Тренды smm instagram 2019

SMM trends 2019

Hello my engaged reader! Over the past years, only the lazy have not heard about the power of SMM.
We were thrown from massliking and giving to high-precision targeting. We believe that in 2018 you had success (clients) from social networks.

How to stay on the wave and conquer the top of SMM in 2019? Follow trends and implement them as soon as possible in your strategies! We have collected the most important smm trends of 2019 that you should know 100%.

So, trend # 1.

Think like a strategist and develop an integrated approach.
I read somewhere that to achieve the goal (get a lead) you need to make 3 touches? Forget. Many sources say that now you need to make 5 touches. And we say – 7. We speak exclusively from experience. Five touches may not be enough for a customer to become interested in a product. Creative persistence is what you need in 2019.

Expand the pan. Use other platforms for promotion as well. Which ones, you decide. Don’t forget about contextual advertising, e-mail newsletters, messengers, mass media, etc.

Develop your sales funnel and you will be happy.

Trend # 2. Longread.

# Doesn’t anyone care about multi-letters? You just haven’t learned to write interestingly yet.
People are more likely to read interesting and useful posts on social networks than Tolstoy. Therefore, we advise you to get acquainted with the topic of copywriting, storytelling, because you need to surpass the classics themselves. And don’t forget the tone-of-voice.

Trend # 3. Communities mailings on VKontakte.

If you are probably familiar with e-mail mailings at least as a user. Then with the mailing lists of communities in “VKontakte” should be “you” like a professional.

Do you think this annoys users? Not at all. Marketers estimate that the open rate for such messages is over 90%, and for email newsletters – 60%. More interesting is that about 20% of those who receive the newsletter write a response message, and this, for a minute, is already a direct dialogue with the client.

Trend # 4. Chatbots.

We had a bad experience with a chatbot. People don’t want to talk to a robot. BUT we learned a lesson from this and made it more human and less boring.
According to surveys by LivePerson, a company that studies communication with customers, only 19% of 5,000 respondents spoke negatively about chatbots, 48% were indifferent to them until chatbots helped them solve the problem, 33% of respondents rated the work of chatbots positively

Positive statistics indicate that chatbots will gain popularity in 2019, especially in instant messengers.

Trend # 5. Interactive content.

Post product photos, selfies, behind the scenes – it’s all great. But people start to get bored of being a passive reader. They want communication and fun quizzes where they can prove themselves. Unleash the talent of an engaging smm and start coming up with interesting ways to interact with your audience: polls, polls, broadcasts, riddles … Entertain your subscribers!

You’ve probably noticed the speed with which Instagram has implemented polls, music questions, double live broadcasts and question-answer broadcasts. Everything suggests that engagement rate will be one of the most important metrics in 2019.

Trend # 6. Shopping Tags.

Here’s how to implement them. We know that people don’t like leaving social media to buy. Therefore, they respond well to this innovation. Now it has become much faster, easier and more pleasant to get acquainted with the product in more detail.

Trend # 7. IGTV

To put it mildly, this format did not go for the Russian-speaking audience. BUT it’s for the best! After all, Instagram insists on this innovation and itself helps IGTVs to get more viewers. Free traffic – what else to dream of?

Trend # 8. Video content.

Yes, we have been talking about the benefits of video content for a couple of years, but so far not everyone has mastered the skills of cool video editing and screenwriting. There is something to work on in 2019, do you agree? The only thing we want to warn you is: don’t make the videos too long. The easier and faster the user gets the necessary information from the video, the more he will be grateful and loyal to you.

Trend # 9.Augmented reality.

Have you already appreciated the efforts of Dodo Pizza and Yandex? Also, the Plac application, developed for IKEA, allows the buyer to see if the selected furniture will fit into the interior of his home.
We are already in the future! And this is interesting not only for us, but also for users.

In general, augmented reality has huge horizons. Facebook is already adding AR tools to its Instagram Stories. And Snapchat allowed brands to create their own Snap Lenses, in which AR elements carry not an entertainment, but a business function and lead to the order page. This was immediately taken advantage of by Nike and the result was excellent, with the Air Jordan running out in 20 minutes.

Trend # 10. And, of course, micro-influencers.

We left the interesting things for last. Swelled subscribers, the pursuit of popularity – how many threats, opinions were there in 2018 on this topic. But Instagram has put everything in its place.

First, he changed the interface. Now the number of subscribers is not the key, and therefore is somewhere on the sidelines. What is important is the indicator of activity, engagement, interest of the audience. And micro-influencers are somehow better at keeping the subscriber’s attention and building trust.

Тренды smm instagram 2019

Therefore, pay attention to these “unrevealed” talents. In 2019 they can be trusted! But believe it, of course.

In this article, we revealed the most important smm trends of 2019 that you should know 100% about! If it was helpful, share it with your colleagues. After all, there must be specialists as strong as you are next to you. Only in such an environment can you succeed. Good luck!

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