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SMM Planner is a delayed posting service for social networks. How to use?

SMM Planner is an automatic posting service for social networks: Vkontakte, Instagram, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Telegram, Twitter, Viber.

SMM Planner has a convenient and intuitive interface. It will take you 10 minutes to understand the basic tools.

What can be done using the service: schedule posts in 7 different social networks, add photos / videos to them, specify a location (geotag), add a poll, link or comment.

But before using the above functions, let’s register.

How to register with SMM Planner

On the website in the upper right corner, click “Login / Register”.

Next 2 ways:

  • registration through one of the proposed social networks.
  • register via e-mail.

SMM Planner регистрация

Differences in the registration method:

If you register through a social network, then an account from this social network is loaded automatically and you can immediately start working with it. This option is more convenient because you must specify mail in all two variants (to use all the functions of the service). P.S. do not forget to confirm your mail – follow the link from the received letter.

Tariffs and services of SMM Planner

The service is paid. After registration, you are given a trial period of 7 days. It has its limitations. No more than 5 added social networks and 10 scheduled posts. You can see the cost and description of the tariff functionality in the photo below.

SMM Planner тарифы

How to choose a tariff?

It’s simple – count the number of social media accounts of your projects. Then choose the best option from the presented ones. If anything, you can always switch to another tariff. We figured out the tariffs. Let’s move on to analyzing the functionality.

How to add an account to SMMplanner

Go to the “Accounts” section. Select the icon with the social network, the account of which we want to add.

SMM Planner. Как пользоваться?

A new window will open in which you need to click one button – allow. The account will be added. But do not forget to log in to the selected account before doing this.

In the case of Instagram, you will have to enter your username and password.

Projects in SMM Planner. How to use?

You can combine several pages from different social networks into one project. This will allow you to schedule the same posts across multiple accounts at once.

To create a project:

Go to the “Projects” tab. Click on the “Add Project” button. Enter the name.

The project has been created. Click “Add / Remove Pages”. A list of accounts broken down by social networks will be displayed. We select one or several – put a checkmark next to it. You don’t need to press anything else. Accounts will be automatically added.

How to schedule posts in SMM Planner

Go to the “Posts / create post” tab. Click on the right on “Change View” – weekly. Now the interface has become more convenient and intuitive. You can see the scheduled posts for the week. It’s also convenient to switch weekly.

Next, click “Schedule Post”. An editing window will open.

SMM Planner. Как пользоваться?

The top field is text. There you write only the text and the way it should look in the end – all paragraphs, spaces are taken into account when publishing. By the way, as you write the text, SMMplanner will tell you how many characters are left.

Depending on which social network you are writing for, the list of additional functions will change. For example, Instagram Stories or adding a comment, etc.

To add pages, click on a project in the list, and then select one or more accounts. If the account has no project, then it will be in the “Without project” tab. To add all pages from the project, click on the “+” next to the project name.

How to set the date and time of publication:

Date – click on the calendar icon. A mini version of the calendar will open. By default, the date is current – be careful if publishing a month in advance.

Time – change to the desired numbers by clicking on the already set values. If you need to set the same time for all accounts – click on “set the same time”. Clicking “now” will publish the post immediately.

SMM Planner

When the post is ready, click on “ok” – it will be automatically scheduled / published.

To delete a scheduled post, click on it and then click on “delete” at the bottom.

If you need to change the text or photo / video for publication on another social network, then you do not need to create a new post, copy the text, add a photo / video. There is a handy feature that makes life easier – duplicate post.

How to duplicate a post:

Select the desired post, at the bottom click on “duplicate”. Now, the current post is a new one, not yet scheduled. We change the necessary information and click “ok”. However, the old post remained unchanged.

Proxies for Instagram accounts: why they are needed and how to add them to SMMplanner

Since SMM Planner is a gray service that is not recognized by Instagram, you should secure your accounts. Often, a social network does not publish posts, deletes them, or even thinks that your account is committing suspicious actions and requires constant confirmation that it is you.

Forewarned is forearmed. So arm yourself – connect a proxy.

First, buy a proxy. Type in the search engine “buy proxy” and go to any site. After purchase, you should be provided with numbers.

Go to the “my proxies” tab:

Click “add”.

Enter data:

IP – numbers with periods from HTTP (s) -server BEFORE a colon.
The port is the numbers from the HTTP (s) server AFTER the colon.
Login and password as indicated by the proxy seller.
Next – “save”.

Under the list of proxies, click on “link to Instagram accounts” and select a free proxy for the desired account.

To check if a proxy is connected – pay attention to the status column. A check mark will indicate successful completion of the mission.

Remember to check the proxy status from time to time. Especially if there are problems with the publication of posts.

Summing it up

SMM Planner is functional and easy to learn. It has its drawbacks – inconvenient scheduling of the date and time of publication, not entirely logical adding accounts.

But it also has its advantages – a free use case, albeit with limited functionality; 24/7 support, knowledge base and interesting blog.

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