4

Sample post with custom content

10. Find your social network

Find your social network . We’ve noticed that users are more likely to comment and interact with content on Instagram today than on Facebook. Perhaps Instagram seems to them more intimate and friendly. We compared the same content we post for both Instagram and Facebook and tracked that engagement is higher on Instagram.

11. Use unique photos

It is easier and more pleasant for people to react to photos of the person they follow than on photos from the stock photo. Even if it is a commercial page with certain services.

We did a little research: we used templates for visual content and pictures from a photo stock for one of the brands. But when we saw that engagement was falling, we changed the concept and asked the client to do a personal photo session.

We started posting her photos on Instagram and Facebook with her services, and the interaction with a photo of a living person has grown exponentially. We liked this trend and changed the visual concept for a different client as well.

We also discovered the following pattern: when we publish photos of tools or cosmetics in a cosmetologist’s account, people react less to these publications than to photos with the cosmetologist himself.


Summing up the results of this difficult but interesting topic, I want to say:

  • Study your target audience.
  • Analyze what people like and what they don’t like, what they react to better. We often ask subscribers in Stories what topics they want to know from the specialist they are subscribed to. This makes it possible to follow your subscribers and sell the services that we are promoting.
  • Be with subscribers at arm’s length and a couple of buttons on your phone. Interact with them and they will reciprocate you.
  • Count indicators at least once a month. This will help you understand where you are going, how people are reacting to content.
  • When engaging, remember that you are selling services, not entertaining. Therefore, after posting on engagement, publish a selling post. An engaging post usually gains a large reach. And Facebook concludes that you have interesting content, and your next post will show the largest number of people.

The course “Effective SMM: Promotion of Projects in Social Networks” is designed for those who want to master a new profession of an SMM specialist. You will be able to independently create a plan for publishing content, learn how to launch advertising campaigns and analyze their results. Bring leads and sales from social networks to customers.


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