Как мастеру хендмейд-изделий стабильно получать заказы из группы Вконтакте - стили

Restaurant Promotion on Instagram: Basics and Secrets

Promotion of a restaurant on Instagram is not much different from similar events on other social networks. The main task is to show potential customers all the advantages of the establishment and convince them to visit it. If the work with the audience is done correctly, then the rest is a matter of technique.

However, you need to understand that real success is only an increase in the flow of customers. Likes, Views, and Comments are a secondary metric, and an increase in which may not affect profits. In our article we will tell you how to promote a restaurant on Instagram, what content requirements you need to take into account and how not to get banned from the social network itself.

Basics of promoting a restaurant on Instagram

  1. Business Profile

    Simple registration is not enough to promote your account. If you want to get all the tools available for analytics and sales assistance, urgently switch to a business profile. There is nothing complicated here: go to the settings, select the “Account” tab and click on the button to transfer the page to the business profile – you will not miss it. That’s all, now you have access to statistics, targeting, organization of full-fledged marketing campaigns and the ability to track subscriber activity.

  2. Strategy and Idea

    Only by regularly filling your profile, you will not bring it to the top. You need to think over a clear strategy for promoting your restaurant on Instagram, which will help you not be like your competitors. This includes high-quality photos, texts that match their meaning, a variety of tips and life hacks that subscribers will want to add to their bookmarks.

    Стратегия и идея
    Strategy and Idea

    All your posts should evoke real emotions in readers. This is impossible without understanding and extremely accurate prescription of the type of your target audience (TA). You need to know how old they are, what gender they are, what they are interested in, what they love and much more.

  3. Positioning

    Positioning, in turn, answers the questions of what you are. That is, what kind of business do you run, what are the chips in it? Why do people like your restaurant? For what reason do they come there again? In marketing, this is consolidated under one name USP (Unique Selling Proposition), which has been replaced by a value proposition.

  4. Generating a tone of voice

    Based on your own positioning, create a tone of voice – the “voice” of your establishment in social networks. Just do not try to use templates, bureaucracy, refrain from academic nausea and boring monotony. The “voice” of your restaurant should be recognizable and unique, evoke associations only with your business, and awaken positive emotions in users. Just visit McDonald’s Instagram page and you will see what we mean.

  5. Title

    Everything is clear here. If your restaurant is called Delicious Food, then your Instagram profile should also bear the same name so that users can easily search for it by geolocation. Overall, this will help increase your overall conversion rates.

  6. Filling in the profile header

    Profile header is a visual business card of your restaurant. In addition, this is your first sales text that customers see when they first visit the page. Apply key search queries, prescribe USP. All information in the header should be clearly structured and divided into blocks (it is permissible to highlight them with the same type of emoji).

    Don’t miss the opportunity to place the only active clickable link in the header. There may be information about a new promotion or attractive offers from your site.

  7. Leave your contacts

    When promoting a restaurant on Instagram, be sure to add geolocation and use it in the future. Contacts will allow potential customers to quickly contact you or find your location. Indicate all existing communication methods (where to call or write) so that users do not search for this important information for a long time.

  8. Avatar

    When entering your page, the user first looks at the avatar, and then at the dignity of the publications. If your restaurant is not widely known yet, do not use your logo as an avatar. This includes the use of a title or picture with clipped white edges. A bright themed photo is enough here (if you have corporate colors, use them), round, like the shape of the avatar itself.

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Content requirements for Instagram promotion

While filling your Instagram account, think about creating a unified style.

We need to make the publications look harmonious. All texts, photos, videos should complement each other, arouse the subscribers’ interest and desire to know what you have posted.

But at the same time, the content should look believable, reflect the actual state of affairs in your restaurant, and not be a mindless collection of beautiful images.

When promoting a restaurant on Instagram, attract customers with a realistic atmosphere: show how the chefs prepare, how the dishes are served, how cozy it can be in your restaurant.

  1. Photos

    Photos taken anyhow are not suitable for presenting your menu on Instagram. Do not be stingy to hire a specialist with professional technique. Remember that a photographer who only takes pictures of weddings, for example, is not always suitable for your purposes. Beautiful food photography has its own subtleties.

    Once you’ve added photos of your signature dishes, don’t forget to change them periodically. Add new products that are in demand or unusual looking.


    Share information about your team: post photos of chefs preparing food, bartenders in cocktail mixing time, waiters at their work.

    Additional advertising for your restaurant – satisfied faces of your visitors (most importantly, get their consent to publish these photos).

  2. Video

    It’s a good idea to make a video of the cooking process or customer service. It can even be shooting on your phone, the main thing is that what is happening arouses interest.

    Do not forget that the video should not contain anything that would give a reason to find fault with you. Ensure that you observe strict hygiene and hygiene standards.

    By showing that the skill and professionalism of your employees can only command respect, you can easily attract customers by making them want to visit your restaurant.

  3. Content

    Depending on what your establishment is doing and what kind of visitors come there, there can be all sorts of posts.

    In order to advertise and attract new visitors, post articles on various topics :

    • The history of your restaurant.

    • Trending dishes.

    • Popular drinks of the season.

    • Expert opinions.

    • Offers for visitors (information about discounts for regular customers, a promotion about a drink as a gift for a meal of the day, etc.).

    It will be great if you have thematic headings that will interest users (for example, humorous posts or a story about branded sauces).

    Don’t post too long. Few people read articles over 500 characters (about 60 words) to the end. Check what they write to you under posts and in direct, and reply in time. This will keep your current customers and attract new ones.

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Как мастеру хендмейд-изделий стабильно получать заказы из группы Вконтакте - стили

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Working with the audience while promoting a restaurant on Instagram

Write about your goals and values. Customers want to know why you opened a restaurant, how they see it, what you are striving for.

  1. Create Interactive

    What can you think of? Let’s say you have a pizza establishment. Organize the “King of Pizza” photo event. Announce a competition for the most delicious recipe for the dough, which you will later use in your menu, naming it after its author.

    Come up with a signature cocktail, drink (it would be great to use your logo) or something else inexpensive and well suited to pizza. The main product (pizza) should not be taken in order not to lower its value in the eyes of the client.

    Post a photo of this product on Instagram and announce that someone who subscribes to the restaurant’s profile and posted a post to the story will be able to get it. Promise that you will visit the page, for example, four times a day and randomly choose a winner among those who have fulfilled the condition.

    The bottom line is that, having come for the win, the winner will surely bring a friend with him. And he also wants to take something. And since they came to a pizza establishment, they are likely to buy this signature dish.

    With this simple promotion, you will attract activity to your page and expand your target audience, while spending not the largest amount.

  2. Promote promotions and events of the institution

    Don’t just announce them, but make a series of publications, from which subscribers will learn not only the essence of the action, but also why you decided to hold it. Such openness always wins customers.

  3. Work with influencers

    Do not refuse to cooperate with bloggers. Popular people can bring hundreds or even thousands of new customers to your establishment.

    Promotion of a restaurant on Instagram will be more difficult if you don’t work with influencers. Rumors of the restaurant business are heavily influenced by word of mouth. Nowadays you can hear not only: “My classmate was there last week and praised their Margarita very much, I want to try it”, but also: “Yesterday I heard about this restaurant from my favorite blogger. She says they have excellent roast beef now. Shall we go there? “.

    3 steps from a beginner to stable money in the profession of SMM manager:

    Why is this happening?

    Reading every day the posts of a person, we learn more about him and begin to treat him as a good friend. We are imbued with confidence (or want to believe) that we can rely on his advice.

    When starting to work with a blogger, it is worth considering many subtleties: who is this opinion leader, what is his positioning, what he talks about, to whom he tells, how his blog resonates with the work of your institution.

    Imagine that you gave a blogger a lot of money for advertising, he honestly worked it out, but you didn’t get anything, since his audience is poor students who cannot afford a trip to your expensive restaurant … This means that you did not take into account the target audience with which the opinion leader works.

    We have come to how to choose a blogger and where to find one.

    For these purposes, there is an Epicstars advertising exchange. It brings together advertisers and influencers. There you will find a blogger that is right for your business. You just need to indicate the budget you invest in advertising, and write a brief, where you will indicate the goals and objectives of the publication and other important nuances.

Instagram rules you need to know for promotion

To successfully promote a restaurant on Instagram, you need not only to know the rules, but also to follow them carefully. Do not assume that you will not be banned for violations. This is not a myth at all. It’s a shame to get blocked when your profile is well promoted and has marketing campaigns. It is possible to cancel the block, but you will lose not only time, but also your reputation, as well as some part of your subscribers.

Remember that this social network has restrictions on the number of certain user actions. If you exceed the limits, it is easy to get banned.

Limits were introduced for a reason. They are needed so that commercial accounts and malicious spammers do not disturb the peace of the social network audience. Of course, you are unlikely to deliberately decide to commit violations, but it is better to familiarize yourself with the possible restrictions so that you do not inadvertently deserve a ban.

Restrictions for profiles that have been in effect for more than half a year

Subscribe / unsubscribe

60 per hour

1440 per day


60 per hour

1440 per day


60 per hour

1440 per day

Mentions (@ account_name)

5 in each comment

Limits for accounts that are valid for less than half a year

Subscribe / unsubscribe

30 per hour

720 per day


30 per hour

720 per day


30 per hour

720 per day

Mentions (@ account_name)

5 in each comment

Instagram keeps track of all your actions. For example, 60 subscriptions or unsubscriptions are allowed per hour. You can either do the actions of one plan, or distribute them as you need: 30 unsubscriptions and 30 subscriptions or 20 and 40, respectively, and so on. The total should not exceed 60.

Remember that your comments must be different without repeating the same phrases. You will be blocked if you write something like “Great photo!”, “Thanks for the comment” or publish the same emoji everywhere. This is considered spam, followed by blocking according to the rules of the social network. The data is subject to change, so it is better to check it on the developers website.

Tracking statistics when promoting a restaurant on Instagram

Engagement, likes, comments and the number of users are great, but the main indicator of a restaurant’s promotion on Instagram is the proceeds. So remember that the following metrics affect your work :

  • the number of visitors – with the start of work on Instagram, the influx of customers should increase;

  • average check – promotions and special offers affect the increase in the amount of the check;

  • the number of items in the check – it depends on the work of the waiters, who should offer customers other menu items;

  • sales growth for the items you promote from the menu.

Currently, Instagram can be called an ideal platform for promoting not only restaurants, but also other catering and food delivery establishments. Remember this and feel free to promote your restaurant on such a popular social network.

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