Snapchat company profiles are there: Stories, Lenses & Shops

After creators have had special profiles on Snapchat for a long time, Snapchat company profiles are now also available. The company profiles had been tested for a few months and the Snapchat company profiles were officially presented at the Snap Partner Summit 2021.

In contrast to Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat has not relied on company profiles for a long time. Companies could easily create a Snapchat account, but there were no (or hardly) differences to the profiles of private users.

Snapchat company profiles – structure and Features

If you take a look at the first company profiles on Snapchat, their functionality is still quite reduced. Which doesn’t have to be a disadvantage.

There are two areas at Ben & Jerry’s. Once highlights and then lenses.

If there are currently no Snapchat lenses of your own, only the highlights are displayed in the company profile. You can activate notifications for new content and lenses from the company and follow the account via a subscribe button.

If no Snapchat stories were saved as highlights, only the lenses are displayed. Without story highlights and lenses, the Snapchat company profiles are not really helpful.

That was it, or at least as of now. The profiles can be shared with other contacts and all have their own URL.

Visibility of companies on the Snap Map

The connection to the Snap Map is interesting. Because the Snap Map is built right into the Snapchat home screen, it gets a lot of attention. Anyone who has a company profile is now also shown on the Snap Map, which should particularly strengthen local companies on Snapchat.

Better management with new Snapchat web tools

When it comes to company profiles in social networks, management, administration and statistics are more in the foreground than the profiles themselves. Here, too, Snapchat wants to step up and enable companies to manage more comfortably. A web tool, for example, should make work easier and it will no longer be necessary to do everything via the Snapchat app.

It is a bit surprising that Snapchat is introducing company profiles in mid-2021 or after a test phase of almost one Year published. The advertising platform was consistently expanded and the activities of the companies also primarily took place here. With the company profiles, the focus is again directed a little more strongly on the company’s own stories and of course also on Snapchat Lenses, which, in addition to Discover and Spotlight, make up the core of Snapchat.

How do you think about the Snapchat company profiles? Especially in 2021 with the continued strong growth of TikTok and Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, which are much better positioned from the point of view of companies.

(the article originally appeared in June 2020 and was updated on May 26, 2021 .)

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