Schedule and publish TikTok videos in the desktop version

You wanted to plan TikTok videos and publish them at the desired time? Then there is now a helpful update for you. TikTok has expanded its desktop publisher. TikTok videos can now also be planned via a calendar and published at the desired time.

Social networks are mobile first. When it comes to Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok, one can also speak of mobile only.

But when it comes to social media marketing and publishing content and community management, we always long for solutions for the desktop version. Insofar as there are desktop versions at all.

For example, IGTV videos can be published on the desktop and many companies and agencies also make use of this. There is a similar solution for TikTok, with which videos in the TikTok desktop version can be planned and published for the future.

The TikTok desktop publisher at a glance

To call up the TikTok publisher, you first have to open the Trending subpage in the browser. The site is used to present the latest TikTok content. It is also used for login and access to the desktop publisher.

TikTok offers various social logins for logging in. You can also log in via email and SMS code.

After logging in, the TikTok desktop publisher opens. You can now simply upload videos and add further information.

The specs and requirements are identical to the TikTok app. 100 characters are available for the caption, mentions and relevant hashtags.

Furthermore, an individual cover can be selected. In the last step, the privacy of the video is set and it is specified whether comments and the option for duets and reactions should be activated.

Schedule TikTok videos and publish them at the desired time

TikTok Videos planen Desktop

For companies and agencies, scheduling articles is one of the most important functions. For TikTok you don’t need an external tool, you can use the desktop publisher directly.

If a TikTok video is planned for the first time, you have to give TikTok the one-time authorization for the publication. This is practically the publishing permission that is also known from various tools for Instagram and Facebook.


Then comes the The process is very simple. Upload the desired video and define the date and time on which the TikTok video should be published.

The tool is a planner and not a comprehensive community management or editing tool. But it is still very helpful for companies and creators alike. You can also plan several videos in advance.


The planned TikToks are displayed in the connected account. Here you can also see the date and time for the planned publication. So you can use your TikTok accounts as an overview for planning TikTok posts.

The TikTok desktop publisher is a great thing. But!

A social network like TikTok offers a wealth of features that make up the appeal, charm and strength of the platform. Of course, in some cases it can be more efficient to simply upload and publish a video, but this leaves out many important elements of TikTok content.

This is also the big difference to the desktop publisher for IGTV , because there are simply no special features here.

It depends on the content. In general, it is advisable to create (or upload) and edit the videos directly in the TikTok app. Firstly because the video can then be provided with additional interactive elements and because you come across new functions, effects and filters that are not displayed in the desktop view.

But you can now go the following way. The video is created in the TikTok app. The video is then saved and either published directly via the desktop publisher, or a special date and time are set and the video is planned to be published.

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