Snapchat followers can now be viewed publicly in profiles

The pure number of followers is not decisive in social media or influencer marketing. On Snapchat, however, creators were always faced with the problem that they could hardly communicate any public statistics (even if they were vanity metrics). A problem or wish that has existed for years has now been solved and fulfilled.

Snapchat officially refers to followers as subscribers. For example, Caro Daur has 166K followers, Dagi Bee 925K and the Snapchat legend DJ Khaled has over 13 million subscribers.

Snapchat followers from companies and Snapchat Discover

Your own Snapchat followers are available for different types of profiles. This year, Snapchat also unveiled new company profiles. Your own Snapchat subscribers are also displayed here.

Then there are the subscribers to Snapchat Discover. Der Spiegel has over 650,000 followers here. Refinery29 has 7.9 million subscribers. Last but not least, you can also be represented twice. One example is the NBA, which has 2.7 million followers with its Snapchat profile and also has 3.4 million subscribers with “Best of NBA” in Snapchat Discover.

Snapchat is increasingly betting on established functions

Snapchat brand profile with public follower numbers

For Snapchat, the public display of the number of followers, especially for creator accounts, is a very far-reaching decision. For years, Snapchat decided against it. Similar to the Snapchat company profiles, the decision was only made in 2020, although both functions have long been on the wish lists of creators and companies.

Both the introduction of the company profiles and the public output of the follower numbers speak in favor of it That Snapchat wants to show more aggressively how high the activity and the connection to creators and content are and that in addition to Lenses, Bitmoji and private chats, there is also classic social media consumer behavior.

However, it is questionable whether the public display the number of followers will have an impact on further growth. Lenses creators could benefit most from this, as it is also an indication of the quality of the lenses. The number of followers will certainly not be as decisive as the lenses themselves.

It is definitely interesting to see how many followers creators have on Snapchat and maybe the public ad will revive influencer marketing on Snapchat again . But not just because of a vanity metric, please.

via The Verge

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