Snapchat Spotlight: Own feed for vertical videos à la TikTok & Reels

With Snapchat Spotlight Snap publishes its own feed, which provides popular snaps from the community.

Spotlight is another update for Snapchat, with the aim of the user: To present more content inside and to keep it in the app longer. Snapchat Spotlight has its own area within the app and can be called up via the arrow icon next to the stories area.

This gives users the following: Inside the opportunity to chat with close contacts, they can choose public stories plus content View Snapchat Discover and now consume more Snaps in Spotlight.

What is Snapchat Spotlight?

Even if Spotlight is very similar in structure and navigation to TikTok or the Instagram Reels tab, there are a few differences. For example, the snaps cannot be commented on within Spotlight. Furthermore, Spotlight is moderated and is not a random sequence of snaps. The positive feeling of the community should be strengthened by positive content. Let’s see how Snapchat works here and whether there are also critical topics in Spotlight.

Another crucial difference is how Snapchat motivates its users to produce content or snaps for Spotlight.

If you create a snap, it can now be shared or submitted as a spotlight. It is crucial that they are video snaps. Snapchat does not display photos. The probability that simple snaps with a lens appear in the spotlight is also rather low. Snapchat has a creative community and they should let off steam in Spotlight. In addition to being visible in Spotlight, participation in Spotlight is also financially worthwhile. Snapchat wants to pay out $ 1 million every day to creators who produce content for Spotlight.

A very interesting approach that is sure to convince various creators to produce exclusive content. Because that’s what it’s going to be about. Exclusive and creative content. Renewed uploads of existing content should not make it in Spotlight.

The Snapchat Spotlight Feed

But let’s also take a look at the Spotlight feed. As I said, the navigation is identical to TikTok.

In addition, you can interact with the snaps and “like” them. However, comments are not possible. Sharing the snaps also plays an important role. So the vertical videos can be sent to your own Snapchat contacts. In addition, every video has a link and can therefore also be distributed in other social networks.

In some snaps you can also find hashtags. The hashtags or topics are currently displayed relatively small. If you go to the three points, you can see additional information about the Spotlight Snap. Who created it, with a link to the creator account and the related topics of the video.

Detail view Snapchat Spotlight

From here you can call up the individual topic pages and only view snaps that belong to a certain challenge, for example.

If music is used in the video, Snapchat will display the song and you can directly share your own video with the music.


With the expanded options for the Creator Profiles, the introduction of company profiles and now Spotlight, Snapchat is taking a new direction or completing the existing core functions. Thanks to the financial incentive, Snapchat should be able to win over many creators. The decisive factor will be how Spotlight can differentiate itself from TikTok in terms of content, or whether it is enough to present similar content.

In addition, the active users must: Inside but also use the new feed regularly and that only works via the Content. Competition is stimulating business and with Spotlight we now have another vertical video feed that fights for the attention of us and our customers.

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